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UPDATED: This is it. We're making a Veronica Mars movie! Now the only question is: how big can we make it? We need your help!
91,585 backers pledged $5,702,153 to help bring this project to life.
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      Leigh Barton on

      Just watched the 3rd season and the movie, again (Happy Labor Day!). Still. awesome. Fingers extra crossed for a reprise of the series (psssst, Netflix, you listening?), or more movies would be sweet too. These characters and stories are great - thanks for keeping them alive.

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      Jeri Opalk on

      For various reasons my sister and I just saw the movie, and we totally loved it! I realized how much I'd missed the story and the characters. It was sad when VM ended. If a new series isn't possible then a movie or a mini-series would be fantastic. I hope it can happen and would even fund another Kickstarter if one is offered. GREAT MOVIE!

    3. Tyler Chatel on

      Wow. Just wow. Until about two weeks ago I'd never seen a single episode of Veronica Mars. That's right I donated to the kickstarter without even being a fan. Why did I do this? Well I've been a fan of many shows that have been cancelled or been forced to end early and when I heard about this project I was very intrigued. As a screenwriter and amateur filmmaker myself who has used kickstarter to fund my own independent film I've become a firm supporter of kickstarter and all it's accomplished. I'd heard good things about Veronica Mars but honestly had no plans to ever start watching. It was cancelled and many fans were left begging for more. So why torture myself. Then this kickstarter was announced. I was torn about pledging as I'd never seen the show. But I felt this project was just wonderful. A way to give the fans exactly what they want and a way to show the executives that fans do have power. I decided to pledge. I bought the first season soon after. I'd have to watch the series before seeing the movie. Fast forward about a year and I hadn't gotten around to watching yet. The movie had just come out and I was very interested in watching. I finally started the show and....whoa! I was hooked. My brother and I spent the next two week marathoning. Between two jobs and other life responsibilities I somehow managed to watch all three seasons in less than two weeks. Whenever I was home I had to watch more Veronica Mars. I fell in love with characters especially Veronica and Logan. Finally tonight I got to watch my digital download of the film. Wow. It was one of the most fun and satisfying viewing experiences of my life. It seemed to be everything a fan could want. Seeing so many characters pop up was great. Another intriguing mystery. The core characters we love. Logan being Logan. Great stuff. I plan to head into Manhattan with some friends this weekend to see the film in a theatre. It's an experience I need to have before it's too late. All in all I'm just very happy with the film. Thank you so much for delivering on everything that was promised and giving a truly wonderful movie for fans. I took a chance backing this film and boy was it worth it. Again thank you. You now have a new fan for life. Here's hoping you all can do another. I know I'd back a sequel.

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      Kathleen Wilens on

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the movie and totally exceeded my expectations! (not that I had any low expectations....) Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just saw it over this past weekend for the first time. I purchased 8 (the max allowed) tickets online for the midnight "opening" night showing at a theatre that was 2 hours away in Emeryville, San Fran Bay area so the whole family could go. We had an unexpected illness in our extended family and a few other things that popped up workwise, so we were unable to go. I gave away the tickets to my daughter's college friends (they were ecstatic) I received my copy of the movie on Friday, but was determined to go to the theater to see it first. Also, I was still re-watching the 3 season and figured I had waited this long... so finish it first. Between work and other family commitments finally finished and planned to go yesterday with my daughter. We LOVED LOVED LOVED it and felt it embodied everything "Veronica". I am not really sure how you do it - provide the expected, unexpectedly, and in a way that we can accept. (mmmm does that sound right?) We laughed, cried, were scared, laughed again (oh Dick...can't get enough of him..), were moved, and again wish we could live the life of a "PI" like Veronica. We were intoxicated, and like the marshmallows we are, an "addict" as well.

      First of all, I am a 57 year old mom. I started to watch Veronica Mars because my daughters, who were in high school at the time, watched VM. These days, as parents were are always looking for ways to connect with our kids. I have 3 daughters, and a few "adopted" ones as well. One of my daughter's best friends, was at the house, invited me to watch with them, and I was hooked on just one episode. She dropped off Season 1 DVDs for me to catch up and the rest is history. When I heard about the Kickstarter campaign, I dove in right away, although at just a $35 level due to budget constraints at the time - but elated to hear when you had met and exceeded the goal. I have followed you and read every word on your Updates and thoroughly impressed at the ability for your team to provide everything you promised. I am sure you had a few hitches, but as a backer and part of the process, I am in awe of the dedication and devotion to your fans.

