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Hide Your Smiling Faces combines drama, mystery, and fantasy in an atmospheric exploration of what it means to grow up in rural America Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 12, 2011.

Hide Your Smiling Faces combines drama, mystery, and fantasy in an atmospheric exploration of what it means to grow up in rural America

Daniel Carbone
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Daniel Carbone

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About this project

We're hoping to engage the Kickstarter community and asking our friends and family to help us make this film a reality, as we prepare to shoot in a short couple of weeks in Sussex County, New Jersey.

We'll be constantly providing updates here on Kickstarter and on our Facebook page throughout each stage of the production process, so keep checking in to see what's happening.  Please spread the word and help us make Hide Your Smiling Faces!

About this project:

Small running feet trample warm grass. An abandoned car full of animal carcasses. Proving your toughness in front of friends. The love of a family dog. The death of a young friend.

Hide Your Smiling Faces explores the fleeting and ephemeral experiences of two young brothers growing up in the rural Northeast, following them as they confront friendship, responsibility, death and adolescence. Unfolding over a few hot summer weeks, the film acts as a portrait, exploring a transitional period in both of their individual lives as well as their relationships to those around them – most importantly to one another. Presented in a loose, vignette-based form, Hide Your Smiling Faces combines drama, mystery, and fantasy in an atmospheric exploration of what it means to grow up in rural America.

How you can help:

Your support for this project will help us to start production on Hide Your Smiling Faces. Our goal of $5000 will go toward the following:

-        Equipment! The medium is central to how this story is told. Your donation will help us rent the camera, sound, and lighting equipment we need to make this beautiful film.

-        Food! Making a movie is fun but exhausting and we need to keep our energy up. Your support will help feed the crew and cast as we make this film. Food is one of the best ways we can show our appreciation to all those who are helping making this film a reality.

-        Transportation and Accommodations! We are a group based in NYC but will be shooting in Northeast New Jersey and Pennsylvania, so we will have to rent a van and equipment truck to get from location to location with cast, crew and equipment.

-        A BLACK BEAR! What film about the rural Northeast US would be complete without one?

How Kickstarter Works:

Kickstarter is an innovative grassroots fundraising platform that allows artists and innovators to share their projects with interested funders all over the world. Every Kickstarter project must be fully funded before its time expires or no money changes hands. For every donation of support we offer an incentive, so please check out our incentive tiers to the right!

Please remember, we do not get ANY funding if we do not meet our goal. Please help us make sure this doesn’t happen!

Also - it is possible to raise more than the goal - the more support the better! Whatever we raise before our deadline just helps us to make a better movie.


We can only fulfill the incentives once we meet our funding goal. Once we have reached our deadline, we will immediately add the special thanks to the website, but DVDs and other rewards will have to wait until the film is completed. We thank you for your support and patience and we will work hard to get them to you as soon as possible!

If you would like to support us, but do not want the incentive, no worries. There is a button that you can select when you pledge your support.


We are currently in full pre-production on the film – finalizing casting, securing locations, raising money, and finding crew. We plan to start shooting in early July for two weeks. As soon as shooting is over, we will start the post-production phase of the film and aim to have a final cut of the film by early 2012.


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