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A project to travel to ALL 2,560 national railway stations in Britain, and to create an online documentary film about the journey.
A project to travel to ALL 2,560 national railway stations in Britain, and to create an online documentary film about the journey.
1,564 backers pledged £38,654 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Leam Mark Farrar 4 days ago

      Been following along and I donated, so was so pleased to get Oulton Broad North, it was my closest station when I lived in the East of England back in 2014. Anytime I wanted to travel to London, always went to Oulton Broad North and through to Norwich. Love that trip on the Wherry Lines (even have it on Train Sim). Really glad I donated to this amazing project and I can't wait to see all the vidoes.

    2. Avery Lopez-Baines 5 days ago

      I am very happy with my choice of Corrour. Oh yeah. Geoff and Vicki, I don't know if you know already, but there is a bed and breakfast at the old Signal Box at Corrour! And you can stay night! All you have to do is call the number on the Signal Box section of the Corrour Station House website. This is a cool opportunity! And Vicki, I'm the newest subscriber of your channel (V Pipe)!

    3. Geoff Marshall Creator 6 days ago

      Hi Phil, Thanks for your kind comment. We do help you will enjoy following along! Vicki & Geoff

    4. Missing avatar

      Phil Chapman 6 days ago

      After enjoying the unique contribution of Vicki and Geoff on Youtube it is great to see a practical way we can help them liberate the spirit of "all the stations" around England, Scotland and Wales. Having myself spent many weekends in the 60's and 70's wandering and exploring the london underground, it is wonderful to see others sharing it now too. Keep up the great work, I can enjoy it in my retirement. Very best regards Phil, now living in Yorkshire.

    5. Matthew Walker on April 17

      Gmail has decided my adopt a station email is spam, so check that folder as well.

    6. Geoff Marshall Creator on April 11

      Thanks to everyone for sharing their solutions to the survey quirks! Absolutely no problem to put N/A, or a similar variant in the option that is not your preference.

      We've just posted an update re the Adopt a Station tool too. We will be starting to send out the links this Saturday (15th April). For more details click on our updates page.

      Thanks all!

    7. Chris Herbert on April 11

      I don't know what is taking so long with the adoption tool. I could have written it in 10 minutes.

    8. Tony Bridgeman on April 10

      It's all gone very quiet. Has anyone had their station request through yet?

    9. Missing avatar

      Koi Morris on April 2

      Same issue with filling out the survey as some other backers here. Even though I chose Facebook Vlog, I still had to fill in the Twitter handle box. I put "I don't have a Twitter handle" in that box (without the quotes) and that enabled me to submit the survey.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ronald Kyle on March 31

      Hello Geoff, I'm trying to fill out my survey but I nether tweet nor do I Facebook. I tried putting n/a in the field but it did not work. i suppose this is suppose that this is a kickstarter issue. Not everyone who watches Youtube is on social medium. Well, I suppose most are, but there are exceptions.
      I hope that this can be resolved so that I can adopt two stations.
      Really like your productions and good luck with the project.
      from CRAZY AMERICA, Ron Kyle

    11. Karen Tang on March 29

      @kevin margetson -- I had the same problem but in reverse (I have Twitter, no FB and it was requiring the Vlog field). What I ended up doing was just putting in a comment (e.g. "n/a") in the box where no info was applicable and that allowed me to submit the form.

    12. Missing avatar

      kevin margetson on March 29

      Hi. Just trying to do the survey but it wont let me complete as I have not filled in the Twitter bit (even though I have selected facebook Vlog.

    13. Missing avatar

      Russell Beeker on March 29

      Congrats to you and Vicki. My wife and I have been in London this past week, and have been thinking about you two as we make our way around this great city. Look forward to all the videos. To the trains!

    14. Missing avatar

      Paul on March 28

      Congratulations Geoff, Vicki & the team! By the way Geoff Dorset tea ☕️ Is the way forward

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew Holloway on March 28

      Vicky and Geoff,
      Mega congratulations on a successful project and I wish you all the very best.
      Enjoyed the stream yesterday evening.
      And so, it won't be long before it is: To The trains ...

    16. Missing avatar

      Andy Gray on March 28

      Sorry, I should have watched all of your last stream before posting. Please just note my point about the tea. Good luck!

    17. Missing avatar

      Andy Gray on March 28

      I'm sure it's well in hand, but I worried today how you will visit Manchester United Football Ground railway station in the summer, as it's only open on match days. Even if you go by taxi, the doors will be closed...

      Also, Geoff, you should try Lancashire Tea, which is like Yorkshire Tea, only better.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on March 28

      Congratulations on a successful project. Are you going to do a tea quality test of the many train operators offerings? Or maybe compile a tea quality top 10 guide?

    19. Missing avatar

      Dave Cable on March 28

      Really great news! So looking forward to following your journeys around the UK. Wishing you all the best of luck. Maybe you should have a competition to guess the total number of teas Geoff will consume!

    20. Missing avatar

      Peter Goodchild on March 28

      Make sure you do a total Tea count and do make sure you collect all the transit maps along the way!
      Best of luck Vicky and Geoff

    21. Missing avatar

      Mark Cooper on March 28

      Brilliant news. Really looking forward to following your trek to every UK station and super jealous it's not me doing it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Dave Kirwin on March 28

      Congratulations to Geoff and Vicki - looking forwards to your marathon trek across the UK!
      Good luck to all the video editors and people behind the scenes, and thanks to all the backers too!

