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A 250pg bullet ride from the rotting brain of a future London into the psychic heart of America. Sequel to the Eisner-nominated SMOKE.
A 250pg bullet ride from the rotting brain of a future London into the psychic heart of America. Sequel to the Eisner-nominated SMOKE.
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Dark Horse Announced As Smoke/Ashes Trade Publisher

tl;dr: When will I get my printed book? MID SEPTEMBER. I've decided I want to read it digitally right now. Can you re send my Comixology code? SURE, MESSAGE ME. Help, I moved! DON'T WORRY, I'M EMAILING EVERYONE IN LATE AUGUST TO CONFIRM ADDRESSES.

The eagle eyed among you might have seen the below in today's Dark Horse July solicits. I'm delighted to share with you that Dark Horse will be printing our great big fat book (424pp!) and getting a trade edition out to a wider audience. The book will be in stores and with you around 18 September.

There is mention of a limited hardback in the solicits, too. That is just the rump 250 of our 1,000 copy Kickstarter HC run that isn't pre-bought by all of you or set aside for participating artists. You'll notice that the street price of the cased HC is a whopping $59.99, so a lot more than you paid for the book! 

Your books will be arriving pretty much the same time as they hit stores. I asked Dark Horse to quote me air-shipping them as soon as they came off the printer in China and the price of doing that came to (gulp!) about $4,500 for all 750, or (still gulp!) $2,200 for just 200 for retailers. I just can't afford that. I am so, so sorry :/ I really wanted you to get them sooner.

The good news is, every book will be signed by me (see the cute Top Secret tip-in sheet that we designed!). There will still be 200 of the super rare ones signed by all* [EDIT: MOST OF] the artists (see cute piggy bookplate designed by John Coulthart!).

And because nothing with this book can be without drama, we might just have lost the first lot of bookplates, after Bill, Colleen, Richard and Carla signed them. And by "we", I mean "Royal Mail in Newcastle". We're checking this weekend (Mack has been calling the post office like EVERY DAY) and if indeed it is irrevocably lost I will reprint the bookplates bigger (they were too small, to be honest), get a Fedex account like a grownup, and start the bookplates circulating again. 

Dark Horse have been really amazing during this whole process and I am so, so happy that a proper, experienced production department prepped this baby and proofread it and are doing trade marketing and will let me crash their big shiny convention booths for singings.

As always, if you have questions, comments, or really funny jokes, contact me! I remain, your humble servant, &c.

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    1. Alex de Campi 3-time creator on

      Oh and if anybody is super sad about the lack of 6 month separation between your cased HC coming out and the trade coming out, the refund offer still stands. You can have your money back at ANY time up to the point where your book ships. You've been able to read the book over 6 months in advance if you're willing to read it digitally, as we've been serialising it on Comixology to backers since October. (If you lost/missed your Comixology code, message me!)

    2. Alex de Campi 3-time creator on

      Hi Craig -- yes, we had to compromise on the time separation. Hopefully the fact that you're now getting both Smoke and Ashes in a combined book will make up for that. The reason we don't have the 6 month separation is first that two of our artists were about three months late with their art... and second, when Dark Horse said they wanted to do a combined book, I thought a lot of backers would be sad if they just got Ashes and then this shiny big trade of both books came out shortly thereafter. I didn't want the backers to feel like they got second best, y'know? And especially for the retailers, the viability of selling just Ashes when the combined book was already solicited would be slim.

      Fillippo -- oh, I am under water for ALL the shipping. The art and some art overruns (artists turning around and saying they needed colourists, extra cover costs, etc) used up ALL the Kickstarter money. So all the shipping is coming out of my own pocket. Buh-bye, savings!

    3. filippod on

      Congrats for the Dark Horse deal! Sounds sweet. Re: international shipping: this is an often overlooked beast. I hope you won't incur in understimated shipping fees when you ship the book to international backers.

    4. Missing avatar

      Craig Finnerty on

      Hi, Alex. It sounds like the backer description of " If there is a trade edition it will ship at least 6 months after this one" is no longer true. Is that correct?