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UPDATED: This is it. We're making a Veronica Mars movie! Now the only question is: how big can we make it? We need your help!
91,585 backers pledged $5,702,153 to help bring this project to life.
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      Bill Murphy on

      I just wanted to tell Rob and everyone involved with the Veronica Mars movie that my wife and I thought this campaign was handled brilliantly. Everything about what you did - from the frequency of the Kickstarter updates and the video updates to making sure we received our perks - was first rate. Absolutely perfect.

      I'm a 25-year veteran Marketing/Advertising/PR guru. My specialty is Direct Marketing, which is all about building relationships. What you guys did with the Veronica Mars movies is the finest example of How It Should Be Done I've ever seen. You kept us informed. You kept us enthused. But most importantly, you built community. This was textbook all the way.

      Our DVD arrived Monday, the day before official release. (Thank you!) We watched the hour-long making-of feature first and were even amazed by the quality of THAT aspect of the project. The cast and crew looked to be having a blast. The fans looked thrilled. And the relationship between everyone (cast, crew, and fans) was touching, if not outright magical.

      I don't know if Rob or anyone from the show reads these posts. But I wanted to tell you the time and effort you guys put in to making this project special was evident in every aspect of it.


      When's the next movie? We're ready to contribute again!


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      Christy Holley on

      I got my DVD 4 days ago! I bought the blu-ray from Amazon since there are additional features on it. It arrived today. LoVe it! I was expecting an update today since it's release day. I'm hoping to hear some idea of the sales thus far. I know that is unlikely, but I really want to know if there will be #MoreVeronicaMars. Thanks Rob & Ivan for making all this happen. And I backed Piz's, uh, I mean Chris Lowell's kickstarter too.

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      Jackie Warner on

      Got an email couple hours ago saying my DVD is being shipped. I live in Sydney so hopefully won't be too long :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Barbara Kendal on

      My DVD arrived (I'm in the UK). Case completely shattered though :(

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      MªTeresa Garcia Ciganda on

      I see a lot of people are waiting for a word about the blu-ray as we saw over twitter people getting them. I just can't wait to have it in my hands ^^ (waiting for the tracking mail )

    6. Missing avatar

      Jackie Warner on

      When are we getting the physical DVDs sent to us? Xxo

    7. Allison Koester on

      Ok, I just watched the featurette. It's fifty-five minutes long. I just want to say that Veronica Mars (the show), back when it was still on air, helped get me through college. I did my final presentation on Veronica Mars in my TV Analysis and Criticism class. I continue to watch the seasons at least once a year. I never gave up hope for a movie or some kind of continuation. Now that we have this movie, that thrill-ride of a book, and another book to look forward to, I just want to say thank you for everything you've given to us, the fans. Veronica Mars, the character, is an inspiration. Veronica Mars, the show, is nothing short of epic.

    8. Allison Koester on

      @Erin, I got my DVD today. So they have started shipping, but I don't know how long it will take for everyone to receive them. Really surprised there has been no update about this. Maybe the unsubscribers have upset Rob.

      Thanks for all the work you've done Veronica Mars crew. I'm about to watch the movie again for the thousandth time. I almost have it memorized. ;)

    9. Erin Bowles on

      any word about when DVDs are shipping for backers? I heard that some folks have received theirs, but there's been so little communication as of late. Thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      Andres García García on

      @Corey, go to your account-Settings->Notifications tab, there is link there to manage project notifications.

    11. Corey D. Willis on

      Is there a way to "unfollow" stuff you've backed? Veronica Mars Movie is done so I don't really want the extra spam post project. There should be a way to unsub...

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      Julie Niederer on

      I got the most recent update from "Beside Still Waters" and I couldn't believe that only about 550 (out of 91,000) new Marshmallows decided to back the project! I was so impressed during the discussion panel at Paleyfest with how the whole VM team seemed to be so supportive of each others work, and I'm disappointed that VM fans haven't picked up that collaborative spirit. Articles about the Veronica Mars movie talked about how many actors worked for scale and have said they would have worked on the movie for free if that didn't violate a ton of union rules. Pay it forward, marshmallows. As we all well know, it doesn't take a big donation to create big things!

    13. Megan Funk on

      International folks, why not just back with $1 and then get all of the fun behind the scenes content and then buy the movie on iTunes or Amazon when it's released? That way you get to support, you get fun stuff and you don't have to pay for shipping...

    14. Missing avatar

      Sabrina_S on

      I have to echo that $83 to even get to see the movie as an international backer does not make a whole lot of sense... I love Chris but other than that, I don't see why I should contribute to a distribution plan that clearly isn't focussed on international backers at all. :(

    15. Andy Thomas on

      Agree with others here that as a non-US potential backer, I'm put off backing by our entry rate of $83. A digital download option might have lowered the bar & opened it up globally a little more. Oh well, maybe next time :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Tina E on

      Uhm, no... $65 plus $18 for shipping gets you "everything from the $50 reward, but a Blu-Ray instead of a DVD."

    17. Dan Balkwill on

      I'm with Robert Daniels... $83 for a DVD and script is excessive. $50 plus $15 for the international shipping... Plus ANOTHER $18 for shipping?

    18. Ivan Askwith Collaborator on

      @Tony -- our mistake. We've added it to the version of the update above, but you can also just go here:

    19. Tony Chliek on

      A link would help.

    20. Elizabeth Karr on

      Of course, will back Chris! When I guest starred on final season of Veronica Mars (Professor Lisa Tonin) , one of my scenes was on Chris's radio show and he was a delight to work with. That week was more of a vacation in San Diego than a job, there was such conviviality on the set. Great group of folks.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kleist on

      Feel bad for Piz? Hell no. Team Logan forever

      Demands for sequel

      100% more Daddy/Daughter time and vinnie/Dick screen time. In fact the Vinnie/dick private dick agency sounds like a great webseries ep. Think about it.

      Backup not be cut from the movie.

      Nathan fillion or Alan tusk for sheriff.

    22. Sharon on

      Beside Still Waters was just invited to the Newport Beach Film Festival on April 26th. Join us and spread the word!! Just back even $1 to the film - You will have hours of entertainment in BTS videos! And you'll get to see Chris' lip quiver in one, not even in character as Piz! Follow @BSWFilm too! :)

    23. Robert Daniels on

      I would like to contribute - but not $83 - which is the lowest reward available for foreign backers...

    24. cthellis on

      I would never trade a life with Veronica for movie funding, but if you already got rejected... might as well cash in!

    25. Missing avatar

      Shane Conder on


      While I backed for the LA premier, it was my wife and a friend of hers that went. So, my daughter (2) and I stood across the street. Chris showed up on that side a few feet from us. That was awesome, too. ;)

    26. Rebecca Miller on

      Went and backed Chris' film the other day. I have to say, I'm loving being a backer. I think I might have to be a backer forever haha After Veronica Mars, it was Zach Braff's movie 'Wish I Was Here,' and now Chris' lovely project. It really feels great that you can help create something by pledging a little, or a lot. And ultimately you don't do it for the rewards (although they're amazing), the biggest reward is knowing you're part of the bigger picture. Well that's how I feel anyway :) Can't wait for Beside Still Waters to be out there, getting the recognition it deserves #teampiz

    27. Missing avatar

      Marnie MacLennan on

      Totally gonna be worth it!!

    28. Lindsay on

      Chris Lowell, you make me giggle. Your enthusiasm is so infectious!