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A perfect knife selection designed to last longer & efficient with VG-10 steel core having 67 Damascus steel layers.
A perfect knife selection designed to last longer & efficient with VG-10 steel core having 67 Damascus steel layers.
A perfect knife selection designed to last longer & efficient with VG-10 steel core having 67 Damascus steel layers.
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    1. Allan Hansen 5 days ago

      I just received this message in my kickstarter inbox from the creators of this kickstarter:
      Hi Mr.Hansen ,
      The handle is not Micarta wood, its Pakka wood and Blue handle G10
      Thanks for the answer, it makes a kickstarter seem so much more trustworthy when there's good communication between the creators and the backers.

    2. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      I also would like some clarification on the handle please. Micarta is definitely not what I thought I was signing up for

    3. Allan Hansen 5 days ago

      I'd also like clarification about the handle. Please respond.

    4. Missing avatar

      Pavel Kopriva on November 6

      There are pakka wood handles mentioned in the description. However, in the survey it seems that only red and blue micarta is available. Is that true? I was looking forward for a wooden handle.

    5. Missing avatar

      on November 5

      I would like to see some additional images of the different colors of handles before filling out survey.

    6. Missing avatar

      Friedrich Noffer on November 5

      I find this discussion a bit extreme. I have not seen any knife project here on KS providing certificates of Authenticity. I like the design, the specs. seem to be fine, so I give it a shot! I'm in!

    7. gryphonent
      on November 4

      I'm out. Good luck. Too many red lights for me with this project.

    8. Allan Hansen on November 4

      @Hiroto: You didn't really answer point 1.
      I think you're asked for a certificate of authenticity for the steel and knife manufacturers, and not for providing one with the shipped knives.

      @gyrohonent: The paper test is probably the most standard way to demonstrate a sharp knife, and the tomato isn't that uncommon either... so I wouldn't expect a knife-kickstarter to differentiate itself in this regard :)

    9. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on November 4

      There may be alot of projects at the momment, but you have to see the core product being produced or manufactured, what i think is not in other projects the case here, Hiroto is different, because it is related with Toledo and Solingen, There will be an authenticity certificate along with Warranty with the Rewards. ( you need to wait for it ) The Moral obligation to a project being a creator is well enough known Thema and its a huge responsibility, so you must not worry about it at all. Hiroto will be born here with everybodys support and a known Review will be available once its in the hands of its Supporters, i am sure it will happen soon here.

      with best regards

    10. gryphonent
      on November 4

      Quite a lot of knife projects on Kickstarter at the moment. All Damascus, VG-10, 67 layer. I wonder if there's a common Chinese supplier on Taobao/Alibaba for all of these.

      I'd appreciate if you could answer the following questions, some of which raise a red light with me:
      1. Your previous project wasn't successful. A Tuk-Tuk truck. Now you're back with a kitchen knife set. What's your experience with kitchen knifes? What's your company's core business?

      2. You mention Toledo and Solingen but no manufacturer, you import the steel from Japan... but no source. OK, I get it. However, at least you should be able to issue a certificate of authenticity for all three claims. Is this the case?

      3. What about warranty? See point 1, you're clearly not established in the knife business. I reckon this could be a one-off. Take the money and run with maybe some product being delivered. Maybe.

      4. How's your knife different from the others on Kickstarter at the moment? I even see the same kind of tests and videos (tomato, paper etc.).

      5. Any reviews for the knives from established chefs?

    11. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on November 4

      @Zombori Tamas Yes we will do it.thx

    12. Missing avatar

      Zombori Tamas on November 4

      Hello ! I just backed with 308 eur, please send me the 216eur pack + 2 paring knife, if possible !
      (216 + 12 shipping + 78 for paring knives + 12 for another shipping )

      Regards. Thomas

    13. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on October 31

      @Mr.Joao, as we all know that the early bird will be delivered before X-Mas, so obviously it means a secure rapid and fast so all could get before X_Mas.

    14. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on October 31

      @Joao Gutemberg Farias Filho
      We will ship it via DPD & DHL or with the Correos ( Spanish Post)
      but mostly with DHL please.

    15. Missing avatar

      Joao Gutemberg Farias Filho on October 31

      Hello @creator, how do you intend to ship the knifes? It will be by regular airmail or express companies like DHL, Fedex?

    16. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on October 26

      @Paul Conte Funding is needed to bring Hiroto to Life. Partial Production is prepared for The Christmas Rewards.hope you understand.

    17. Paul Conte on October 25

      Then why do you need funding?

    18. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on October 24

      @paul conte We have , @ Allan Hansen From Spain.

    19. Paul Conte on October 24

      Have you started production yet? Delivery is only 2 months away.

    20. Allan Hansen on October 24

      Where are the knives shipped from?

    21. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on October 19

      @Bel Bel
      For Hiroto you wont be needing so quickly to resharpen your knife, as it is extremely sharp knife, ..if in any way, it needs resharpening you must use the 1000 grid or 2000 grid whetstone.

    22. Missing avatar

      Bel Bel on October 19

      I have a few good knives included a Damascus knife, from my experience, no matter how "good" the knife claimed to be, it all depends on the way to sharpen it when it wears off. What would you recommend to use to sharpen your knives? Whetstone (what grid?)? Or any sharpening devices?

    23. Paul Conte on October 16

      Yeah withiut some further evidence you actually have a knife I think I'm going to cancel my order.

    24. Jarkko on October 15

      @creator, I caught the part on blacksmiths being from Toledo, but I was aiming for a bit more insights to them. What the company's name, how long have they been practising the occupation etc. More info on the makers potentially gives more value to the product or at the very least a story behind it.

    25. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on October 15

      The blades blacksmiths are from Toledo.@ Rönnmo We will see this option. @ Everybody Please, see more videos in the campaign for Refrences please.

    26. Peter Rönnmo on October 15

      I would've loved to see a bread knife option as well. Perhaps next time.

    27. Jarkko on October 13

      Would be nice to know a bit more of the blacksmith(s) behind the productions as well.

    28. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on October 12

      @Paul Conte
      There will be more pics and videos comming soon, please wait.
      with best regards

    29. Paul Conte on October 11

      Do you have any more videos or demos of you with the knife? I don't want this to be a scam...

    30. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on October 7

      The steel is comming from Japan, TOKUSHU steel and Takefu VG-10 steel origin please.

    31. Missing avatar

      2Ben on October 7

      Hi, where is the steel coming from ?