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A 250pg bullet ride from the rotting brain of a future London into the psychic heart of America. Sequel to the Eisner-nominated SMOKE.
A 250pg bullet ride from the rotting brain of a future London into the psychic heart of America. Sequel to the Eisner-nominated SMOKE.
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Bidding Adieu


Greetings and salutations! By now, you all should have your books. (Ohmigod, if you don't have your book email me NOW: and we will figure out where it went and get another one out to you).

As this is the Season of Gifts, I wanted to mention I still have about 50 of the cased hardbacks sitting in my garage, as well as comps of Grindhouse #1 and #2. If you would like to GIVE THE GIFT OF COMIX!!!! and know someone who would love Smoke/Ashes or Grindhouse, please get in touch (again, and for a mere $40 of your earth dollars plus shipping, I can send a signed hardback edition plus a handwritten note to the lucky friend of your choice. Grindhouse, too, obviously, if you want to give the gift of totally porny and violently inappropriate comix.

Also, as hopefully you've all seen the book now, I wanted to share some of Carla Speed  McNeil's pencils with you. Carla is OLDSKOOL and pencils in the letters so she knows to leave enough room (THIS IS A WONDERFUL THING, says the girl who letters). Of course, sometimes she gets bored and pencils in OTHER dialogue than the script... especially with the alligators in the next two pages.. they didn't originally have speaking parts, but after seeing Carla's pages I wanted to find out a way to have speaking alligators.

(Final shill: Carla and I wrote/drew My Little Pony: Friends Forever #1 from IDW, out in mid January. If you have young people in your life, or just love ponies and slapstick, please check it out!)

Anyway, this is probably my last update. I am planning other Kickstarters for the new year, which will be hopefully simpler and less dramatic than this one. The BEST way for you to stay in touch/find out about them is to follow me on twitter: @alexdecampi . Thank you, and good night!

Ashes Page 25, Carla's Pencils
Ashes Page 25, Carla's Pencils
Ashes Page 24, Carla's Pencils
Ashes Page 24, Carla's Pencils

Soooomeday my prints will come

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By now all of you should have received your books, or will be getting them in the next day or two. Keep up the unboxing and reaction tweets -- it's such a delight to hear from you! @alexdecampi is, predictably, my twitter handle.

For those of you with reward levels of $120 and above, I have sent out all* your art and giclée print rewards. A few early backers of $60 and up (Stu N, Julien H-B, Iain A, Pablo D, Christopher K, Chris McL) also will receive prints as part of the early promotion we did at the very start of the fundraising campaign. The prints are signed and dedicated by me, and some are also signed by Bill Sienkiewicz (it's one of his pages). We both have pretty indecipherable scrawls so have fun trying to figure out who is who.

*Ben R, Duane M: I am still waiting on artists to send/arrange some original art. Duane, you were sent a little surprise, though, while we work on the bigger pages.

All Books Have Been Sent

Yahoo! They're ALL in the mail. ALL.

How long will it take to get yours? Current timings appear to be 10 days to Australia; 4-5 days to Western Europe; 2 days to East Coast USA; 5-7 days to West Coast USA. All books have been sent with tracking so if you do not get your book in approximately these times, please let me know and we'll find out where it is in the system.

I have NOT YET sent out prints or art. Bear with me. I'm a little tired right now. They'll all be out by end of day Monday. Thanks! Keep it up with the unboxing pics/tweets/comments (I'm, predictably, @alexdecampi ) -- it really means a lot to me to share in your enthusiasm at our book finally being in your hands!

For those interested in more of my work, please remember my crass, trashy series GRINDHOUSE has its #1 issue out on Weds (USA)/Thurs (elsewhere) next week!

Only 115 Books To Go!

I got a whole bunch more books out this weekend than I thought. Only 115 more to go -- all non-North America. So, YAY! That's $3,500 worth of postage!

(And I've already sent a good 50 non-North America books, plus all the Canadian books. Oh, if only Kickstarter had had the foreign shipping cost functionality back when I did my fundraiser... they added it about 6 months later!)

As always, if you are outside North America and fancy contributing to the shipping of the $30 books (which is, in fact, the whole $30), I'd love me some paypal: . Hopefully will have all books out by end of day Thursday.

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Packapalooza Update: 250 to go!

I sent out 100 of the $30 books today. All retail orders went out yesterday (Thursday) and all $60 and up books went out earlier in the week.  Which means, only 250 books (all, $30) to go. Sadly my shipping rate will slow down the first few days of next week -- I have to letter Grindhouse #2, so I'll only get out about 25 books a day from Saturday through Weds. I'm sorry -- I really hoped to get more books out this past week, but no childcare on Tues; Weds all afternoon got eaten by divorce mediation (YAY THAT WAS A BLAST) and then yesterday the folks that own my apartment and are trying to sell it are like, "so, people coming to view at 11am Friday. Place gotta be tidy". As you can imagine, the spotless cleanliness of my apartment has NOT been my main consideration this week. Everyone! Just leave me alone with my packing tape and boxes!  My precious, PRECIOUS packing tape and boxes...

I've really been touched (to the point of tears) by how many of you were kind enough to contribute to the overseas shipping cost ($30 reward level books are costing $30 to ship). Several of you who contributed are located in the USA which just... sometimes the internet is wonderful. I have about $300 in the paypal account now which will go towards making my whole Mastercard bill/family loan situation a bit easier. (If you haven't been keeping track, not to worry -- ALL books are going out. By end of next week.)

The packapalooza continues! I had some extra signature stickers above and beyond all the retailer orders and the $60+ books, so a few of you may receive books "signed" (via a separate little sticker in the bag) by one of the artist contributors.