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A game where the pixels themselves are elements; for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox, Windows Phone 7, Android, and iPhone/iOS.
A game where the pixels themselves are elements; for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox, Windows Phone 7, Android, and iPhone/iOS.
1,006 backers pledged $13,616 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Mini Update

Hey everyone!

This isn't exactly the video I wanted to make to show you guys the game's progress, however, I think it's pretty cool. This picture is of Pixel Sand running on an Android Phone as well as the new indie console Ouya that was funded here on Kickstarter!

As an aside, for those of you who don't know me personally my wife has just departed for Army Basic Training in and will be gone for approximately 3 months. Until she comes back, I'm going to be in full time Dad mode taking care of my two year old daughter along with working a full time job, which means that I won't be able to spend as much time on the game. I am still committed to finishing, so I have a simple request: if anyone knows any talented programmers that have free time and would like to help out, please send them my way. Ideally I'd love to work with someone locally (Redmond, Washington), but online will work too so long as we keep up communication.

Thanks again everyone. For those of you who are iOS users, we're not very far from creating our first iPad build, so get ready!

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Pixel Sand Video

A short demo video for the build that was uploaded. Currently the build is experiencing some technical difficulties.

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Pixel Sand Progress

Hey everyone,

First off, my apologies for not giving regular updates on Kickstarter. We've been making a lot of progress and we wanted to show everyone where we were at. Instead of making a video, we decided to put together a little demo! It's not without problems, but we hope you'll understand as we've still got a ways to go.

Note: You may need to download XNA 4.0 (link below) as well as the .NET 4.0 framework to run the demo. If there are any issues, please post a comment or send me a message directly and I will address them.

Pixel Sand:

XNA 4.0:

.NET 4.0:

For those who are curious about the release date, we're currently looking at September for the full campaign, and hopefully earlier for a multiplayer only build. We know that's a ways away, but unfortunately we're only able to put part time into Pixel Sand as we all have regular 9-5 jobs.

We're absolutely passionate about this game, it's story, it's characters, the multiplayer, combat, puzzles, and everything else. We can say for certain that we will finish this game!

Finally, for those of you who are 'hackers', feel free to edit the content in the game's Content directory. You can tweak any of the pixels used in the game (technically you can completely overhaul and make your own types). In the future we will be releasing the in game editor as well as the external campaign/hardcore editor.

Thanks everyone for your support!

Website Launched!

Hey all you awesome Kickstarter people! For those of you who would like to follow the progress of the game, there's now a website online dedicated to Pixel Sand:

I'll be making weekly or bi-weekly blog posts about the game so you guys can get a sense of where the project is at. You can also follow my twitter:


Thanks again everyone, and let the development commence!

The Final Hour

That's right guys, we've got 1 hour left until the project funding is completed! We've also reached our over-funding RPG/Adventure goal of $12,000, which is absolutely fantastic.

Thanks everyone for such a great run on Kickstarter. If any of you are interested in running your own Kickstarter in the future, give me a holler at, I'd love to give some helping advise having done it now myself.

Also, if anyone knows of someone who'd be willing to work on this project with me in the Redmond area, feel free to drop me a message. I'm looking for someone who has a lot of time, loves programming, and is willing to commit part of their week to this project.

Thanks everyone!