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A game where the pixels themselves are elements; for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox, Windows Phone 7, Android, and iPhone/iOS.
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Mini Update

Hey everyone!

This isn't exactly the video I wanted to make to show you guys the game's progress, however, I think it's pretty cool. This picture is of Pixel Sand running on an Android Phone as well as the new indie console Ouya that was funded here on Kickstarter!

As an aside, for those of you who don't know me personally my wife has just departed for Army Basic Training in and will be gone for approximately 3 months. Until she comes back, I'm going to be in full time Dad mode taking care of my two year old daughter along with working a full time job, which means that I won't be able to spend as much time on the game. I am still committed to finishing, so I have a simple request: if anyone knows any talented programmers that have free time and would like to help out, please send them my way. Ideally I'd love to work with someone locally (Redmond, Washington), but online will work too so long as we keep up communication.

Thanks again everyone. For those of you who are iOS users, we're not very far from creating our first iPad build, so get ready!

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    1. Creator chris loren on January 11, 2013

      I am pretty psyched to give this a shot on my ipad!

    2. Creator Jim Squires on January 11, 2013

      " if anyone knows any talented programmers that have free time and would like to help out, please send them my way." Not sure if this'll help, but over at Gamezebo we just wrote a piece about a new initiative for indie developers: You might be able to find some help through that.

    3. Creator Sebastian on January 11, 2013

      Cool pic, I'm missing this game a lot! Please give us more regular updates, even if they are just screenshots of the last thing created :)

    4. Creator Super Game Programmer 3 on January 10, 2013

      Totally fair question. I'm going to compile our levels/to-do/milestones into a single doc that I'll post here so everyone can know when we expect to hit something. This will keep us a lot more accountable. Right now we're looking between April and September. September is our very far out, none of us want it to take that long.

    5. Creator Steven on January 10, 2013

      So, to ask the question that every Kickstarter project runner hates, what is the timeline now?