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pledged of €5,000pledged of €5,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, October 23 2016 10:00 PM UTC +00:00



Thousands of refugees are stranded at the borders of Europe. They have no idea what their future holds. Maisa, a 19 old girl from Syria is one of them. She’s been living in refugee camps for months now.

One day, while she was translating for volunteers in the camp, something magical happened. By a twist of faith, a journal fell into her hands. It was the diary of a boy called Adnan: a young refugee with a story similar to hers. She recognized the struggle and fell in love with the words he wrote.

She decides to search for Adnan and translate his diary into English. This was a story that needed to be told. What followed was an emotional journey that took her to Athens. Eventually she found Adnan, living in an abandoned hospital. Together they worked on the translation.

The diary tells us the hidden story of world's most infamous refugee hotspot: Camp Moria, Lesbos, Greece. Adnan’s diary is a combination of biographic stories, poetry and interviews with people he met during his search for a safe future.

Maisa and Adnan want Europe to see that refugees are real people, not just numbers crossing the border. To make the people understand they made it their mission to tell this story to the rest of the world. And they have come a long way. But now, they need your help.


We need to get a professional translator and writer in the team, to transform the diary into English pages. Your contribution helps tell the true story of thousands of human beings, trying to keep hope in a hopeless situation. Together we can make this happen.

Risks and challenges

Finding the right interpreter for Adnan is the biggest challenge. We are not only looking for an excellent writer, we are looking for someone to embrace the story and embrace Adnan.
At the moment we are talking to different universities and institutions and have absolute faith that we will find the right person for the job.

Working from different countries can complicate matters. But our late night phone calls insure that we keep facing the same way!

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    Pledge €20 or more About US$ 22

    Framed copy's of Adnans work.

    Adnan wants to spread peace by spreading his writing. You can get one of his beautiful poems framed on the wall with a description explaining why he wrote what he wrote
    We are spreading original copies of his poems framed for your wall!

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