      Now on to the "Thousand Dollar Tan Line" to get my next Veronica my daughters are already begging me to read and pass on. I guess I will just have to order them their own copies...

      Thanks again and continued success with all VM projects! This junkie can't wait for the next one.....

    5. Stefanie Painter on

      First of all, THANK YOU for making a great movie!

      It’s been a cool experience over the past year to see just how much y’all love the show, too. I’ve been a fan of other shows, but none nearly so much as Veronica Mars and I’ve never seen a cast that showed such genuine passion when talking about a project they were a part of. That’s definitely been one of the best aspects of this whole fan experience.

      So before I get to what I thought of the movie I have to take this opportunity to share a bit of my fan experience over the years. Will I sound like a douche for throwing this in? Ah shoot, I’ll do it anyway! I’ve been a fan since the beginning! The year the show started coincided with my first semester away at college. I remember seeing the show advertised on UPN and being surprised because it totally didn’t seem like a UPN show. So I tuned in and was hooked! I didn’t have cable in my dorm room so I’d have to wait till the weekends when I made the trek back home to watch that week’s episode. Her wit and snarky comments made my shy and reserved teenaged-self wish I was a bit more assertive. Way back in ’06, I even took the first season DVDs with me while I was studying abroad in Italy and after talking the show up so much, some of my roommates finally caved and watched a few episodes with me. Then, of course, they were hooked!

      Because of Veronica Mars I was introduced to the whole “shipping” craze. It was the first show that I ever really followed online and during the first season, I started visiting fan forums to find out what theories were floating around as to the whodunit and to find out if anyone else was loving the, ahem, LoVe.

      When I found out about the Kickstarter campaign, I wouldn’t shut up about it for about the next week or so. I was religiously watching the numbers that first day and, like so many, was astonished at how fast the total rose. I kept saying, “I can’t believe it’s real. I cannot believe it’s actually happening!” I was on a high the rest of that day and could not stop smiling. I know my family had to be sick of hearing me go and on about, “Oh my gosh! They’re up to x-amount or that amount!”

      I went to the fan event in Atlanta and knew it was going to be full of the best people to see it with: fellow Marshmallows. I’ve been to other fan things for other fandoms but this one was different. There was a lightness in the air at the fan event. Everyone was smiling and you could tell they were all just so excited to be there and to finally see the movie. I’m pretty sure 90% of the people there were decked out in their VMars Kickstarter or Café Press gear. (I saw a lot of Team Logan shirts that night.) Afterward I overheard some people (who didn’t even know each other!) geeking out about various details and minutiae from the movie that aligned with the show. It was fun to experience the movie with so many people who knew the show so well because we were all laughing at the in-jokes and getting excited when favorite characters showed up—Corny’s appearance was a pleasant surprise! My sisters, even though they’d never watched the show, went to the fan event with me and at the end of the night guess what they were both saying? “I want to watch the show!” And I was like, “Told you so!” Now the DVD sets, which I have had for years, are being watched by a newer generation of VM fans. One of my sisters is currently making her way through her first viewing of the series and I’m a bit jealous of that because I wish I could go back and experience the show for the first time again!

      As for the movie itself, I tried to have no expectations as to what the plot or outcome would or should be because I really wanted to just enjoy the moment. To enjoy that Veronica Mars was back. I didn't even watch the trailer because I wanted to be as surprised as I could while watching the movie. I want to thank you for bringing this character back. For bringing so many Neptune characters back. Cliff, Vinnie, Mac, Piz, Wallace, Celeste (!), Madison (terrible though she is, she is fun to watch!) etc..etc…The great relationship between Veronica and her dad was still there. The comment Veronica made about Deputy Sacks ‘stache…so good, you guys. So good. And it was so sad to see him go. The magical chemistry between Logan and Veronica was there—my mind was blown when he showed up in military uniform at the airport. Whaaaaa? Veronica’s reaction to his appearance was priceless. Seven years ago, I would have been adamant that Veronica and Logan end up together in the movie, but now that I’m older and wiser (LOL) I’m just so happy that VM is back and because of that all the LoVe action (“Come back to me.” *sigh*) became the wonderful cherry on top of an already spectacular movie.

