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Inspired by the images of Brom and RK Post, this Dark Fantasy novel travels the erotic labyrinths of netherworld fantasy.

We here at Art of the Genre couldn’t help but want to continue our tradition of making quality books with intrinsically important artists inside the fantasy and science fiction genre.  Our focus is always to bring shape to our stories with incredible art, and as we took our next evolutionary step into the Nameless Realms, Dark Fantasy was the undeniable favorite.

To set the stage for our vision, we went out and recruited two of the most respected, talented, and twisted artists the industry has ever known, Brom and Rk Post. 

When you see a Brom painting, you are immediately struck by two overwhelming realities, those being Darkness and Beauty.  His creations have given birth to countless fantasy worlds, and he has provided the impetus for our venture with his cover.  This creation drives the will behind our erotic netherworld entitled The Burning City.

With Brom setting the stage, Rk Post has come forward to decorate the interior of this volume with some of his sublime and sexual pencil renderings.  Post is an icon, the definitive Magic the Gathering artist, and a man who will bend your mind with concepts so twisted and lovely it’s challenged every bit of writing chops AotG could muster to keep up with him.

Set within the Art of the Genre trademark shared universe of the Nameless Realms, this book will be penned by Black Gate Magazine Senior Editor and Novelist, R. Scott Taylor, who has already brought forth Nameless Realms Adventure Fantasy with The Cursed Legion and also MagePunk with The Gun Kingdoms in this same universe.

The Burning City runs along the razor’s edge between horror and erotica.  This is a book of loss, salvation, and a bond that won’t be broken.  Here water-born Wizards brave insect infested red deserts, amorous Succubi lord over far-flung slave camps, and a city of legendary curses awaits new blood for its every thirsty populace.   If you’re ready to have your pulse race and your imagination spurred with visions of a dark world, then you need go no further.

This project needs $2,000 to see fruition, but secret bonus levels exist at every $2,000 tier after the initial goal is met!  How many doors to darkness do you dare to open along this journey?

We here at Art of the Genre hope you will continue to support our projects as we build the foundation of a fan driven publishing house that is run by investors like you.  Together, we can make a fundamental change in the publishing industry and the create books that YOU want to read, just keep telling us what you want.  And if you'd like to come talk to all the Art of the Genre contributors, like Lynn Flewelling, Harry Connolly, Juliet McKenna, Martha Wells, Robert Mancebo, Julie Czerneda, Michael Tousignant, Jeff Laubenstein, Jeff Easley, and Todd Lockwood, join us on our Facebook page here:  We'd love to hear from you!


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