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The Next Novel, The Teen Choice Awards... Plus, Our Live Event to Help Reading Rainbow!

Posted by Rob Thomas (Creator)


Once again, it’s been a while between updates. I know that it’s been a while because, since the last update, we found out that iZOMBIE was picked up as a midseason show on the CW, we staffed up the show, and we assembled a writers room which started work last week.

So, yes, a lot has been happening.

Believe it or not, we do still have another update or two to share with you after this one, but today, I just wanted to share three quick updates.

Keep reading for details about our nominations in the Teen Choice Awards, a few hints about the next Veronica Mars novel, and a new chance to see Kristen, Jason and Enrico live in Los Angeles, while helping a worthwhile cause.

1. More Voting: The 2014 Teen Choice Awards!

I’ve never been to the Teen Choice Awards, but I’m told that in some circles, they are more important than the Oscars. I suspect those are teenage circles, but as they say, “It’s an honor just to be nominated.”

And this year, we've been nominated for the Teen Choice Awards in three categories:

  • Veronica Mars for Best Movie (Drama)
  • Kristen Bell for Best Actress (Drama)
  • Jason Dohring for Best Actor (Drama)

Just like the Oscars, you can vote once per day until August 10, when the award show will be broadcast on FOX. So if you miss helping us upset the odds and win awards, vote now!

2. Veronica Mars Returns in… Mr. Kiss-And-Tell.

After the first Veronica Mars novel — The Thousand Dollar Tan Line — was released, a lot of you wrote to share your thoughts. And since the book managed to hit #2 on The New York Times Bestseller List for trade paperbacks, there were a lot of thoughts. Most of them were positive and enthusiastic.

However, we also received a number of letters that went something like this:


If you fell into that camp, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can expect a lot more Logan in Mr. Kiss-And-Tell, the follow up novel, which we’re on schedule to release late this year. It will take place a few months after the events of The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. And for those of you wondering about some of the unanswered questions raised in the movie — Who was responsible for *****’s murder? Who planted a gun on ******? — the book will also return to those questions.

You can find the full “official” description of the book on Amazon, where Mr. Kiss-And-Tell is available for preorder, and as we get closer to release, I’ll do my best to get an excerpt for you. Unless you’re tired of Veronica Mars.

In which case, you’re probably not reading these updates anymore.

3. Another chance to hang out with our cast.

Finally, if you’ve been on Kickstarter over the past month — or reading the news — you might be aware of LeVar Burton’s campaign to bring back Reading Rainbow, the long-time PBS program dedicated to helping children develop a love of reading.

Just over a year ago, during our own campaign, we set Kickstarter’s All-Time Record for Most Backers, when 91,585 of you came together to help bring Veronica back. This morning, we’re pleased to pass that title to Reading Rainbow, which has passed our record, and still has two more days to go.

In fact, we believe their mission — to bring Reading Rainbow to underfunded classrooms — is so important that we’re going to do more than just congratulate them. In their final 48 hours, we’d like to help them go farther.

That’s why we’ve decided to contribute a new reward to their Kickstarter campaign: next spring, Kristen, Enrico and Jason will join LeVar Burton for a live benefit event in Los Angeles called Reading Rainbow Live. 

(Their graphic, not ours.)
(Their graphic, not ours.)

I don’t know all of the specifics, but I do know that Kristen, Enrico and Jason will be reading children’s books to a small crowd of children and their parents. I also know that all three of them are great narrators. (In fact, you’d never know it, but Kristen does great voices. One of these days, she’ll end up as a Disney princess and we’ll never be able to afford her again.)

If you’d like to attend this one-time-only event with Kristen, Enrico, Jason and LeVar, you can get tickets now.

Even if you can’t afford the tickets, I’d still encourage you to check out their campaign, and to pledge if you can. Besides: even if you just give $1, you’ll still be able to say that you’re a backer of the two most-backed projects on Kickstarter.

Plus, the Reading Rainbow team will be GIVING AWAY 5 SETS OF TICKETS to the live event, and any Veronica Mars backer who also pledges to support Reading Rainbow — even for $1 — will be included for a chance to win.

