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Small form factor ultra-high capacity battery that can re-charge any device that normally would charge from USB. No Outlet, No Problem!
Small form factor ultra-high capacity battery that can re-charge any device that normally would charge from USB. No Outlet, No Problem!
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    1. Peter Schmalfeldt on

      Hey Anthony, I am prepping a bug out bag to throw in the trunk of my car and was thinking the battery I got from you on Kickstarter would be perfect with my solar usb charger. But before I left the device in the trunk of a car sitting in this Florida sun ... I figured I should ask your thoughts on whether you not that's a good idea.

      Also, I see you have a new Expedition XL Black 15,200 MAh on your website that I might think about getting rather than use my kickstarter one ... if that one works too for sitting in the sun for long periods, then I will go that route.

      I was reading this article ( ) about the effects of higher heat on Li Ion batteries, but know you have other hardware that might also be impacted.

      Thanks again for making the Kickstarter, your original device is still going strong :)

    2. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      Dear Rick,

      Thank you for investing in our Kickstarter. Of course we are bummed that has happened. Your battery lasted over three years..great! Our batteries stand out and are awesome compared to many of the cheap Chinese knock off versions now out there. We took everyone's investment 3 years ago and upgraded our invention as per backers comments and suggestions. We did offer a Warranty Program, which many projects did not. Please check out our updates. We are very happy to replace the unit for you with the upgraded project. We have always been able to be connected with through our website. Thank you for reaching out Rick. Kind Regards

    3. Missing avatar

      Rick Wathen on

      My battery crapped out on me...... Not very durable. I have older battery packs still going strong.

    4. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      Debbra Rogers
      Yes the Chinese just started doing that. We are so sorry. Anyone can point them to our website... and the capacity is clearly stated there for each project. Anthony actually had to do this :(

    5. Debbra Rogers on

      Update- don't try to go through China airports - the lack of capacity noted on the battery gets the battery confiscated. Lost both my batteries last week in Beijing airport.

    6. Guny Sadovsky on

      thank you!!!!
      awsome project!

    7. Omar Stradella on

      So, what do you think of the Pronto project?

      I don't know much about batteries. Can you fully charge a 13,500 mAh battery in 1 hr?

    8. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      We are having a Labor Day Sale on all our batteries & solar panels at our on- line store:
      25% off Coupon Code: labor
      Have a great weekend! Thank you!

    9. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      Chris Ryan,

      Great news! Thank you and your order should be to you by Sat.. :) - C

    10. Chris Ryan on

      Still going strong here, all my friends and relatives are constantly borrowing my Expedition when they go on holiday or to concerts and the like, hence I am buying a 3.0 to keep all to myself ;)

    11. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      Sounds like a failed inductor. Looks like you are still under warranty we will contact you with return for repair instructions.

    12. Korruptor on

      I don't use mine much (Expedition), but just right now, it started smoking when I tried to use it. Now inside the Expedition I can hear pieces rattling around. It was making a high pitch noise before it happened.

    13. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      A very nice letter from a happy Backer w/ permission:

      I am absolutely in awe of your unsurpassed customer service! Choosing to back your remote battery charger on KickStarter was by far, one of my better choices. I went back to school a couple of years ago to get my Business Administration certifications. On the first day we were taught the most important business mantra to remember… “Satisfy Customer Needs”. If you fail to do that one integral thing, you won’t be in business for very long.

      It is so refreshing to see that you and Anthony are living and breathing that mantra at ‘No Outlet No Problem’. Thank you so much for following up on my Expeditions! Receiving the shipping notifications the other day was a very pleasant, unexpected surprise. Your company is one that I would not hesitate to recommend to any of my friends and associates.

    14. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      This is a nice review for the Expedition XL

      I owned the first version of Expedition and loved it. I was looking to buy a 2nd battery charger and immediately came back to No Outlet No Problem. The LCD display is great, much better than the original Expedition's LEDs. I also love having the charging start automatically.

    15. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      This is a review for the Expedition 3.0 from

      Highly recommended. I'm in the process of getting the XL. I currently have the Expedition and I'm tired of hubby continually using it.when I but the XL, hubby can keep my Expedition. It's great to have when an outlet is not available or if you're stuck in a meeting and your smart phone/ tablet is dying.

    16. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      This is a review for our Adventurer @

      This product has since the end of the Kicksarter campaign has saved me from many issues with communication while at school. I have a Iphone and did not need to charge my phone from a wall or computer for about a week or so. Great product. I do not use my phone to much but this product is great I have been using the Adventurer for about half a year give or take.

    17. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      This is a review from

      I purchased the destination, the expedition and the adventurer.

      While this is the smallest capacity power bank, it my second favorite it will charge my iphone 5 from about 10% to 100 at least 3 times!

