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UPDATED: This is it. We're making a Veronica Mars movie! Now the only question is: how big can we make it? We need your help!
91,585 backers pledged $5,702,153 to help bring this project to life.
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      Ginger L Johnson on

      It took me until the last day, well last few hours, but I made it. Just had to wait for payday.

    2. Danielle on

      3 days ago we needed 23,000 more backers, now we just need 17,000! We can definitely do this.

    3. Julia Sotelo on

      For the new kickstarter goal that Rob put up to have the most backers than any other project I noticed the current record holder (Double Fine Adventure) was up longer than a month they launched: Feb 8, 2012 and funding ended: Mar 13, 2012 so they were up for 34 days I think ours you get extended the extra 4 days so we can reach the goal!!!

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      Lee Dempsey on

      From Tim Schafer's Twitter:

      Tim Schafer ‏@TimOfLegend 18h
      "Had to back Veronica Mars to help them top DF's record # of backers. Kickstarter must groooooooooow biiiiiiiigger!"

      It seems that quite a few people here don't get the spirit of Kickstarter at all. Project creators like to see others succeed as much they have. If people are petty enough to feel insulted on behalf of someone who clearly isn't, to the point where they will reduce their pledge, then they were never a real supporter of the project in the first place.

    5. Missing avatar

      Heather Smith on

      @Eugenie Viener I was thinking that too, it would be awesome is WB matched them dollar for dollar or something like that. Don't know if it will realistically happen though

    6. Sunil Patel on

      Tim Schafer, head of Double Fine, pledged to help Rob beat his own record in the name of helping Kickstarter grow bigger.

      Your argument is invalid.

    7. Missing avatar

      Heather Smith on

      wow people. Just wow. Some the the entitled, snarky responses here are just incomprehensible. Why did you click on this project? To get a T-shirt or because you loved VM and we super excited that-what?!-a movie was being made! How many hours of entertainment did the show give you?

      To all the people with their egos in check - let's make this happen!! :-)

    8. Missing avatar

      Steven Lee on

      Breaking the record would be good publicity for the movie, so let's try and make it happen.

    9. Missing avatar

      julie white eklund on

      I am not sure why some people are upset at the idea of offering a $1 pledge. I have browsed through a number of Kickstarter projects and funded a couple - almost every one that I saw had a $1 "support the project and get our thanks" non-reward tier. So it certainly seems to be a common option. And not only will a bigger budget mean a bigger movie, but having a great number of backers is something they can tout to potential investors. Having this available has made it possible for a couple of my friends to get involved, so it seems like a win/win.

    10. Missing avatar

      Elisabeth Holzleithner on

      mnihil, maybe you should have a look at the conversation that has taken place. and think again before you call what they did "petty". they are trying to raise as much money as possible. they are trying to make it possible for as many people as possible to be part of the community. why should this compromise the idea of kickstarter? i for one hope that many more people will join!

    11. Missing avatar

      mnanonymous on

      I'm reducing my pledge, or backing out (pun intended).
      A $1 pledge just to one-up Double Fine is not merely petty, it compromises the idea of a Kickstarter community, which is, if you paid attention, a pretty big deal. These guys rally each other to raise money for your cause. If you add $1 pledges as an entry to that community, that truly diminishes the spirit.

    12. Kelley Spada on

      POST THIS UPDATE ON THE OFFICIAL VM FACEBOOK. There are 315,000 people there.

    13. Charlotte on

      Guys if you read the FAQ for this they've made it clear a digital only tier is not going to happen...Kickstarter restricts the number of non-physical rewards so I don't think they'd let it happen

    14. Missing avatar

      Yulia Ermolaeva on

      It's only 9 days to go and I'm losing my hope you'll get Russia included. I will not cancel my pledge if you don't do it, obviously, but I'd really like to get if not all the rewards listed but just the digital copy of the movie. I know, I know, it's not easy to make it happen but I still hope you'll work it out somehow. This whole thing makes me extremely happy and sad at the same time.

    15. Jaclyn Watson on

      Did my part and made a post on Tumblr. Marshmallows shall unite once again. XD

    16. E.A.V. on

      If this shows enough support, is the company who owns the rights going to match the funds raised here or help with distribution and marketing costs in any way? I think it would be awesome if we could reach a goal of x number of supporters or x number of dollars, and then they would kick in some $$ too!

      To make a more modern movie! To advertise it further to more people! To bring Veronica Mars to the untold masses of people who would love it, but just didn't know it existed like I didn't until last year!

