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A perfect knife selection designed to last longer & efficient with VG-10 steel core having 67 Damascus steel layers.
A perfect knife selection designed to last longer & efficient with VG-10 steel core having 67 Damascus steel layers.
A perfect knife selection designed to last longer & efficient with VG-10 steel core having 67 Damascus steel layers.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthew McCoy 6 days ago

      I still have not received the knife. There is a message with a tracking number, but when I open the link I get a German web page and I have no idea where the package is. The package was listed as being shipped in december.

    2. Juise Box 6 days ago

      sooo... i never got one, or a message saying anything about shipping or tracking.. i got to pick out the knife i wanted.. so that's cool... what's up?

    3. King Tang on February 12

      @IBUTT DISEÑO team
      Can you tell us that whether Damascus steel is used to produce the knives? I believe many of us are not looking for knife that only got the Damascus pattern.
      If they are not using Damascus steel, could you please arrange a refund to those who are misled by the information you provided in the campaign?

    4. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on February 9

      @ Jeff LaFlamme,

      We have asked the Logistic team about your knife could you kindly check or provide the tracking Nr along with the postage dats as youkauf has not received the knife yet. Kindly check the c=online status for your returned knife.

    5. Jeff LaFlamme on February 8

      Ok, so I purchased the wrong knife. You emailed me saying that I could return it for an exchange and pay the difference. followed your instructions and emailed details, it's been over a month and I have heard nothing since. Could I please have an update (requested w/out response)?

    6. Missing avatar

      Pavel Kopriva on January 31

      It seems that the creator does not really know what a damascus steel actually is. The damascus steel is a compound of different steels in layers. While the core of the blade is supposed to be VG-10, at least one other steel must be used to create the damascus steel. That is, if the blade is real damascus, not just a pattern created on the surface. The VG-10 steel itself wouldn't create the damascus pattern.

    7. Missing avatar

      Chiara on January 27

      We made it! It took three attempts with the tracking code, but here we are.
      The knife has arrived, magnificent. It is worth the wait.

    8. Missing avatar

      Iulian Tocu on January 26

      Got my reward yesterday. Excellent product quality! Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      Maurizio on January 22

      Today I received My knife... Rally Sharp and good feeling in hand....
      Now I can deliver My Christmas present :)
      Thank you

    10. Cristiano Caldeira on January 20

      Please, could you tell me what's the ideal whetstone? Can I use 8000?

    11. Alexander Deuterand on January 20

      Received mine today. Greak looking and really sharp.

    12. Missing avatar

      on January 19

      Knives received, looks and feel fantastic!

    13. Missing avatar

      Marek Kusmin on January 18

      Received my backer knives today - fine and nice work, thumbs up! :)

    14. Matej Hloznik on January 18

      You first answer was "Well the material is VG10 the pattern design changes depending the design you give but the steel is VG10". If you would present us with the "secret" who's the maker of the steel and how it's made a lot of us might feel more confident about the material.

    15. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on January 17

      @Maurizio, We hope that it will be delivered to you by tomorrow depending on the local post

    16. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on January 17

      Chiiara your tracking Nr has 2 digit missing which will be resent as we received them via whats app from Germany so we have asked them to resend the pic , apart within Eurpe you will receive it by tomorrow as they were posted on 9th of Jan.

    17. Missing avatar

      Chiara on January 17

      I just received the tracking number and it does not exist.

    18. Missing avatar

      Maurizio on January 17

      I just received the tracking number...finally they are sending the tracking numbers via email ... from the German shipping site it seems that the package has reached the destination country (Italy) ... now I wait to see how much will pass before delivery by Italian post office

      Stay tuned

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrea Palumbo on January 16

      Hi. I still have not received a tracking number either. Would love an update. Thanks.

    20. Missing avatar

      Barry McCann on January 15

      I still haven't received s tracking number - are there any updates you can provide?

    21. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on January 14

      @Chris Dias !Thanks alot, we are thankful that you liked the knife and it was gr8 to see how you had unboxed the knife .... Thanks

    22. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on January 14

      The shipment was shipped on 9th our team is in Spain and the post was sent via youkauf from Germany they update the tracking . We are waiting from them to post the tracking we have requested them to either scanned and email us all the tracking so we could post or send us via Correos so we could provide you with the tracking Nr. We inform you again that all the post has been posted dated 9th of Jan.

    23. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on January 14

      @ Matthew you requested both chef knives and if u see both are identical do you expect to have both different? The knives are made of Vg 10 steel @ Matej they are Vg 10 its not a pattern printed knidly do check the first reply to your question it was answered before and again it is answered today.

    24. Matej Hloznik on January 14

      I also ask again and hence join Matthew and others; is the blade actual damascus forged layers as advertised, or just a pattern on the surface?

    25. Missing avatar

      Adam on January 13

      I haven't received a tracking number either, what's going on here?