      I got stuck in the emergency room recently with my phone battery in the red and walk out with it completely charged thanks to this handy device.
      The size is excellent for women to throw in their handbags or anyone to put in a backpack or small glove compartment in a car.

      My only gripe and this is why only four stars - The cable for charging is not the best quality. I intend to buy a new charging cable for this and my other power banks.

      A great company to deal with.

      Please note this review is of the first production run.

    18. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      Dear Nick,

      We are sorry you are having an issue!! Per the instructions included with our first run, you need to please press the power button twice to turn off the cool flashlight. If the mini USB has been mishandled it will break, as with any device and your Expedition will not charge. :( Your unit is under warranty per update #60. Hope this helps and thank you for your support in our unique invention. You can feel free to contact me privately at and we'll actually answer and get you taken care of. :) Have a great day- Christina Vilgiate

    19. Missing avatar

      Nick Heising on

      Helllo.. i have a negative experience, LED light stays on, discharging battery rather quick. Charging it now it does not hold its charge, even charging it for 2 days, battery does not get charged completely. Disappointing...NICK

    20. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      Dear Owen,

      We are so happy to hear that! Kick Starter has so many great projects. We surely hope you will continue to support people here and Thank you so much for supporting us! :)

    21. Owen D'Aprile on

      This was the first project I've ever backed on Kickstarter, and so far, its the one I'm happiest with! I'm so glad I found this.

    22. Richard Burt on

      @ Kevin
      Mine seems to hold a charge well, but the button has failed. Pressing it does nothing.

    23. Missing avatar

      Han-Soo Cho on

      My Destination is a great gadget to have!! With my phone and ipod I use both frequently and thus power does run low...but I never have to worry now!!
      Even helped my friends charge up their phones!

    24. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      Hi Kevin,

      We are very happy to help out with your problem. I am emailing you privately this morning. Also a good general note to our wonderful backers... please use my email as well if you have any questions or problems... It's We will communicate with you ASAP :) Happy New Year!! - Christina Vilgiate

    25. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      Anyone else's not holding a charge anymore. I admit, mine sat around for the most part until about last week, I charged it up and have used it several times. When I recharged it got to the point where it was fully charged again, but seemed to run down much quicker this time. Now I have been charging it for 6-8 hours and only the first two lights are solid the other two are still blinking

    26. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      @Dave Thank you so much for your very kind words. We are honored that you've trusted us with your backing and gifts to your friends. Please encourage yourself and your friends, that we are available incase of questions and any problems. Happy New Year!! :) - Christina Vilgiate

    27. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      Greetings Anthony & Christina.......Still my favorite batteries.......So,so glad I went with these over the Dark Energy ones. Three of my friends, who received these as gifts (Adventurers), love them too. Thank You again............

    28. Jerry Duro on

      Thanks for the response, Anthony. Looks like it would be better if I had it repaired here. There's only the matter of opening up the casing without damaging the casing. Is there even a way to that? I fully understand that my warranty will be void after this. Thanks!

    29. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      Hey Jerry!
      If you have a local that can do SMT rework ( sounds like the micro 5 pin came off the PCB ) that would work just fine. I personally can't do SMT rework so when we have a return for repair I replace the entire driver board. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.

    30. Jerry Duro on

      Hi Anthony,
      My Destination power bank's micro-USB port (the one used to charge it) went wonky after I tried to charge it earlier. I am now unable to charge the unit but I think the battery is still fine. Can I RMA this or should I just have someone repair or replace the port for me? There are lots of places here in my country that repair for cheap so I would think that's the better option for me. I'd like to hear your feedback, though.

    31. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      Ouroboros - some expansion of a lithium-polymer battery is normal. The VHB foam tape we use to hold the battery in the Destination case doesn't give as well in cold weather and would contribute to bulging. There should be no electrolyte leaking or fire risk with a lithium-polymer battery. If you would like to send it in for me to confirm that you can visit our website at and request an RMA and we will take care of you right away.

    32. Ouroboros on

      Um, I'm starting to get some expansion in the center of my Destination. I have been using it heavily in low temperature (5-10C outdoors) recently. How much chassis expansion should be tolerated before considering the battery to be an electrolyte leak or fire hazard? Other than that it seems to be operating well.

    33. Edoardo Agostini on


      My Adventurer isnt working anymore, similar to the Destination of Veen Senn. From one day to another, i didnt charged anymore. Now the first LED is always blinking when charging, and the batterie remains dead.
      I need some help with this. Thx.

    34. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      I am so sorry! I would like to get it back so I can do a failure analysis and see what shorted. I have sent you a private message with warranty repair details.

    35. Kristin on

      I'm so upset, I plugged in my green expedition and it literally fried! I thought it was going to catch fire, it got so hot! Worst part was that it took about four hours to cool down, like it had to totally die, I couldn't take my eyes off it because I was scared that it might catch on fired since it smelled of smoke! Really scary! It was great while it lasted, used it almost every day! Today was a really disappointing day!!!

