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An Aegean odyssey; a streetdog & the family she adopts & their revealing journey toward rectifying the plight of an island’s strays. Read more

Nevada City, CA Fiction
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An Aegean odyssey; a streetdog & the family she adopts & their revealing journey toward rectifying the plight of an island’s strays.

Nevada City, CA Fiction
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About this project

Yes! This project IS indeed a book - and how does it relate to the video above? Well, the song in the video was written (by my husband, partner, soulmate Paul Kamm) for all of us who care for the lost and abandoned ones, the animals anywhere and everywhere who are abused, mistreated and ignored ...  and the photos you saw embedded there are of stray dogs and cats in Greece that my family has cared for over the many years we've been traveling there ...

So, you still wonder, how ARE this campaign and the video connected?

All The Little Graces, my first novel and focus of this funding campaign, is a colorful tapestry reflecting the lives of a fisherman, a Greek island and her sea, locals and travelers and a lively young girl–all stitched together by a single thread, the homely little street-dog, Margarita. Set on an Aegean isle, this is the odyssey of the dog and the American family she adopts; a revealing and sometimes painful journey toward recognizing and rectifying the plight of the island’s stray animals. Surrounded by the endless sea and the timeless magic that is Greece, 'Little Graces'  bears witness to goodness brought to light by all of the lives and all of the hearts drawn together by little Margarita and eventually, hopeful changes emerge from the shadows as people gain a kinder understanding of the homeless animals of Greece’s streets.

You can read more about the book here and read reviews and even the first several chapters (free) here.

THE FOCUS OF THIS CAMPAIGN IS TO GET MY NOVEL TO PRINT. (It already is an eBook, available at all of the usual sites.)  If this campaign is fully funded, Kickstarter and Amazon together will initially take 8% to 10% off the top - but the remainder of the funds will enable the book to be published; made' real', turned into a sweet smelling, tangible bit of beauty to be loved and something that you can fall asleep with on your chest, gently rising, falling with each drifting breath!

While I query agents and publishers for traditional publishing, this campaign will enable the book to not only BECOME a trade quality paperback book, but also to be promoted; sent off for reviews; put up at Amazon as a 'print on demand' book; advertised in trade magazines; be for sale in brick and mortar, independent bookstores;  shipping; and it will cover the costs of; the cover art (by artist Wendy Spratt), the whole cover design, the interior layout and formatting, a few launch/reading events and for many copies to be sent to/left with the animal charities I hope to be benefiting, for them to do with what they please ...  (you can read more about that here.)

If you have ANY questions about the book or the project, please use the 'message' button up at the top of the page or next to my bio photo to send them to me.

I am excited about my project and would love for you to be a part of it with me! You can help a great deal, even if you choose not to, or cannot, contribute - by passing word of this campaign on to your family, animal and travel loving friends and co-workers ... you can email this page's URL, share it on Facebook, Linked In, you can Tweet about it .... shout down the streets about it, sing about it - you can howl about it!!  However it gets out there will be of enormous help.

Who is this book for?

'Graces' is for anyone who loves animals and/or anyone who loves travel, especially travel to Greece.  It really is more of an adult-oriented book than it is a children's book, though older children who may be familiar with the sometimes harsh reality that not everyone in the world loves animals will be fine with it. It is for the animals, and for anyone who knows that they need us to help spread the word about the beauty of the human-animal kinship.  And - if you just want to take a bit of an inspired journey across the Aegean to a beautiful Greek island - this is for you!

Why did I write it?

I have been traveling to Greece since 1986.  I remember well the street dogs we came across in Athens that first spring, especially the happy few that accompanied us on walks to the Acropolis or Agora through the back streets of Plaka and the whitewashed Anafiotican quarter. There were dogs all over the city ... napping on stoops just two feet from the onrush of traffic, in the doorways of shops, under benches in parks. Friendly, intelligent dogs, most begged for their food in the street-side tavernas and they all seemed to know to safely cross the busy streets with the flow of people when the stop lights turned from red to green! On that, our virgin journey deep into the heart of Greece's magic, they were just a part of the charm of it all.  

That trip sparked a life-long love affair with a people and a place, but it wasn't until our next visit a few years later ... when we met up with a stray dog; the little, loud Margarita ... that I really began to learn of the sorrowful plight of the dogs and cats of the streets of Athens and the islands. 

At that time there was no sterilization available unless one lived on the mainland where one might be lucky to find the services of a vet who actually performed the operations ... spays were most common, if only because there was a lot of alter-ego attached to one's male dog's or cat's 'bits' (as there still is, and is here in the U.S. as well!). "Cut THEM off? What do you mean, cut them off?" However, the most common means of curbing the population of the strays, or of dealing with any animal that was deemed a pest was not at all kind, nor did it, shall we say, meet with my approval.  

What I realized back  then was that the cats and dogs of the Greek isles are simply archetypes for all creatures in need of compassion. Everywhere. I happen to feel that the animals are much kinder, better beings than we humans and helping them has become my path ...

So, I wrote this book, and my great wish is that All The Little Graces will join the ranks of advocacy for the needy animals of the world, helping to bring the plight of the voiceless creatures we humans domesticated so long ago more to the fore. Perhaps it will encourage readers to do what they can, wherever they may be. 

on to the next book ...

in peace

in gratitude

Eleanore MacDonald

What is Kickstarter?

Excerpts from Kickstarter's FAQ pages:

Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects. Kickstarter is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.

Kickstarter is focused on creative projects. We're a great way for artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, writers, illustrators, explorers, curators, performers, and others to bring their projects, events, and dreams to life.

The word “project” is just as important as “creative” in defining what works on Kickstarter. A project is something finite with a clear beginning and end. Someone can be held accountable to the framework of a project — a project was either completed or it wasn’t — and there are definable expectations that everyone can agree to. This is imperative for every Kickstarter project.

Why can't we make 2 pledges on the same computer?

According to friends this apparently has been an issue ... so if there are two of you sharing a computer and you each would like to pledge, you'll have to find a second computer - if Kickstarter hasn't yet fixed this anomaly! I'm so sorry ..

Though you may not be able to make 2 pledges on one computer, you CAN come back and change your own pledge within the time-frame of this campaign.

What if I want more books?

Choose reward option #4; $25 plus $20 per extra copy. Then drop me a quick note (via the message link on top of the page) and let me know, just in case!

How will you know who I want you to sign my book to?

I will be in touch w/ everyone when the campaign is over, checking on orders and being sure that I know these important things. You can let me know then!

What if you surpass your campaign goal?

I will be amazed and amazed again. And then - I'll get more books made! I'll hire a 'real' publicist. I'll buy more advertising. And if we go way over, I will look into having hard copies made - with pages of paper made from wood that has been grown and harvested responsibly and soy based inks ... and ... I will learn to do cartwheels, at age 58!


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