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UPDATED: This is it. We're making a Veronica Mars movie! Now the only question is: how big can we make it? We need your help!
91,585 backers pledged $5,702,153 to help bring this project to life.

We will follow!

Posted by Rob Thomas (Creator)

We've just opened up 50 more slots at our $400 Twitter Follower level.

If you kick in $400 to the cause, we will love you so much that Kristen (@IMKristenBell) and Rob (@RobThomas) will follow you on Twitter for an entire year. You’ll also receive a signed movie poster, a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack, a digital version of the movie, the limited-edition T-shirt and a pdf of the shooting script. We'll start following you once the Kickstarter drive ends. The other goodies will show up in early 2014. Available to US and Canada backers only

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      Julie Boulos on


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      géraldine on

      I hope that we can see the film in Switzerland, because it took time for the series comes to us.
      So incredible news, i'm so excited!

    3. Hernan Garchtrom on

      Add Argentina pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!

    4. Missing avatar

      George Harris on

      To change your pledge, click the big blue "Manage Your Pledge" button just under the days to go counter.

    5. Tony Bullard on

      Easy way to get a reaction from Kristen Bell once she's following your twitter: post sloth pics.

    6. Missing avatar

      Majed on

      David, you should just be able to change your pledge by clicking the new level you want... Although I would like to see the blu ray at a cheaper level. It doesn't make sense that it's only available at $100 as it would be cheaper to back the DVD and buy the bluray seperatly down the track...

    7. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      Emily M Binder on

      I donated and love VM, but may I ask if some extras should be added to the original people who paid? Just a thought!I think i paid $75.00. I know it is not much, but.....just asking, Thanks!

    9. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      Nah, I tweet far too little for such important people to follow me, even if only for a year.
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    10. Chuck Marshall on

      Be prepared to fall in love with tech-news retweeting! ;)