    23. Missing avatar

      Marc de Bruin on March 28

      Well done (also the backers offcourse...)!
      I am lookinf forward to a summer full of lovely video's.
      By the way, I was wondering from how many different countries you were backed. I am Dutch so I guess thats at least two.

    24. Missing avatar

      Graham Foster on March 27

      Heard you mention music copyright problem during yesterday evening's "count down". It is worth remembering that records (LPs, 45s & 78s) from before November 1963 are out of copyright if you can get access to them., You do have to be careful as the music score can still be in copyright depending on when the composer died. Modern software (available to consumers) can clean up such recordings very well.once they are digitised.
      I'm looking forward to seeing your "expedition".

    25. Richard Gillin on March 27

      Brilliant news! Looking forward to seeing your adventures.

    26. Missing avatar

      Rachel Lewis on March 27

      Fantastic, looking forward to following your big adventure. Enjoy the Robin Hood line, it's my daily commute by rail :)

    27. Diana Patterson on March 27

      Excited! Excited!! Excited!!! You are my holiday this year, and you will be lugging the luggage. Hurrah!

    28. Missing avatar

      Sam de Freyssinet on March 27

      A huge congratulations on reaching your goal Geoff and Vicki from us here in Chicago! Really looking forward to seeing the day by day updates as you move around the UK on the rails through this summer.

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael on March 27

      So glad the project has been supported so well, great work everyone and thanks. Look forward to seeing the 4. something videos in due course. Congratulations Geoff and Vicki and best wishes from Michael and Pamela... possibly one of your oldest followers... now there's a question!

    30. Missing avatar

      Mark on March 27

      Congratulations to both of you and I really look forward to seeing the videos. just a quick question once you have completed the project will you publish the route you took to get to all the stations?

    31. Enid Karr on March 27

      Hooray! Geoff and Vicki are going places!

    32. Ted Cross on March 27

      Best Of Luck Geoff and Vicki with your trip to all those stations !! Do make sure to get off the train in Warrington and Sankey !!

    33. Missing avatar

      Will Wilson on March 27

      Excellent effort by all. However, now the hard work beings and I for one cannot wait to see the results. I come from a long line of railwaymen, so it'll be really interesting to see how you cope with the UK rail network. From my own experiences, you're in for quite a ride!

    34. Missing avatar

      Chip James on March 27

      S/O to both of you! We have watched and very much enjoyed Geoff London Underground Videos
      We'll be watching from the other side of the pond. We wish you all the best and safe and happy travels
      The James Gang

    35. Missing avatar

      Chris Larsen on March 27

      All the best for a grand journey around ALL THE STATIONS, including Heworth and Upper Warlingham!

    36. Missing avatar

      Mark on March 27

      Congratulations and well done to you all have a tea on me

    37. Chris Herbert on March 27

      Congratulations!! Can I pick my station now?

    38. Missing avatar

      John H
      on March 19

      Just watched the live-stream, a few thoughts.
      Wouldn't it be great if you became so well known among the TOCs that they became nervous about cancelling or delaying trains in case you were on them!
      Monetization - My impression was that all of this was being financed through Kick Starter. So, either you don't monetize it or you give us more than the backing level indicates. For example, if the backing doesn't get to 5 videos a week, monetize it and give us 5.
      From what you said, your most frequently visited station is likely to be the one nearest where you live.
      I hope you will keep a backup of the SD cards you put in the post.

    39. Gonçalo Magalhães on March 17

      Thanks for your great content (I think I've seen all of your videos Geoff!) and best of luck for both of you. Can't wait to see the final result! Cheers from Portugal

    40. Missing avatar

      Edward on March 4

      I'm excited to see this come to fruition!
      Just wondering though,
      Will the All the Stations Videos be monetized (Adverts etc.)?
      And on a note of technicalities, Will the train actually have to stop at request stops or will it just have to be possible for it to stop? That is, will you have to get tickets between each of the request stops to get the driver to stop the train?
      Of course, you make the rules so I suppose it can be whatever you like!

    41. HugoVert on March 3

      Congratulations again for reaching the second target! Hopefully you'll get enough support in the remaining days to produce an amazing video every day! I wish you both the best of luck! <3

    42. Missing avatar

      Jeff on February 24


    43. Missing avatar

      Sam Yates on February 24

      WooHoo! Looking forward to following your adventures :)

    44. HugoVert on February 24

      Congratulations for reaching the first success! I'm looking a lot forward to your adventure! :)

      Greetings from Germany! <3

    45. Missing avatar

      John Usher on February 24

      Success! - Off You Go! :-)

    46. Avery Lopez-Baines on February 23

      Are you doing Northern Ireland? :D

    47. Missing avatar

      Antoni Chmielowski on February 22

      I love your Youtube Channel and so how I could not back you ?.

      How (and when) can I choose my favourite station ?.

      Thanks and good luck !

    48. Missing avatar

      Londonist on February 21

      Good luck Geoff and Vicki, from all your friends at Londonist!

    49. Missing avatar

      Billy Millest on February 20

      backed and paid for the signed photo perk and also a station name. when we adopt the station name do we get to see our names appear next to that station on the video when the train stops at that station if so that would make that perk even better than it already is. love the whole project and i am very exited for it to come out. hope when its done it can also hopfully come out on dvd also that would be an amazing perk also would be cool if it did come out if we could get signed copies!

    50. Missing avatar

      James Baird on February 20

      Enjoy, get a pint using my cash when you get to the Great Western Hotel in Newquay. Right opposite the station and used to be the first hotel you saw when arriving by train into Newquay.

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