You’ve only got until this Wednesday, July 2, at 12PM PDT.

That's all for today, but remember: we’re not done just yet.

Look for another update or two in July, gang.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Lisa on

      Rob Thomas and Veronica Mars, I MISS YOU! COME BACK SOON!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Kevin Barker on

      Just found out that the next book has been delayed until January :-(
      I miss the updates

    3. Missing avatar

      Travis Adams on

      What happened to those July updates? It's almost September now.

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul McGougan on

      Is there any word/update on when the first book is going to available to other parts of the world?

    5. Jamie E on

      LOVED the first book, waiting eagerly for the next one. Still holding out hope for a second movie or a return to the small screen. I've personally infected ten people with a love for VM.

    6. Tina N Nguyen on

      Will Kristen Bell be reading this new book as well?? I want to wait for the audible version!! The only person I want to hear a book read is from her!

    7. Missing avatar

      DancingOmelette on

      Still no Thousand Dollar Tan Line on UK Kindle... c'mon guys! I'll buy it as soon as you publish it, don't you want our money? What's the hold-up? It's hard to believe it's still such a big deal to sort out international digital distribution for a brand new book these days.

    8. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      Hmmm, Teen Choice Awards seem to have scanned my IP-address when I registered since I got a message only people in the US could vote.
      I just read the first book and loved it, so second one is pre-ordered. :)
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ##

    9. Missing avatar

      Nicole on

      I have been having trouble tracking down the audiobook as well any chance this will be available on iTunes in Australia or anywhere else?

    10. Missing avatar

      MustrumRidcully on

      I thought we all knew about Kristen Bell's ability to do voices - wasn't she doing an impression of that in the episode with the bomb threat?

      Of course, that could have been faked...

    11. Julia Eason on

      Thanks for the update - any chance of getting the kindle version and/or the audio book released to us non US citizens? I would really like to read and hear it but so far it's just not been made available.

    12. Jasmine Frei on

      So excited to still be getting updates!!
      The first book was incredible and I can't wait for book #2.
      Actually anything involving Veronica Mars or the talented cast is always great to hear.
      Congrats Rob on the series and everyone on the many awards!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Julia Roberts on

      Will Kristen read for the audio version of the second book?? It was SO worth it to hear the book with THE Veronica Mars telling the story.... And otherwise, I'd've read the book too fast. Please say she is!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Tracy Smith on

      L-O-V-E-D the book - can't wait for book 2... but why isn't there a book 3 yet? It doesn't take long to read a book... so this should certainly be considered in the development and release of the books... paralleling what Mila Wasicek mentioned in the comments... I hope there are enough VM books to last me until I become too old and blind to read... There is a really great story there... waiting to form... taking VM into retirement... if there ever would be such a thing as a retired VM... ;-) Keep up the good work and hurry up with #3 - going to preorder #2 now! Thank you.

    15. Catherine on

      I loved the first book, and I'm really looking forward to the next!

    16. eosiecki on

      Thanks for the update Rob. Congrats on the pickup to series!

    17. Anita Nallathamby on

      What Sarah Medeiros said ;)

    18. Missing avatar

      Sarah Medeiros on

      Quick question! I've already pledged to the RR campaign (one of the early backers, woo!), so how do I enter for the chance to win one of those sets of tickets? Or am I entered automatically? (PS. I was so excited when I got the RR update telling us about the VMars cast contribution! Go you guys. :) )

    19. Missing avatar

      Heather Krafcik on

      Already pre-ordered the next novel weeks ago! Can't wait!!!

    20. Jill on

      Thanks for the update Rob! Been a Reading Rainbow backer since day one and as an Angeleno I wish I could afford the Live Read tickets, fingers crossed for the drawing! Kudos to the VM team for helping RR!!

    21. Marlena Harris

      I've been a backer (kickstarter wise) since day two (I think). I saw it, I backed it. Just like with Veronica Mars the decision was the simple. The most awesome thing I have learned about Reading Rainbow (personally) during this campaign is that I was born the same day Reading Rainbow first aired, not just the same day of the year, the same day. Due to my very early morning birth, I would say I'm probably a few hours older.

