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A novel told from a facebook timeline. A story about finding love, heartbreak and how social media is changing the way we live. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 22, 2012.

A novel told from a facebook timeline. A story about finding love, heartbreak and how social media is changing the way we live.

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The Synopsis:

The Year is 2045, and CJ Williams, a professional writer in his sixties, decides to send his editor one last manuscript: A book written over two decades prior but never published. This is a story that would define his life and ultimately bring him back to the girl he would marry.

The lost manuscript begins when Williams (34 years old) is diagnosed with cancer. With an uncertain future, Williams embarks on one last project-- a memoir from the cloud. Using his own Facebook timeline, he retells his life story and the people he’s loved along the way. In the novel, Williams uses six profiles from the people in his past: his best friend, high school sweetheart, college girlfriend, “the one who got away,” his runaway mother and his most recent breakup. Using the data stored on Facebook, Williams describes the impact these relationships have had on his life and his final days leading up to his surgery.

The entire novel is told entirely through the main character’s Facebook timeline. The book uses wall posts, profiles and pictures to weave characters and life events in order to narrate a linear story of his life.

The Book Themes

1) The Rise Of Facebook

When my generation first logged onto Facebook in 2003, none of us could foresee the social powerhouse that Facebook would become, a community of 800 million people sharing their worlds and connecting at every stage of their lives. What started as a fun supplement to share experiences, in some cases, has become the experience—virtual worlds that make communication easier and often less personal. 

But perhaps the greatest realization is discovering that everything we were posting back in 2004 was stored. It was neatly organized into the cloud, waiting for our future self to come back and find it. Oh, hello there eighteen-year-old self, posting pictures holding cheap alcohol and writing overly personal love notes on your college girlfriend’s wall. Yikes.

As these timelines evolve, future generations will no longer have handwritten letters or Polaroids available to piece alife together, strictly digital information stored in social media servers around the world, available to access from anywhere at any time.  Wall posts, comments, pictures and messages become markers that bridge together relationships or bring you back to a moment’s time.

2) What Legacy Do You Want Leave Behind?

In the last decade, I have watched many of my loved ones pass away from cancer. This book is dedicated to my awesome grandparents who have passed in my lifetime, Arnie Luster, Anita Krietzman, George Jones and Terri Lee.

Seeing someone in your family suffer from such a terrible disease put’s your own mortality into perspective. What kind of legacy do we want to leave behind? What do we want to give back to the world? The idea really took shape when I imagined a writer who has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease, committed to giving the world one more book without knowing how much time he has left.

Oh Yeah, We Have Perks


What I Need the Scrilla For?

Even though the first draft is already completed, I learned the hard way that a book can be freakin’ expensive if you choose to have a printable version. Plus, I envision the layout having a very creatively designed element, making it appear that you are actually reading the story from a timeline. Here are the things I need the money for!

  •  Editor
  •  Cover Work Designer
  •  Layout Designer
  •  First run of printing.
  •  Promo books to spread the word!. Perhaps the toughest part of self-publishing is trying to get your book in front of readers without a major distribution deal.  

And if the crazy stars align, and I do make it past my first goals, my next milestone ($10,000) will help me produce a hardcopy of my first ever manifesto, Way Outside the Lines, which is a 16,000 word story about having the courage to do exactly what you want in life.

The next goal would be to focus on my publishing company Palooza Press, whose mission is to produce authors who think big and inspire others. My goal is to publish one other author under the Palooza Press Publishing banner in 2012-2013.

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Dream Funder Timeline




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    + First ebook manifesto due out in 12/2012 entitled Way Outside the Lines—a 16,000 word call to arms about defeating self doubt and fear to bring your art to the world.

    + A ticket to the book launch party. If you're too far out the area, we will live broadcast that baby to you.

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    + A Making Of The Book that includes: Real wall posts used in the making of the book, music playlist I used when writing each section, inside commentary about each section and of course, a behind the scenes look at where each scene in the book took place and the writing process.
    + A personalized note that looks like a handwritten Facebook wall post (it will be cool, trust me)

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    + You will be a part of the select team who votes on the final cover!!!
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    + I will write 4,000 words of anything you like, a children’s story, an inspirational piece, a blog post for your company, what do you need a writer for? Online dating profile, done. A rap parody song for youtube? Done.
    +You will be the guest of honor at the book launch party, and if you can't make it, I will set up a private book launch on Google +

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    All of the above.

    + I’m talking the first ever YOU’RE AWESOME AWARD that says, I awesomely helped a writer bring his creativity to life--a one of a kind trophy that I will present to you on youtube and then send to your house.

    + A Life Told From the Cloud Massage Day, where I will provide a 1hr massage (under $100) at a place nearby (if you have one nearby) so you can get a massage while you read the book.

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