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UPDATED: This is it. We're making a Veronica Mars movie! Now the only question is: how big can we make it? We need your help!
91,585 backers pledged $5,702,153 to help bring this project to life.

More Countries! More Continents!

Posted by Rob Thomas (Creator)

We are now open for business in Brazil, Mexico, Norway and Switzerland.

Our first nine reward levels are available to backers in these countries. Thank you so much for your patience. We're so happy to have you aboard.

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    1. Rodrigo Santacruz on

      Thank you for opening up Mexico! It's awesome that I'll be able to get the goodies, especially the documentary. Did you ever imagine the whole world would get together for this?

    2. Ivan Dervisevic on

      I am throwing money at the screen AND IT IS WORKING!

    3. Missing avatar

      géraldine on

      So cool that the switzerland is included!
      Thank you, i'm really happy to take part of this adventure ;-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Nina Aeschbacher on

      A big thank you from Switzerland :)!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      diana vazquez on

      So happy Mexico was included, I'm finally a pledger for this amazing project!

    6. Sae-Young Lee on

      Yes! Was hoping that you will include Switzerland! All the best for your project!

    7. Dotz Dee on

      OK, if not the Philippines, Singapore would also be great, thanks!!

    8. Dotz Dee on

      PHILIPPINES!!!!!!!! :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Wity on

      Please add Japan. Thank you.

    10. Hernan Garchtrom on

      Cool!! Now Brazil it's just some miles from Argentina :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Fanney Omarsdottir on

      Any chance of Iceland? xD (I'm not holding my breath or anything, but it'd be nice.)

    12. Moran Shimony on

      Yes - Israel! Can I get the shooting script pdf if I live in Israel? I assume it doesn't really matter since it's emailed? And also wanted to say - awesome idea! Waited for aged for a VM movie :D

    13. Lu-Marie on


      South Africa next please :)

    14. Filipe Cardoso on

      And i'm still waiting for Portugal.

    15. Tomek Jezierski on

      Still waiting for Poland :|

    16. Doug Swallow on

      Yeah, a shirtless pledge tier would be great... Logan Echolls shirtless, Dick Casablancas shirtless, and Duncan Kane shirtless!

    17. Cohen on

      Please add another "shirtless" pledge tier:
      $20 or more: just the movie-download, no physical rewards (and no international shipping costs)

    18. AriZone on

      What about Poland, ha? ;-)

    19. lkd on

      Yes, Israel, please!

    20. Aldo Muñiz on

      MEXICOOO (read that with Keith's voice in the Pilot)

    21. Nelly Aghabekyan on

      Really hoping for Armenia to get into the list, also.

    22. tetardbleu on

      I also wanted to agree with backers who suggested to talk here about the youtube/twitter etc. accounts. I'm not sure that people randomly seeing the project page realizes that even if the project is funded, the most money you get, better the film will be. I guess/hope, live youtube videos you are making regularly could help new visitors understand that. Congratulations again anyway.

    23. Missing avatar

      Natalya Glazova on

      Any chance for Russia to get bigger rewards?

    24. tetardbleu on

      you rock! Thanks i just was praying for yesterday and you maid it!

    25. theTaupe on

      Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !

    26. Curtis Hayden on

      Yeah, let's go for a three-movie series.

    27. Ominous Midnight Gatherings on

      it's so awesome that this is becoming such a global event! world united! i hope it stretches even further.

    28. Zara Pamboukhtchian on

      Thank you so much for adding Australia. Now I can (legitimately) receive my reward.

    29. Missing avatar

      Morten Martinsen on

      Oh thank you!!!!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Nicolle Van Dyke on

      I'm so excited and proud to be a part of this amazing project. Rock on Veronica!

    31. Milcia Escobar on

      Yay!!!! Thank you for adding Brazil!!!!

    32. Mari Guerra on

      YAY Brazil!!! But please add more tickets to the LA premiere!! Thanks!

    33. Missing avatar

      Cristelle Voutaz on

      Thanks for adding Switzerland!!! Just upped my pledge.

    34. Peter Banck on

      We need more insight in Sheriff Mars (Rico) so Krisannie can chillax more video of a fatherly figure who know how to banter with his offspring. He also is a charming as we elder men gets when we age with dignity *)

    35. Missing avatar

      Mellisa Carrabello on

      So excited! Thanks!!

    36. Marília Bonelli on

      Thanks from Brazil! :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Madoka Murakami on

      Japan!!!!! Please!!!!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Rachel Xi Xia Kok on

      Many thanks from Australia!! This kick starter is kickass!!

    39. Missing avatar

      Petra on

      Awesome!!! Greetings from a Swiss Marshmallow :-D

    40. Humberto Pereira Figueira on

      Thank you from Brazil !!! :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Sandra Meier on

      A huge THANK YOU!!!! from Switzerland :)

    42. Júlio César Fiuza Martins on

      I'm a Brazilian Marshmallow. I already pledge my t-shirt.

    43. Letícia Godoy on

      A big applause from Brazil!

    44. Werner Enz on

      Yes! Thank you! Upped from 20 to 185.
      Greetings from Switzerland :D

    45. Clarissa Azevedo on

      Yeahh!! Brazil zil zil!!!!!