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David Deitrick, the artistic father of Steampunk, and novelist R. Scott Taylor team up to create David’s vision of a ‘mage-punk' world.
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Scott Taylor

64 backers pledged $3,271 to help bring this project to life.

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Project Update March 8th

Hey all,

We've had some new backers in the past couple of days so that's great to see.  We've also hit our $3000 bonus goal so EVERY chapter in this book will now have a Deitrick illustration which is just incredible.  Our next goal is $3500 for a color cover for the origin short story that's included with this project.  Spread the word because that goal is certainly in striking distance.  And of course, here's another great comic as we add new characters into the fold!

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Art Update #5

Another new piece from David, this one showing some nice old school Verne-like remote kingdom adventure.  Anyone out there remember In Search of the Castaways?

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Art Update #4

I call this piece 'Regrets' and I'll give you all three guesses why...

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We got a Mechanic! This is really starting to get built!

Hey all,

I just wanted to say great work to all of you who've come through for the project.  We just went over $2K yesterday and with the current pledge totals we've go 4 NEW INTERIOR ILLUSTRATIONS!  Way to go!  If you know anyone else who'd like to be a part of this movement, please pass our link along and I've got a new comic for you so enjoy!

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Art Update #3

David is on fire with these images and he's completing them faster than I can get them posted.  This image is a Kin Hammer, something found in the steampunky-goodness of this book.  I love David's tech designs, they are too incredible!

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