Announcement & a bit more about us

Closed Source GP2 License Issues

It has come to light that we will not be able to distribute our code as closed-source. Therefore we are announcing that Kiri OS will be open-source and made available to the public. 

About Dyc Studio and some history on Kiri

Please note: Employees of Dyc Studio have chosen to stay anonymous for their own personal reasons, so they will not be named. Please respect this. 

Dyc Studio started as a design company in 2010. During that time the company was very small and not yet registered as the private limited company it is today and our managing director, Taheer, had begun learning the fundamentals of cyber security. About a year later Dyc Studio moved on to start producing websites and software for various companies at a very small scale. Over time (until 2015) the company grew, gained more clients and eventually became a registered company, still only with 2 employees; the director and a designer. As for Kiri OS, our director, Taheer began development on it in 2013 and has been slowly building it's components since then.

It was only during the beginning of 2016 that Taheer decided that Kiri OS should be distributed to the world, however he knew it would not be complete for at least another 5 years. So he reached out to friends and family in search of help. He gained one extra developer who is experienced in cyber security to help out. In February 2016, the team had become 3 people; Taheer, another software engineer and a designer. It was then the team decided Kiri OS needs external funding to pay for the team to work on Kiri fulltime as well as hire extra help, so we began focusing on a Kickstarter campaign and put all development on standby until the team is able to work full-time on it.

I hope this clears things up for a lot of you.

Sincerely, Taheer


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