      The reunion scenes were a gold mine of wonderful, quintessential VM moments. From Madison’s awards prank to the brawl that resulted. (The fight scenes on the show were always some of the best I’d ever seen on TV.) Pure, pure VM goodness. It was great seeing where the characters were after 10 years. How some had matured and become levelheaded (Logan!!) and others had stayed the same (Dick…smh). I think it’s entirely fitting that Veronica ends up working at Mars Investigations again. And oh my gosh, I love, love, love that Mac is working with her. I always liked their friendship on the show.

      While watching the movie, I kept being surprised by how fan-friendly it was. I knew from interviews, that you had said you wanted to make the movie for the fans, but until I was actually in the theatre watching it I’d had no idea just how serious y’all were about that. It was awesome. While it was a movie –for- the fans, you weren’t pandering to us. There was a good balance between the need to get the uninitiated up to speed and the throwback moments for those in the know.

      Thank you, Rob Thomas, for not tying the series up with a neat little bow seven years ago even though cancellation was on the horizon. All those unanswered questions we were left with only caused the fans to grow more determined to see Veronica Mars make a comeback. And in this movie she was, without doubt, better than ever.

      Y’all done good.

    6. Missing avatar

      Karen Divorty on

      Hi Rob,

      I love your voice and have been a fan for a long time, since your Cupid days. I've thought a lot about the Veronica Mars movie in the last few weeks. Whether I believe the movie is good or bad, I'm glad it exists. At the time I watched it, I enjoyed it. However, I think perhaps my enjoyment came out of being a fan of the show and desire for nostalgia. I decided to get a second opinion, so I started texting a friend of mine about it and we both realized through the course of our conversation that there was a lot of little things we felt didn't work.

      This movie is generally for the fans, but is trying to be for the casual viewer too. Now I understand why you are trying to appeal to both, but I think that is where the movie fails. The prologue was glossy and cool, I loved the way it flowed and the music gave me goosebumps, but it was unnecessary and just felt like you were cheating the story.
      Always the great character, Veronica is of course central in the story, but almost every other character feels like a cameo. Well with the exception of Dick, but even he is more developed than Logan, who I felt got a short thrift. Another thing, as a fan I understand Veronica’s relationship with Logan, but to the casual viewer, they have no idea nor do they care, as they only care what you show them. There wasn’t enough Veronica and Logan. Out of context, the fact that she would break up with Piz and then go directly to bed with Logan seems more like a plot convince.

      Again, I’m glad there is a Veronica Mars film and I’d gladly part with money again to have you make another one, but I honestly believe that your storytelling style is better suited to a TV show. There is so much scope to Veronica Mars that is utterly lost in a movie…. I’d love to see you do a limited Netflix series or something.

      Hope my opinion wasn’t too harsh. I know a lot of fans are saying how much they loved it...Perhaps I am too much of a critic. Thanks for bringing Veronica Mars back, it reminds me of how much I’ve missed watching her. All the best Rob!

    7. Emma Cairo on

      I am so stoked about the movie but now I want more! Please make a sequel or bring the tv show back!!! Thanks, Rob & team.

    8. Missing avatar

      Maria Spore on

      Watched the digital download the night it came out. Went to the movies to see it with fellow VM lovers the other night. LoVe prevails! Totally worth the wait! Great script, great acting!

      It was a great movie! Glad to see so many VM characters. Wish it could have been a longer movie. I cannot wait for more VM movies & books!

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew Elm on

      The Veronica Mars movie was absolutely amazing! Rob Thomas you did not disappoint, you are such an amazing writer! It was everything I expected and more!
      I think we should do a kickstarter campaigne to bring the TV series back! I don't know how this kind of thing works with networks in terms of funding but if there was financial aid from the fan base would that make it easier to get the show picked up again? Furthermore, I'm sure after the movie the quantity of fellow marshmallows could only go UP! I already have numerous friends that are watching the series for the first time now specifically because of the movie, so I can only imagine how the number of Veronica Mars followers is going to go up in the coming weeks!!! Let's bring the show back!!!! Marshmallows unite!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Max Hilzensauer on

      I just wached the movie for a second time. And it was way better than the first time. Although I would consider myself as a marshmallow, i didn't get everything at first. I'm so happy that the movie exists and that it's so good. Thank you! :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Audrey on

      Please bring it to St. Louis!

