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A game where the pixels themselves are elements; for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox, Windows Phone 7, Android, and iPhone/iOS.

[Update] Alpha

There is now a very rough alpha version of the game for PC.

[Update] Rewards

Most of the rewards are geared towards in game content mainly because anything that gets promised to the users will ultimately improve the game. As for the people who feel like they are getting a lesser game by going with a lower reward tier, eventually after the release of Pixel Sand, there will be an exclusivity period (3 months tentatively) where the donators of a particular tier are the only ones able to place their special content in the game. Other people will still be able to download and play maps with this content, but cannot use it in their own levels. Once the exclusivity period is over, everyone will get access to this content through the means of free DLC. As a slight change to the $50 reward and up, all DLC will be free. For the $50 reward and up, you will get an early release of any DLC before anyone else (applying the same exclusivity period concept).

What is it?

Pixel Sand is both a game and a fantasy-physics simulation where you can take tons of different elements and mix them together to make your own ridiculous concoctions. More importantly, Pixel Sand will be shipped with an entire epic single-player and multi-player campaign!

The Game Right Now

As you might have noticed in the video, the game has progressed pretty far along! There are over 80 elements, a bunch of different objects, multi-player, menus and tools for editing, lots of music, etc. It currently runs on the PC, Xbox, and Windows Phone 7. Having said all that, the game needs desperately to be rewritten in a more robust fashion, especially if its to work on iOS and Android.

The Team

Trevor Sundberg - You can visit my portfolio at, and check out the games section to look at projects I've worked on. I have experience working on PC, Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7, and Android, however, iOS/Mac will be a new adventure for me!

Olav Larsen - A pixel artist and coder from Norway who will be contributing his amazing talent to this project. You can visit his portfolio at, and check out his awesome artwork.

Over-funding Goals

At $12,000, I pledge to add a bunch of RPG related goodies to the game, including a scrolling map, inventory, keys to locked doors and chests, leveling, money, quests, and more. I may even put in an infinite dungeon mode if people want it :D

At $25,000, I pledge to add Online and LAN Multiplayer so that you can play with your friends without needing multiple controllers. Moreover, you'll be able to share your maps and doodads online with other people in a giant library. That means if someone builds an elevator and posts it online, you can import it into your own maps!


If funded, I expect this project to take about eight months. Three months are dedicated to the rewrite of the engine and all the currently existing game-play. Two more months are dedicated to adding extra features like Undo/Redo, Copy/Paste, as well as new elements, better tools, and optimization so that the game will run fast. And the final three months will be dedicated to development on all the other platforms (Android, iOS, WP7, Xbox, etc). If the RPG over-funding goal is reached, I expect all those features to add yet another three months to the game (though a version will be released before then). If the Online Multiplayer over-funding goal is reached, I expect that to add anywhere from five to seven months as it is a time consuming feature to add.

What Will My Donations Go Towards?

  • Buying a Mac to develop on iOS
  • Test devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc)
  • Developer licenses (Android, iOS, Xbox, etc)
  • Recoding the architecture to work with iOS and Android
  • Mono C# Framework
  • Using XNI, XNATouch, MonoGame, or ExEn

The Rest of the Game

Below this point, you can check out some of the cool features of the game.

Using fire to light a fuse that leads to a vat of nitroglycerin!

A player and an AI running around, and the AI picks up a plasma power-up.

Doors to the next level won't open until all the coins are collected.

The mite is an dangerously annoying little creature that scurries around.

The spider is a lumbering beast that jumps and spits acid at its enemies!

The electrode is a deadly lightning shooting robot that flies around in the air.

The ghost chases the player and move through any wall or barrier…

The phoenix is a deadly bird whose ashes should be properly disposed of.

Sparkly elements, including Gold, Amethyst, and Diamond.

Power-ups: Fire, Sparks, Plasma, Liquid Nitrogen, Bullets, and Magic!

The all power-full star makes you invincible to enemies!

Circuitry! In this case, a battery, wires, and a proximity sensor.

An elevator is built from circuitry and electronic components.

Health packs can heal the player in tough times.

Other miscellaneous tools and elements:


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  • Pledge $1 or more
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    13 backers

    My undying gratitude, a thank you message, an awesome desktop background, and the sound track to the game :)

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge $3 or more
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    611 backers

    A copy of the PC version, and if it is allowed or possible, copies on all other platforms. Your copy of the game will come with extra elements that aren't available in the normal game, including Termites, Dark Matter, and The Mediator. (All of the above)

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge $10 or more
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    120 backers

    Your copy of the game will feature two enemies that only you can place, including the Ogre, and the Dark Knight. (All of the above)

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  • Pledge $20 or more
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    192 backers

    Inclusion in the credits in a special section dedicated to the people who made this project possible. Your copy of the game will also feature three bonus multi-player maps, and a special jet-pack power-up that only you can place in the game. (All of the above)

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge $50 or more
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    40 backers

    The vehicles pack! Your copy will include the ability to place a Horse, Car, and Helicopter. Each of these objects are designed to carry multiple players at a time; let the questing begin! As an added bonus, ALL future DLC that will ever be released for this game will be free to you! (All of the above)

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge $100 or more
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    21 backers

    Early releases (and we'll listen to everything you have to say about it!). Designing your own level to be included in the game, within reason. Honorary supporter status in credits. A personally written and signed letter thanking you for your awesome donation. (All of the above)

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge $300 or more
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    2 backers

    Your own pixel type in the game, within reason (we'll discuss!). You get to name it, choose how it behaves, and what it looks like. Everyone that gets a copy of the game will see your element! You'll also receive a mouse-pad with the main character on it and a poster for the game. (All of the above)

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge $500 or more
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    2 backers

    Your own monster or object in the game, within reason (we'll discuss!). If you'd like to see some awesome boss come to life in the game, or a sweet hovercraft, this one's for you! You'll also receive a hoodie with the main character on it. (All of the above)

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    0 backers

    A hand-crafted and welded metal figurine of the main character, and a dedicated video of its making. Invitation to the release party in Redmond, WA! (food, drinks, awesomeness!). (All of the above)

    Estimated delivery:
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