    17. Ran on

      If they raise $228 million in the next 10 days, they bettermake like another 10 seasons of the show instead.

    18. Paul S. Enns on

      I forgot that I participated in a project that did get a higher percentage of funding. Rebuilding EN World asked for £300 and got £53,786 for a funding percentage of 17,929%. But I still don't know if that was the highest percentage funded. *shrug*

    19. Paul S. Enns on

      Just more backers? How about becoming the second ($8,596,474) or even first ($10,266845) in total funding? I don't think we're going to make highest percentage of funding (11,430%, unless there's a project that funded higher and didn't make at least $2,405,511). That would require over $228 million…

      BTW, we are already the third most funded, beating Project Eternity at $3,986,929.

    20. Dusty Chalk on

      Yeah, look up "stretch goals". You make 87,143 backers and..."Boobs in space!"...or something. Or at least one super-slow-motion action shot. Or a special mystery cameo from someone famous you know.

      And that's a pretty decent recommendation actually -- there is no "digital version only" reward, you could certainly add that. $25?

    21. Victor Denisov on

      @Ludovica Orsodoro I'm not particularly worried about what rewards I'll get (movie being made is enough of a reward for me), but European premiere would definitely be nice! I'd up my pledge in an instant to get tickets to a European premiere for me and my wife, provided it would be scheduled in an accessible country like France or Germany or Switzerland (i.e., not UK :-()

    22. Bill Ames on

      Please shoot in 4k video (cameras to be loaned by Sony to help establish a potential pool for this type of media presentation. Will help sell whatever you need to play/see such very high quality video!)

    23. Missing avatar

      Melissa Ramirez on

      Come on people, we all donated to help the movie happen, right? The rewards are just a nice extra bonus...we should be grateful that the movie has gotten this far! :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Steven Lee on

      @Ludovica Ha ha! Very true. But compared to the amount of people who used to watch the show, this is a poor turn out. They need to add new rewards if they wanna break the record, and get more than five million. Digital version of the movie ONLY Rob, are you listening?

    25. Missing avatar

      Steven Lee on

      Ha ha! True! But compared to the amount of people who used to watch the show, this is a poor turn out. They need to add new rewards if they wanna break the record, break five million. Digital version of the movie ONLY Rob, are you listening?

    26. Ludovica Orsodoro on

      @Steven, I know, (or at least I know it in some rational - not fangirl- way. But it would be great, right? Premiere in London. Aaaah. A reason to go to London.
      You're right with the digital version only and I really really do think that many people more would pledge if they saw a reason to do so. They are 2 million past the goal, so why bother?

    27. Missing avatar

      Steven Lee on

      @ Ludovica More rewards and better reasons is a good idea, but realistically a European / Australian premiere isn't gonna happen, it would cost too much to fly everyone over there. I would like to see a digital version of the movie option for $15. That would make sense. It would mean less postage for them.

    28. Missing avatar

      David Kimball on

      Sorry Rob, but I proudly backed the Double Fine Adventure as well as the Veronica Mars movie.

    29. Ludovica Orsodoro on

      Ok, so this "give us money so we win a record" is kind of uninspired. I'd like to see some real reasons...5 million and we shoot in San Diego, 6 million and we send LoVe to Paris, that kind of stuff. And, while I'm at it: why why why aren't there more things to pledge to? Come on, people have given tons of ideas. European or Australian premiere (or even exclusive viewings!), mugs, credits in the movie....that is what I would spend my money on. Not "give it so we have it"

    30. Missing avatar

      Julia on

      Go to the Veronica Mars Youtube page. There have been multiple "WE DID IT!" videos posted.

    31. Missing avatar

      Steven Lee on

      I don't see anything wrong with asking for this amount. I will upgrade to the $35 when I get some cash (two days before it ends.) To be honest, I'm shocked more people haven't pledged. 2.5 million watched the show, and we only have 60 thousand plus backers! Come on guys, support the movie!

    32. Geoff May on

      Get people donating! It's all in good fun. 22,000 backers at $1 is nothing in the grand scheme, that pledge level at this point is just about gaining support and attention - a good thing. And, if at some point a digital download tier is opened up, they can still have a chance to up their pledge to take advantage of it.

      Nothing's being taken from other KS's, or other creatives... no reason to get all angsty. Just more opportunity to support the project! :)

      22,000 in 10 days... hmmm

    33. Justin Schwartzkopf on

      When will you show the T-shirt design..

    34. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Gresko on

      There are a bunch of awesome videos on the Veronicamarsmovie YouTube channel!