    36. Rune Sovndahl on

      Anthony!! The 2.0 is fantastic! Wow! Thank you!

    37. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      Veen - temperature can effect how fast it charges up, as well as usage. I will shoot you a private message on some trouble shooting tips.

    38. Vincent Wong

      Hi Anthony,

      I noticed that recently, overnight charging of my Destination results in the last LED indicator still blinking continuously. Previously, I get all four indicators lit up. Has my Destination turned faulty now?

    39. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      Mike - I am sorry you feel that way. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and as a start up crowd funding for new products has been the best route to take so far. We listened too all the feedback from our backers in developing the 3.0 and XL and the products represent all that we learned with our first versions. - We wish you the very best.

    40. Mike Finneran on

      5 months after delivery of Version 1 you are fund raising Version 2. This disappoints me on a level that is difficult to articulate. It gives me the impression of a shady organization that is trying grabbing as much cash as possible and not interested in producing quality products. You can count on the fact the I will not funding the development of another product you produce - ever. I also do not appreciate you using KS to promote other projects on other platforms. I never agreed to be contacted about those projects. Very Spammy. I have unsubscribed from your updates and will not recommend No Outlet especially considering my V1 failed nearly out the box due to poor manufacturing processes.

    41. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      @ Thanks Adrian, appreciate it and we are happy to make sure you are a happy backer.

    42. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      Thanks Christine,
      You're probably getting confused with the one private exchange between Anthony and I where he sent photos of the plastic laminate of the Destination.
      No other private discussion has taken place.

      Re Anthony's comments below, "..we will be happy to take care of you by exchanging your reward or simply refunding your money."
      I'm opting for the refund offer if it's still open.
      I've sent an email to Anthony just now requesting a return address and I'll mail the unit to you asap.


    43. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      @Adrian as we have said privately many times to you, we will be happy to repair or replace your reward as soon as it is returned to us and we can verify that the damage is under our warranty and the unit has not been tampered with. Thank you- Christina Vilgiate

    44. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      Hmmm, now my Destination is making a high pitched noise whenever a device is plugged into it.
      Is the refund offer still open, Anthony?

    45. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      Dear Joe,
      wow! We are so sorry that you feel that way. We would love to help with your issues and we will email you privately to address them. Customer Service is a high priority for us. We are very proud of our amazing product that our wonderful (including you ) Kick Starter backers invested in the development of. We have continued to make improvements on our product. The great success of our KickStarter Campaign and the critiques, suggestions and support here, has allowed us to do that. We are so thankful and will continue to bring a return on our backers investment in our innovative and unique goodies! - Christina

    46. Joe Wilmoth on

      I can't believe I paid so much money for a fake aluminum, cheap plastic battery. I feel cheated to have a wrapped plastic casing. The battery itself is horrible as well. I've tried it on multiple iOS and Android devices and get only 2 charges no matter which device.

    47. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      Hi Anthony,
      Again, thanks for your response. I appreciate and am impressed that you are so personally invested in the project that you take the time and care to attend to all customers communications.
      The replace/refund options you offer are well received and I'm grateful for the offer.
      I have decided to replace it but to also keep and reverse engineer it in the hacker spirit to gain some knowledge and value from it.

      Keep the customer oriented attitude.

    48. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      @Adrian again, we are so very sorry that you are disappointed in the Destination and the amount of charges you are receiving for the power hungry Google Nexus. We have learned many things from our first production run and it is wonderful backers like you who have helped us improve on our great products. Thank you. We have just released our new versions, see our update. Your input was valuable and we will be happy to take care of you by exchanging your reward or simply refunding your money. Thank you for being one of our backers and being part of something extraordinary!

    49. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      Anthony, Thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment.
      Unfortunately, your response increases my disappointment with my Destination.

      The Expedition was described as having a, "Sleek Brushed Aluminum case to match your favorite Apple aesthetic". This is simply not true and is confirmed by your response where you say that it is "..constructed of aluminum skins laminated to a structure that snaps together to capture the internals." and further confirmed by the photos you emailed me.
      Sitting next to my Apple machines, the Destination in no way matches their high quality, brushed aluminium aesthetic.

      I have retested the charging of my Google Nexus with no apps running and consistently get 2 full charges with the third attempt at charging ending in up with 22% to 30% full. (30% was the best figure I managed to get from the 3rd charge).

    50. Anthony Vilgiate Creator on

      Jon, Thank you for your kind generous and accurate words! :) We do proudly stand behind our product and all of our followers and customers. We have a unique product that actually is produced to work and be an enrichment to everyone's lives. It's you that made any of this success possible and we cannot express how grateful and humbled we are. And so we've introduced chapter 2 if you will :) - Christina V.

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