    12. Russell B Brown on

      I got to go to the NY screening on March 10th--my friend and I (both fans since day 1) thoroughly enjoyed it. So what did I do this past Wednesday? Went to see it with another friend. And I enjoyed it just as much!

    13. Mary L Budres on

      @Lawrance Lee - Yes, the soundtrack is AMAZING! Listening to it right now. The new version of "We Used To Be Friends" sets such a great tone for the new version of where everyone's lives are at now in the movie. Thanks for the Vudu tip, too...I had no idea that would work and now I've got it all set up.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kristen Wuillemin on

      Rob and team, I just watched the movie. I can't tell you how happy this makes me! Such a great job, I'm so happy that we got a chance to bring Veronica back and thanks so much for taking us on the journey with you. I'm excited that there is more to come in the Veronica Mars world, and am optimistic that this can change the way movies and tv are made! I laughed, I cried, I cheered - I'm grinning widely and almost too excited to sleep. Thank you!

    15. Missing avatar

      Ronald Currier on

      Just returned from seeing VM at the AMC here in San Diego. Maybe a dozen people in the theater (on a Thursday night), most if not all were fans. We all laughed in the right spots and cried in the right spots. There was applause at the end. Not sure you can ask for much more than that. All in all, the movie did the VM legacy proud.

    16. John Young on

      I thought the movie was amazing!!! I watched the digital download the day it came out and would happily pay to see it in the theaters ... if the nearest one wasn't several hundred miles away. I love Vmars but that's a bit of a hike. I thought the movie did a great job of recapturing the spirit if the series, how some characters stayed the same *cough* Dick *cough* but how others changed and grew like Mac & Wallace. You exceeded my expectations and I consider my kickstarter money, money well spent.

    17. Missing avatar

      Laura Fitzpatrick on

      I already had really high hopes for the movie and it surpassed all of my expectations. I saw it on opening day in a theater clearly full of other big VMars fans and it was amazing. Thank you for making this happen!

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas B. Haughey on

      I'm still waiting on information on how to download the script PDF. Can anyone help me with that? I saw a notice a day and a half ago that all the links had been downloaded, but I didn't get one. I followed the instructions to request a second email of the information, but that didn't produce any results. It's not in my mailbox, spam, or trash. I'd appreciate any help anyone can give.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kelly Macdonald Furgal on

      The movie was worth the 7 year wait. And I think that is exactly what Rob wanted to give us. I gathered twenty friends and co-workers, most of whom had watched the show, but also recruited some newbies, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. I really hope there is a Netflix series. I love how everyone's personalities translated years only criticism is that while I know Logan was on trial for murder, it would have been nice to have a few more smiles and sarcastic quips from his character. That is what we love most about Logan (other than how much he loves Veronica). Hopefully now that he is proven innocent, the sequel will showcase the Logan we know and love. I also loved the lines at the end #EpicLoVe!!! SO happy :)
      Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Rob, Kristin and the cast: you guys are amazing! Can't wait to see what's next!

    20. Missing avatar

      Péter Hollenczer on

      The movie was everything we wanted it to be and I can't thank enough everyone, the other backers, the cast and crew and anyone who was even a tiny bit involved with the movie.
      Having the high school reunion was a brilliant idea to bring back so many characters, we missed during the past years. It's unfortunate that some characters had only a few lines but it's understandable that 107 minutes didn't allow them more time.
      Hopefully Warner Brothers will be smart enough to give money to many more movies but they should let Rob do the writing and give as less suggestions as possible. But it would be good if after a few movies there would be still some characters alive. I'm especially sad about the third death, I wish we could have seen more of him later.
      I also want to congratulate on the box office numbers, the average numbers are really good. I hope the movie sells well online too.

    21. Lawrance Lee on

      no one has commented about it, but loved the soundtrack. been listening to it every day. if you get the cd from amazon, it comes with the mp3 version too with a bonus track by Max called Mug Shot.

    22. Lawrance Lee on

      for those who wants to see the movie in HD or on tv, get yourself a free vudu account and linked it to flixster/ultraviolet and the movie will show up in vudu.

    23. Lawrance Lee on

      watch it the first day after I got off work. I had problems playing flixster through my tv, but I got to watch it when I switch to using vudu. if you link flixster, vudu, or target ticket with ultraviolet, then you'll get the movies in each of those services. watched the movie in HD. absolutely love it. as usual, lots of unanswered questions. hoped some will be answered in the books or a sequel. what sucks is all these torrent users bragging how their illegal copy is in HD and they don't had to pay anything for it on the comments of sites like darkhorizons, aintitcoolnews and yahoo.