      It is very cool that Veronica Mars helping out. I really wish I could afford to back at the Veronica Mars pledge level. My niece would get a real treat if I could do that.

      Now that Reading Rainbow has passed Veronica Mars as the kickstarter with the most backers, they have about two days to pass Veronica Mars (and the other three, one I also backed, one I've never heard of, and that other one that baffles me because I don't wear things on my wrists, but I guess is cool if you like things on your wrists . . . okay, mega cool if you like things on your wrists) and work on that whole, most money ever raised, but the most backer is kind of more important here, because Reading Rainbow has touched so many people and this shows how important it is, just as the same record showed the world how amazing Veronica Mars fans are and how many of them still wanted a continuation all these years later.

      If you are a Veronica Mars fan who hasn't backed Reading Rainbow, the clock is ticking. You've already been part of one humungous record. Let's bring this next backer record into the six digits. Marshmallows are amazing.

      On the news of the next book with more Logan and more on questions raised in the movie . . . fan girl squee seems appropriate, so there you go. I loved the character returning in the first book and can't wait to find out what happens next. I'm hoping there will be more on that in the next book, too, but definitely can't wait to read it. Thanks for the news.

      My birthday was earlier this month and my mom told me that she had bought "The Thousand Dollar Tan Line" for me, but had to return it, since I bought it for myself. There was no way I was waiting until June to read it (even if I had known before hand that she had bought it, which I of course didn't). I don't think the next one will work as a Christmas present either. I'm not waiting until December to read it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Christy Holley on

      I love that the Veronica Mars people are supporting other worthwhile causes and even helping them break VM records. So great! I backed Reading Rainbow. Rob, we will never get tired of Veronica Mars! Thanks for everything.

    23. Melissa on

      Dearest Rob,


      Your Fans

    24. Tasha Carter on

      Hmmmm... what if I've already contributed to the Reading Rainbow campaign on the first day? Will I still be entered into the VM ticket giveaway?

    25. Stephanie on

      I've been waiting to back Reading Rainbow (mainly deciding what reward level and waiting for that monthly teacher paycheck!) but I am so excited to be backing this, especially knowing the support that VMars is giving it! I would love to get one of those five giveaway tickets!

    26. Missing avatar

      mila wasicek on

      I'll NEVER be tired of Veronica Mars and hope these books keep going till I'm too old and blind no read. October cannot get here fast enough...especially since there's "more Logan"...there can never be too much Logan. Yummy.

      BTW did everyone see Jason Dohring on Motive last week? He was FAB.

    27. Triana Biggers on

      Bless Rob Thomas and LeVar Burton for having the belief in their great works coming back after a long period of either project being on tv. A huge thanks to Kickstarter for having this outlet to help the fans really reach and have a say in the projects they love and give mad support for. Ready for book 2 of Veronica Mars and can't wait to see all the positive things that come out of Reading Rainbow.

    28. The Art Factory on

      Dear Rob Thomas and the Veronica Mars Team: the very coolest bestest thing about this Superlative Veronica Mars Project is that you tried hard and creatively to Help the Reading Rainbow Surpass Your Project.. You should be extraordinarily proud of yourselves.. and your work, your character.. i am.. and very appreciative you lifted another project to help them surpass your record.. it's perhaps the highest honor that you are so selfless when it really matters.. the fact that the top 5 Kickstarter projects helped Reading Rainbow surpass them all is exemplary.. it's very special..
      0.00092630214 percent of earthlings have backed projects on Kickstarter (approximate)
      1/100,000th of the population caused this
      0.00001328571 = % of developed nation earthlings backing Reading Rainbow.(approximate)
      1.3/100,000 = Reading Rainbow Backers. (approximate)

      your willingness to help is so pivotal, one of 5 creators = 7.1428571e-10 of earthlings..
      the 1%? superfluous.. we only need one in 1,000,000.. thanks for being one of them.

    29. Cristina Youngren on

      Thank you for the Reading Rainbow support. I am happy to have backed both projects.

    30. Trina D. on

      Only teens can vote for the Teen Choice Awards. :-\

    31. Missing avatar

      John A on

      Is there any update on why the first novel isn't available as an eBook or audiobook in the UK?