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Cupcakes and alcohol.  What could be better? Help us open our doors...and keep them open!
Cupcakes and alcohol. What could be better? Help us open our doors...and keep them open!
279 backers pledged $12,010 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Holidays are coming, and we're shipping presents!

Woohoo!   We are finally getting your goodies together! The tryptophan induced post holiday lull has finally allowed us time to get your thank you gifts together.  Brooke's dog insisted on helping, which was greatly appreciated.  The first wave of swag is going out Monday, so be on the lookout.  

That's all for now, folks. 

--Brooke & Leslie


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We're (almost) shipping!

Hi everyone! Many of you have written in and asked how we are post-Hurricane Sandy. Luckily, the store made it through storm and we re-opened this past Sunday. New York itself is getting back to normal. There is definitely a bit of a depressed energy, but it's picking back up each day. We thank you all for your messages and words of encouragement.

We are starting the trial stages of shipping, and as promised, some of our kickstarter backers are getting the first shot at participating in our trial runs. If you are located outside of the NYC area and are interested in being a guinea pig, please email us at with SHIPPING TRIAL [YOUR STATE] in the header. Please include your contact info in the email. We will randomly pick a handful of people to participate and we will contact you if you've been chosen.

While we will cover all of the expenses regarding the cupcakes, we are going to ask that our participants cover the shipping costs, so please consider this if you want to be part of our trial. In addition, since this is an exclusive and hush hush operation, participants will be required to sign a small contract to make sure nothing hits the interweb prematurely. We will also need you to take a few photos and fill out a short survey. Basically, you guys are going to help us get the kinks out before we take over the cupcake world.

Finally, we haven't forgotten about your rewards. We put the final approval on the aprons and keychains a few days ago, so they should be arriving to us in a week or so.

Thanks everyone! Happy November.

-Brooke & Leslie

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A note of progress.

To our backers, friends, family, strangers, (ex) lovers, and secret crushes:

We just wanted to send you a little update.  Rewards have been ordered, so hopefully we'll be able to get those out to you in the next few weeks.  Your funds are being put to good use here on 9 Clinton Street.  We've repaired a lot of knicks and scratches around the store, purchased a bigger mixer that has made our lives exponentially easier, and are working to install a screen door that will naturally cool our little store.  We're also switching from traditional electricity to carbon neutral wind power. 

In other news, we're in the final stages of developing our shipping method.  We hope to be able to ship nationally (perhaps internationally) within the next few weeks, and we will be looking for guinea pigs around the country to test out our shipping method.  Our non-NYC based kickstarter backers will be the first to partake in our trials, so be on the lookout for those emails.  

Now, get off your computer and go play in the beautiful fall leaves.  We demand it. 

-Brooke & Leslie 

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Hurry up...and wait

Hey hey everyone!  We just wanted to tell you that we haven't forgotten about you--we swear.  This whole Kickstarter thing is fantastic, but it involves a bit of waiting time before we can get you your reward..  We have to wait for the funds to be approved, get them deposited, order everything, package it all up, and then we can send it all out.  We are as anxious to get going as you!

We've been delighted to meet those of you who have stopped in and said hello. Our door is filling up with signatures, and it still makes us smile to look at it.  We've also received all of the requests for the $350 custom cupcake tier, and all we can say is that we are SO EXCITED!  One cupcake, in particular, we've been dying to do since PB's inception.  The amount of deliciousness in the bakery every day is really quite astounding. 

We hope to have a few more exciting announcements in 2012. (We're taking over the world in 2013, duh.)  We are going to try to keep the kickstarter emails to a minimum, so please "like" us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to be in the know about everything that goes on here.  

Meanwhile, as much as Leslie and Brooke like each other, at some point they just want to talk to someone else.  So come on in and chat with us.  Stay for a while if you like--we have a bench now. We're fancy. 

--B & L 

Survey Clarification

Hello to 279 of our favorite people!  There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding the surveys. Only fill out the survey if you want the opener/apron/do-rag instead of the cupcakes.  (We created this option for our friends outside of NYC.) Otherwise, if you're in New York or you're planning to come to the city, stop in any time and introduce yourself, sign our door, and pick up your cupcakes.  

We have a list of all our kickstarter buddies, so we won't forget you.  We tend not to forget awesome people. 

--Brooke & Leslie