    24. Lawrance Lee on

      @David, if you have vudu, you can download it HDX.

    25. Missing avatar

      Thomas B. Haughey on

      I just ordered a spare BluRay of the movie from Warner Brothers to give my brother and noticed that they have already steeply discounted the pre orders. As nice as that was for me, however, I couldn't help but think what that means to reaching Rob's magic number that will jump start a sequel. I also noticed that Dish Network is now offering the Veronica Mars Movie on Pay Per View. When movies are on Pay Per View it is the policy of most theater chains not to show that movie. That means it's unlikely WB will expand the number of theaters. I very much want to take my family to a local theater to see the movie and can't travel nearly four hundred miles to do so. Warner Brothers needs to find out how many Veronica Mars fans there are, and the brass won't find out unless the number of theaters increases. IT LOOKS LIKE THE MOVIE WON'T GO INTO TWO THOUSAND THEATERS UNLESS IT WINS AN ACADEMY AWARD EARLY NEXT YEAR. MARSH MELLOWS, IT'S TIME TO GET THAT CAMPAIGN STARTED.

    26. Mikhail Aristov on

      Just wanted to pop in and say that I finally found a way to watch the movie. :) I am happy about it. ^^

    27. Tracy D on

      Veronica Mars was the show my mom and I watched together while I was in college. We'd call each other up after the show or I would come home to watch it on the weekend with her. We'd talk about what we thought would happen. It was the show that made us connect when I was an adult.

      I backed the campaign for a free dvd and digital copy, but my mom and I couldn't resist seeing it on the big screen. I took Friday off of work and traveled two hours to go see the movie with my Mom. We were a bit surprised when we got there - we saw a 10:40 AM showing and there were about 100 people in theater. There were others in the theater with their kickstarter t-shirts on too, which was fun to see as well.

      Of course, we loved it. My mom even told me when I get it on DVD I should come back so we could watch it again together. Thanks for a fantastic movie and we both have our fingers crossed for a sequel!

    28. Missing avatar

      bklyngal56 on

      Hi Rob and the VM gang,

      First things first, I just wanted to say I enjoyed the film, and it was interesting to see where everyone ended up. I wasn't always happy with the outcome, but I think that's part of what makes the show true to life.

      Second, I just wanted to say that one of the reasons I loved the show so much was because it gave us a strong, independent, fully drawn female character in the form of Veronica. She was at turns funny, sensitive, earnest, sarcastic, sweet, or even sometimes vicious. She wasn't always nice but she was always interesting; this made her more like a real person than simply a character. The charm in Veronica Mars lies in the times when she goes toe-to-toe with other characters, challenging them with her wits and quips. You've been able to wonderfully transition her personality to adulthood, and I'm glad we got to see that in the film. Her snarkiness, her directness, is still intact even though she's become an adult.

      But now here comes my substantive criticism of the film... while you've been able to transition Veronica into adulthood to great effect, the same cannot be said for Logan, who once had equally as sparkling wit but somehow has become extremely somber. One of my issues with the film (and this was also one of my issues with season 3 of the series) was that Logan's personality seems to be completely subsumed as soon as he's in a relationship with Veronica. It seems as if he loses all aspects of his personality except the dour, brooding ones if he's not the "obligatory psychotic jackass". I know part of this is because he's supposed to have grown up now and gotten his life together, and of course, he's also a murder suspect in the film. But isn't it possible to have him maintain some of the "quippiness" he had in the series without being a complete "psychotic jackass"? I don't think those aspects of his personality have to be mutually exclusive. And I'm not saying that Veronica and Logan should break up either -- I think LoVe is one of the bedrocks of the VM universe -- I'm just saying, could there be a way to let the Logan of season 1 and 2 shine through a little? He was played so wittily and with such joie de vivre by Jason Dohring once upon a time, but now all he seems to do is sulk. I would love to see him be more than just the love interest and (admittedly) pretty accessory for Veronica. The voicemail at the end of the film was a nice touch and harkened back to the Logan we all love, but tonally I found it a little jarring considering how dour he was for most of the film.

      All that being said, I will still gladly support any future iterations of VM -- be it more films or a TV series or mini-series, or whatever new-fangled method of delivery technology brings us next.

