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When one mecha just won't do, teams of mecha combine to form super robots in Mecha Combiners, a supplement for the Mecha RPG.
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Chris Perrin

108 backers pledged $3,655 to help bring this project to life.

Avoiding Confusion

Sorry for the double send, I just wanted to clear up some confusion I may have caused.  If you order physical copies of Combiners, YOU WILL GET THEM.

When I said I was struggle with shipping, I was referring ONLY to the stretch goal books.  The additional books will necessarily come in waves (due to fact not all are written yet, the fact different artists may be working on the books, etc.) so I can't bundle them all together in one package.  This is why I can guarantee PDF delivery.  Anything else, we'll need to talk further.

I hope that clarifies any confusion.


    1. Creator Jacob Wood on April 23, 2012

      I just backed at the $25 level and added an extra $20 to get the core rules as well (I rounded up). It just seemed easier to do it that way. Would it cause less confusion at fulfillment time if I instead backed twice, once at each tier?