    35. Missing avatar

      Faark on

      So you want ~1/3 more backers? Well therefore you have to do something to gather attention. You had an awesome start but since them nothing to talk about i am aware of. Not even a funny "thanks we did it" vid :(

      I'm sure you could release a lot of content at least for fans. Like stuff that happened after the series but isn't touched in the movie or [not yet released] behind the scene stuff/ background infos. Though i have to admit that news like "famous actor X will have a small appearance" will more likely result in media attention. :/

    36. Craig Riley on

      So if the rewards are not purchases, but gifts in return for support, does that mean they are exempt from customs charges and can be marked as a 'gift'.

    37. Jamie Rice on

      He did not just say, "Our love is epic." I'm freaking out!

    38. Missing avatar

      Heather Smith on

      @Peter John Varga they want to get to 5M so they can film in the same location as the series. They want more backers so they can attract media coverage and hype. 5M for an internationally released movie these days is peanuts. I wouldn't say they're being greedy.

    39. Peter John Varga on

      There is no way this is going to get 23,000 more backers. I think a more realistic target is 5 million, but even that is a stretch. Stop being so greedy.

    40. Christina G on

      Every extra dollar means a chance at a better movie, which was the whole point of this Kickstarter in the first place. So I say Good on You to RT an the gang for adding this. You Rock!

      We are all here, not for the prizes (although they are great perks too *yippee*) but to make "The Movie That May Never Have Been' a reality.

      As to the grumblers.. Why all the hate people. You are helping to Get The Movie made (holy crap), why whine so much about the 'gifts with purchase' offered, or a voiced competition incentive .. the end result is Still to make and release a Veronica Mars movie ;P

      Never forget that the more money they make, the bigger and better the movie will be. Considering this may be our ONE AND ONLY chance at a real conclusion to the VM story (outside of fan fic) we should try to go big don't you think. =D

      Seriously folks, If it weren't for this Kickstarter project Veronica Mars the Movie would still be a wish in the wind don't you think.

      Ok.. that's my long ramble for today.

      GO LoVE!! Hugs to VM fans every where!! Donate and Celebrate!

    41. William Cody Winter on

      I like Double Fine, but GO Veronica Mars :)

    42. Doug Swallow on

      Even have a new $1 tier level is good from the perspective of getting someone invested in the movie so they are part of the group hysteria -- the fan-driven publicity, and ultimately a statistic in ticket sales, if nothing else. There's no major downside to offering this.

    43. Missing avatar

      Wai-Yin on

      I see nothing wrong with wanting to have more backers than any other KS project.

      Many media articles during the first few days mentioned the fact that VM was the fastest Kickstarter project to reach $1 million and $2 million. There will probably be more articles written about this project once the drive is over. It would be good PR sound bite if this project got more backers than any other Kickstarter project.

      Plus, showing the WB that this project has many, many backers might influence how much time, effort, and money the WB spends on promoting and distributing the movie.

    44. Balabanto on

      I would like to point out that everything Rob does has to go through Warner Brothers. He can't just whip out his mighty umm...pen, and write stuff. Every pledge level has to be approved by the "Powers that Be" including Joel Silver, and worse, his attorneys. He signed that contract. The backers didn't. Give Rob a break.

    45. Mansah on

      @Horacio Rocha, I think you'll have to create separate accounts for it to work, but I think this is the only barrier....

      I'm new to kickstarter, I always assumed that people could pledge less than the $10, they just wouldn't qualify for a reward. But I'm glad to see it's becoming an official tier:) Fingers crossed it draws in more people :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Rickard Armiento on

      +1 for digital download only tier at $35 minus the precise projected cost of t-shirt + postage. (so you do not loose out if some people at $35 switches down.)

    47. Missing avatar

      Lee Dempsey on

      I can't believe people are complaining about this. It's a friendly rivalry that exists amongst all Kickstarter projects. DoubleFine do not care, they got funded and one way or another a project in the future will have more backers than that did.

      This is for fun. It's an irrelevant milestone in the larger scheme of things but something to keep people interested now the project has funded past it's goal.

      If this breaks a record before the close date, it will get more publicity. Which in turn may attract more backers. Which in turn will create a better movie. Nobody loses.

    48. Missing avatar

      Jennifer L Jackson on

      I would love to see this hit the $5 M mark, that would be fantastic. I went in and signed up for another account, that way I'm able to contribute more while still getting the reward I wanted originally.

    49. Clarissa Azevedo on

      I know that if they have more audience (quantity of people interested) is better for the range of dissemination and distribution of the film by Warner Bros.