    29. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    30. leigh nygren on

      i loved the movie so much. it was everything i thought of and more. going to buy it soon. also hoping for a sequel or even for the series to come back! I would even send more money if it meant more VM! =]

    31. Ivan Askwith Collaborator on

      @David - if you email OUR Customer Support team (not Flixster's), they should be able to help resolve that for you -- And if you can't get Flixster to work in HD, or would feel better about getting it through another service that you already use, they can help you do that at no additional cost.

    32. David LaRoss on

      So I've had no problems getting my copy of the movie to play through Flixster, which is nice given the horror stories I've heard from others. it really SD-only? I can't find any option to download an HD version.

    33. jacob moon on

      Saw it tonight with my wife and I loved every second of this movie. It exceeded my expectations of what it could be, and I thought everyone in it did a phenomenal job. Kristen looks gorgeous and is hilarious and believable throughout. The story was compelling and clever. The music was perfect. You guys knocked it outta the park for this grateful backer!

    34. Jennifer Daley on

      I just wanted to say thank you! I absolutely loved the movie and can't wait for the books and am hoping for either a Netflix series or a sequel! I cannot get enough VM! It was exactly what I wanted and provided me with closure after a disappointing cancellation all those years ago. THANK YOU!!!

    35. alice on

      Loved the movie and can't wait to read the first (hopefully) book. :) Keep up the good work, Mr. Thomas!

    36. Missing avatar

      Carly on

      First off, LoVed the movie! Saw it opening night and downloaded it because i headed back to school and they don't have an amc near me...Long story short I have watched it 6 times. (Obsessive much lol) Anyway I just looked at the box office and it finally just hit 2 million as of yesterday. I know it is highly unlikely their will be a sequel. But Rob said there is a secret number. I think all of us fans just pick a day this weekend and bombard the theater and make at least 1 million. Us marshmallows NEVER back down! =D. Just an idea. Idk about you guys but this movie was def bittersweet. I mean yea it was amazing. But now I want MORE!!!

    37. Ivan Askwith Collaborator on

      @Joey -- sounds like Customer Support it still trying to keep up with all of the requests. If you want to email me at, I'll follow up on it myself, and do what I can to get you a faster response!

      @Vicki: all script PDFs were sent out, so if you haven't received yours, it could be trapped in a spam filter OR it could be that we didn't have the right email address to send it to. Can you email to let us know where you'd like it re-sent? I'll follow up ASAP.

    38. JoeyN on

      still waiting for a reply to the e-mail from days ago.

    39. Vicki Cicolari on

      Has anyone received their PDF of the script yet? Just wondering I realize there are problems with the downloading and that takes a higher urgency.

    40. Michael Matzat on

      Have not gotten a reply yet on how to get the movie in germany. Any help?

    41. Missing avatar

      Lanna on

      I think the movie was awesome! Very very well done. I went to the theater the first two times I saw it, but when I downloaded it online I didn't have any trouble at all with Flixster. I mean, obviously a lot of other people had problems and I feel bad for them, but Flixster has been working well for me, so I just wanted to leave one good review for it.

    42. Shannon Tierney on

      I was actually not that happy with the movie. I left the theater feeling really not a whole lot of emotion about it one way or the other. There were a lot of points that I enjoyed. However, I was disappointed with how little we saw of Mac and Wallace, not to mention all the focus on Logan. Logan came off as even more boring than I found him to be in the show. As I always suspected, one you take away his psychotic side, there is not a whole lot left. I would love to see better character development for some of her friends, as we saw in the show, and focus less on love interests. Veronica is best when she is not pining after some guy. Although I thought maybe Veronica has grown up a bit, it made me really sad to see her throw away a good future. Why did she even bother going to law school? Very depressed that she has not changed at all for the better, but seems to be in a state of selfish arrested development. Dick was the most entertaining part of the movie for me.

    43. Missing avatar

      Lynn Snyder on

      The movie was GOOD! I want to see a longer director's cut. It felt like some important pieces were missing.

      Does anyone else think it was a bleak night for Team Piz?

