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When one mecha just won't do, teams of mecha combine to form super robots in Mecha Combiners, a supplement for the Mecha RPG.
When one mecha just won't do, teams of mecha combine to form super robots in Mecha Combiners, a supplement for the Mecha RPG.
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Mecha Supplement Alert!

Hi everyone,

Just want to give you a quick head's up.  Our Mecha: Kaiju supplement is currently live on Kickstarter.  It's everything you love about Mecha, but with giant space lizards, lots of ways to  generate Monsters of the Week, and the often-requested rules for how to Link!

Check it out?  Thanks!

And it's done


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I don't really have a clever title for this one, hopefully the import of the news will be enough.

I am currently looking at the last set of packages, both international and domestic, that contain the remainder of the Mercs and Combiners books.  As long as the weather isn't terrible on Monday, my wife and I driving to the post office to ship these final packages.

I'll post once that's done, but my desire is that by Wednesday or Thursday of next week, if you're in the US, you'll have your Mecha books.


For Those Who Never Thought This Day Would Come

Mercs and Combiners Has Started Shipping

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note that we sent out the first packages today.  This afternoon, we put together kits for two of the highest level backers and two Lieutenant levels and took them to the post office.  Those packages will arrive in the next few days. 

Oh, if you get a package, let me know?  Assuming all goes well, more packages will be sent out on Friday.

Thanks for all your patience.  I've been thinking about ways to make it up to you.  There will be more on that soon.

If You're Thinking About a Kickstarter

Hey, if anyone on the list is thinking about a Kickstarter, let me walk you through what I went through to get shipping affordable.  I've never done anything like this and was unaware of my options.  Maybe I can others out so they can know next time.

Thought 1: Don't go to the Post Office during a government shutdown to get advice

This advice feels pretty self-explanatory. :)

Thought 2: Flat rate vs. media rate

When shipping books, there are two good options: flat rate vs. media rate.  For the highest levels who get multiple copies of the books, it's definitely cheaper to go flat rate by a factor of several dollars a package.  (Something like $9 to $5.60)

However, for tiers that are only getting a softcover of Mercs and Combiners, it would have been cheaper to ship media rate if not for the dice.

See, the flat rate is $5.60 per package.  To ship media rate if I had had no dice, the price was around $3.30.  However, it was closer to $3.90 with dice.  Still, normally, $3.90 is cheaper than $5.60, but when you ship media rate you have to pay for the envelope ($1.29 at Wal-Mart) and there's no insurance or tracking. 

With flat rate, I pay one price and everything is taken care of me.  I even got to take a big stack of packing slips and envelopes home with me to pack so I can just take them to the post office and ship them.

Anyway, hope that helps.


My new costume...

Tonight I tried on my new costume.  I went as "guy who understands shipping logistics."  It felt pretty good.

With that said, this weekend, we're going to be assembling the packages so that we can get them shipped.  I know this is a long time coming, but I've had several obstacles.

1.  For some reason, I had a few stragglers on the book shipments.  I thought I had it all, then I started getting books two or three at a time from the printer.

2.  Dice.  Apparently, shipping dice with the books bumps the price of shipping a package from $3 (what I expected) to $8 (which I didn't.)  I've been researching ways to ship dice that will lower that cost.  Sadly, I haven't been successful so I going to go with the expensive option and get it done.

3.  Job and family.  With that said, I'm shuffling priorities so that I can give you all the time you deserve.

I'll post when the first shipments go out.