    26. Matthew Adam Webb on January 13

      Are these actually Damascus steel blades because I bought two and the pattern is near just about identical like it been etched on?

    27. Mickey Johnson
      on January 12

      I thought we were supposed to get our tracking information earlier this week?

    28. Chris Dias on January 12

      Hey, I got my knife and posted an unboxing video!…

    29. Missing avatar

      Barry McCann on January 11


      I haven't received any tracking number or update, despite the pre-Christmas pledge level.

      Any updates?

    30. Alexander Deuterand on January 11

      Hello. I didn't receive any tracking number yet.
      Did you get all the informations from your logistics partner?


    31. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on January 11

      @ Eric J. our advice would be to kindly contact your local post office or please check the mail box if they left the notice for the pick up .


    32. Missing avatar

      Eric J. on January 10

      I've gotten the shipping notice, that showed it arrived in US and was sent out for delivery on the 20th of December but I haven't received the package as of today, the 10th of Jan. Can you tell me how long it's taken to deliver in the US after it departs the center in NY?

    33. Missing avatar

      Adam on January 10

      Yea I'm wondering as to when I'll receive mine as well

    34. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on January 9

      @Maurizo , The shipment was shipped today on 9th of jan. you will get the tracking Nr. by tomorrow evening as our team awaits to receive them from our logistic partner .

    35. Missing avatar

      Maurizio on January 9

      The shipment is complete? I don't have any tracking number...

    36. Missing avatar

      on January 7

      @Alexis I got the cleaning cloth. Nice added perk but it's about 1/4 the size of the standard one that you'd see for cleaning glasses so kind of iffy in its usefulness. Used my knife for the first time today and it's a really amazing piece. My only criticism is that it seems to be balanced about 1/2 inch past the bolster into the handle but I like my kitchen knives a bit on the heavy side so it's only noticeable when actually testing for balance and feels fine when in use

    37. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on January 7

      Thank you and by Tuesday the last shipment will be dispatched.
      @Alexis the black small cloth is the cleaning cloth its to dry it properly.

      Thank you
      Hiroto team

    38. Alexis Creoulo on January 4

      Got my knives, extremely sharp like the advertised.
      I just wonder, did anyone receive the cleaning cloth? Not that I really need it, but it was the first milestone I think.

    39. Missing avatar

      Sullam Syamsun on January 4

      I just got mine, beautiful knives and very sharp

    40. Bongsna on January 3

      The knives did arrive just before christmas but I wasn't here to pick them up. Doesn't matter too much since they are for myself anyways.

      The knives are very sharp and look beautiful, however the knife box it came with doesn't fit the knife? The box barely even closes since the knife sits above the indents, not fitting into either end of the cut out.

    41. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on January 3

      @ Matej Hlozik, Well the material is VG10 the pattern design changes depenging the design you give but the steel is VG10. Thanks for prasing about the sharpness its sharped in Solingen and the city is famous for its Sharp razors, blades .

    42. Missing avatar

      Pavel Kopriva on January 3


      I have received the knife with "pakka wood" handle. I was very surprised and disappointed when I saw that the handle is made of PLYWOOD. Maybe the plywood is made of pakka wood veneer, I don't know. But hey, plywood is quite a different thing from (solid) wood. Certainly worth mentioning in the description. The description intentionally confuses plywood with wood. I feel a bit deceived.

      By the way, the material of the blade also deserves some clarification, as mentioned in the previous comment. It seems really strange how the damascus blade changes into the non-damascus tang.

    43. Matej Hloznik on January 2


      I received the knife all right. I must say the sharpness is quite good and the handle feels fine as well.

      However, the layering of the steel does not look very convincing inspecting it in-detail. Could you provide more information about the material as requested in previous comments? It seems as some sort of surface pattern rather than true layered steel to me.

    44. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on January 2

      Happy 2018 to all of you, from 4th the pstage will start again and we r committed to post all b4 8th Jan.

      Hiroto team

    45. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on January 2

      @Marcos Paz , Thanks alot for your comments , we are happy that you liked the thing that you supported .

    46. Marcos Paz on January 2

      Happy new year to everyone!
      I got mine on December 29, paring an chef's. Both knifes are fantastic with a beautiful finish. The blade and handle are the same body, with the Packa handle being two separate pieces riveted together. It has three rivets, two stainless and a middle one with a pretty golden and bronze pattern. Havent tried it out yet, but looks and feels sharp and well balanced.

    47. Missing avatar

      Maurizio on January 2

      Hello to all and Happy New Year!! Any news about shipping? someone has received a tracking number or waiting for the parcel?

    48. John Staker on December 31

      I need to change my shipping address as they didn't arrive before Christmas and I'll be moving in a few days. Please get back to me before shipping them.

    49. IBUTT DISEÑO 2-time creator on December 29

      @ Mike Avery, Thanks alot we are happy that you liked the knives .
      Thanks alot

    50. Missing avatar

      Maurizio on December 28

      Mike You received a tracking number?

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