    44. Julia Andersen on

      I loved the movie. It was so fun seeing it with fellow marshmallows, too! Every time an old favorite showed up there was cheering. I will have to watch it again for content cuz I was just so excited that she was back! Thank you so much, and thank you for letting us have a chance to help put Veronica back where she belongs :D

    45. Missing avatar

      Thusitha Gunasekara on

      It has been such a long and wonderful journey from when the news of this film broke and the kickstarter was started, and through it all, the updates made me feel as though I had really contributed, even if it wasn't much in the scale of things. I had so much fun along the way.
      I was worried that, after the build up and the hype, that the movie might fall a little bit short, but as I saw the familiar faces of the cast, I felt just like I did when I watched Veronica Mars on TV all those years ago, and I knew that I was in safe hands. I was gripped, right from the start, and all the sparkle and wit from the show was beautifully transferred onto the big screen.
      I am so glad that I was able to help and be a part of this incredible journey and I'll cherish the rewards that I received. Thank you so much to all of you, from Mr Thomas and Mr Bell, to my fellow backers, for bringing Veronica Mars back.

    46. Maile Walker on

      First of all, I loved the movie. LOVED!

      I wore my Kickstarter t-shirt and received so many comments from fellow backers. Everyone was so proud and so excited. We were all in this together, and it was an amazing feeling. I will be going back this weekend, wearing my Team Logan shirt. My boyfriend, who hasn't seen the movie yet (out of town and promised to wait for me) will be wearing his Team Piz shirt.

      I also wanted to ask who should I comment to discuss my Flixster issues. I've written to Warner Brothers, and have yet to hear back. I'm still unable to download my movie and have, sadly, only watched it once.

      I do want a copy of my movie, but more importantly, I wanted to express my thanks to everyone involved in the product. The cast, the crew - this truly came across as a labor of love, and as a longtime lover of this franchise, it was spectacular. Thank you for letting Veronica's story continue.

    47. Brian on

      Ok, so since I want the movie through Amazon what they said they would do is give me $10 back - but the movie cost $20 through Amazon streaming. Since I want it through Amazon, I guess I'll take that route, but it still irks me.

    48. Missing avatar

      Beatrice Chavarria on

      Rob and co.: first of all, thank you, thank you, thank you :D you guys totally delivered, I for one, am one happy backer and I'm just sorry I couldn't post any feedback sooner.
      I think I was among the first group to receive the download instructions and from reading the first comments, well, it seemed like you had sent us a cam version of the movie.
      Needless to say, once I saw the movie, the only inconvenient I encountered was being unable to get it to play fullscreen without the progress bar, so no biggie so I decided the people complaining about picture quality had either (a) planned to host a VM screening party with friends and family (b) are people who only watch bluerays and watch movies on high def screens (like my brothers)...

      As for the movie: I watched it with my husband, and once I was at leisure to do so, immediately proceeded to rewatch it, which is always a good sign. I liked it more the second time, in fact and was happy to catch many things I didn't catch the first time round ("exposition boulevard" tee-heee-hee, you crack me up...), there are still many things I know I didn't get and I expect the screenplay will come in handy for that.
      I appreciate how you structured one story in a more complex mystery and dealt with a sideline story, the whole thing progressed smoothly and was up to par with a story you might have told in one season or 10 episodes, and you did great IMO... Loved ALL the cameos, I wanted more time for Mac, Weevil, Corny, even Mr. Clemmons, Leo, Cliffy and VINNIE... of course, the list could go on and on...and there simply wasn't enough time, we get it ;)
      Ruby Jetson was awesome, kudos for an inspired casting (I was initially lukewarm toward Gaby Horfman, but she sure proved me all kinds of wrong), she was kooky and hilarious :)
      Most importantly, the movie left me aching for more Veronica Mars, like WAY more. For once in my life I'm looking forward to the release of an AUDIO book (gotta have the hallmark Veronica/KB voiceover), so good job all and all.
      You will let us know how the movie is doing, right? Please put 3 books and 3 movies (or you could emulate Sherlock's 3 episodes per season format) to my wishlist... and to think it's possible, not just fandom's wishfulthinking anymore... Yay :D

    49. Missing avatar

      Adrienne Sanchez on

      I saw the movie this weekend and I was not disappointed! The movie was done in true Veronica Mars fashion. Everyone did such a great job.

    50. Missing avatar

      Maria Zervos on

      I watched the movie on Sunday (with my sister, we're both big VM fans) and loved it. It was just like watching the show and I mean that as the highest compiment! I declare my kickstarter investment a full success. I can't wait to read the books- I now want more Veronica!