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A game where the pixels themselves are elements; for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox, Windows Phone 7, Android, and iPhone/iOS.
A game where the pixels themselves are elements; for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox, Windows Phone 7, Android, and iPhone/iOS.
1,006 backers pledged $13,616 to help bring this project to life.

Another Mini-Update

I made a short video showing off some of the progress. It's not an incredibly polished video, but it does show off the day-night system, building structures, nuclear explosions, climbing, death / respawning, and streaming of the world (though streaming needs a bit of a tune-up, as it lags a bit and causes hiccups). The music is by Matt Spencer. You can listen to his work for Pixel Sand on his Sound Cloud, and feel free to comment!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mike Bianchini on April 20, 2013

      Sunlight looks freakin amazing! The next thing I would want to see is a new example of puzzle solving using the current game mechanics, maybe a few different puzzles.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ex on February 2, 2013

      I echo the question of others, what is the current release date? It's best to keep project scope small so you can release as soon as possible. Then, based on the response to the release iterate new features.

    3. Joel Zauderer on February 1, 2013

      I'm really happy with the music. I'll be honest I was skeptical of this game at first, but I'm glad I decided to back it. This is turning into something awesome.

    4. Jason Gulbin on February 1, 2013

      He can climb trees but he can't grab onto a ledge? lol

      Looks neet so far though.

    5. Tommy on February 1, 2013

      Please tell me the song used in the demo will somehow make an appearance in the game. That tune is too damn catchy to ignore.

      Also, your poster is hanging next to my computer a few feet from where I type this. Cannot wait!

    6. Missing avatar

      Tyler on February 1, 2013

      Holy damn does that light shine beautifully. Looks so cool.

    7. Pierre Bertet on February 1, 2013

      Really nice! You did an amazing job since the first demo.

    8. Liam Markham on February 1, 2013

      It's looking amazing now!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Zuckerman on February 1, 2013

      Sunset through the trees looks awesome!

    10. Missing avatar

      Darren Baker on February 1, 2013

      Thanks for the video update. As a backer I really enjoy seeing games develop over time from idea to completion. Looking forward to your game very much.

    11. Jeremy Young on February 1, 2013

      Looking good! There's so much potential here. Love the graphics update.

    12. Andrew Korzhuev on February 1, 2013

      Looking great, but I'm a bit concerned that might've got carried away. There is always a room for improvements of course, but it has been a year since founding. When are you planning to make a release?

    13. Super Game Programmer 3 Creator on February 1, 2013

      Honestly, I didn't want to use any of the other music since I felt the video wouldn't do it justice. Matt Spencer is really quite a composer.

    14. BioBuster on February 1, 2013

      Update after listening to musial impressions of TigerCrab. While I was a little worried with the sound of "Determined" which is not quite my cup of tea, after listening to the whole soundtrack I am delighted. "Unwelcoming" for example can grab your heart I admit. It reminds me a mood of "To the moon" soundtrack. The whole soundtrack is really pleasure to listen to, and almost every time when the track was finishing with a cut I was like: "What? Already??? Moar!!!". It is somehow nostalgic, disturbing sometimes, sad and then optimistic Supersunshinediscofunk. I love it.

    15. Christian Walde on February 1, 2013

      This looks pretty cool, you've come a far way. :)

    16. BioBuster on February 1, 2013

      Pretty nice. And the sunrays are super-neat.

    17. Te on February 1, 2013

      Looks like it's coming along nicely!

    18. Super Game Programmer 3 Creator on February 1, 2013

      I've gotten a few requests to include classic graphics along with it, so most likely we will just for custom levels :)

    19. N0rt0N on February 1, 2013

      Glad to see you post more regular updates to kickstarter !
      Looks good.
      I was kinda worried when you first upgrade the graphics (changed my global feeling about it), but I have to say that now it looks great.

      Looking forward for more updates :p.