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The dynamic duo returns with their second installment of the Five Year War series rekindling the art and style of 80s RPG-based fantasy
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Scott Taylor

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An Unheard of Collaboration

Hello all!

Well, we’re moving into the end of our first week on this Kickstarter and that’s always an exciting time.  As I was laying out plans for this second volume I couldn’t help be revisit some of my favorite images from old school TSR adventures and even Dragon Magazine.   I thought about Larry Elmore and Jim Holloway, and what it must have been like when they shared the TSR pit with the likes of Jeff Easley and Keith Parkinson.

Keith’s work is ever on my mind, and although we lost him in 2005, I couldn’t help but wonder how a project like this novel would look if it included Keith’s work along with all his friends from that era of Dungeons & Dragons.  Having grown close with Keith’s son, Nick, over the past couple of years since the release of the Art Evolution Project, I asked Nick if he might like to release some unseen roughs of his father’s for use in the project.

Nick was happy to do so, and once I had copies of the roughs, I went immediately to former TSR pit artist Tim Truman who was best friends with Keith and asked if he’d like to ink the originals.  Tim was overjoyed at the prospect, and so, this Kickstarter has the unique opportunity to feature not One, not Two, not Three, not Four, but FIVE AD&D artists from the 1980s who defined the genre in a single collected work.  That, for all you scoring at home, has never happened, even in the heyday of TSR’s reign at the top. Collaboration

I’m going to include a couple pieces of Keith’s work along with some of Tim Truman’s incredible black and white illustrations so you can see what has serendipitously come to fruition for this project.  Again, this can only happen if we find the backers to produce the work, so please, spread the word any way you can and let’s see this project become the success it deserves to be!


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