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UPDATED: This is it. We're making a Veronica Mars movie! Now the only question is: how big can we make it? We need your help!
91,585 backers pledged $5,702,153 to help bring this project to life.

Records of note

Posted by Rob Thomas (Creator)

By the way, yesterday we set a few records.

We were the fastest Kickstarter project to hit $1M. We were the fastest Kickstarter project to hit $2M. We set the record for highest goal ever achieved. (Other KS projects have done better than us -- so far -- but none set a goal as high as our $2M goal.) We're also the largest film project in Kickstarter history.

Cannot thank everyone enough.

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    1. Felicity Stratton on

      So if we reach 4M can we have 2 movies? Just kidding! I'm really looking forward to the movie. I never gave up on the Veronica Mars movie or KB. I'm so thrilled to be a part of this. Thank you Rob Thomas and the entire VM cast and crew!

    2. Missing avatar

      BERDANEA on

      I am frech and I LOVE LOGAN, I want to see Véronica and Logan together

    3. Jon Benavides on

      UN-BE-LIEVABLE! A little over a million dollars more than when I looked yesterday! Just goes to show you that V-Mars fans are the greatest!

    4. jacob moon on

      $66 a head so far! That's a pretty decent number for any fundraising project, let alone one with 50K backers! Congrats guys! You've got my $10 from Canada...;-)

    5. Missing avatar

      Kristen Wuillemin on

      Can't wait to see it! :D Well done!!!

    6. Bryy Miller on

      Now you're the fastest to hit $3m.

    7. José L. González on

      Congrats wonderful people! Love your Dream Team and the fact that you make us all a part of it!

    8. Philip Chiu on

      KUDOS to YOU both (Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell) AND all the fans here for keeping the faith! I know that sounds so cliche but it's so true! Especially, without Rob's and Kristen's backing for this project, this Kickstarter project wouldn't have been as successful. I wish I could have donated much more. Let's break $4 Million! Eagerly waiting to finally see the closure to a truly memorable series!

    9. Ginger Manansala on

      Thank you, for not giving up on this shared dream of ours. We cannot tell you enough how much we love you and how much we value this show. <3

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthew Notley on

      Give me a sensible pledge option to just get the blu-ray with international shipping, and my pledge will go up! :)

    11. Robert Symons on

      grats, i'd donate more if you had international shipping btw

    12. Missing avatar

      Dan Walmsley on

      I am so excited but right now I am dying to hear warner bros reaction to how fast you raised the money!

    13. Greg on

      Keep the momentum going, I'd suggest explaining the costs of film production and what additional funds might be able to afford... :)

    14. Paul S. Enns on

      While I'd love to see the same thing happen to BtVS or Firefly, I long for more Babylon 5 as well. Hey, JMS?

    15. Brannon Moore on

      @ David Rodriguez: It was just a joke.

      Until — "$6 Million: Veronica picks up Mjollnir..."

    16. Missing avatar

      Kenny Horbach on

      i heard CBS is going to put Jericho the Movie on kickstarter too :)

    17. See Level Film on

      Let's see if you're the fasted project to hit 3 million! /:0) Yay!

    18. Missing avatar

      Melissa Ramirez on

      Never underestimate the power of the fans. Let this be a message to all major TV and movie producers and networks!!!!!!! :)
      $2.7 million and climbing! I predict we hit 3 mil by tonight, no problem...

    19. Erik Todd on

      So glad this is going to be made. So you and put up 20 on Cadillac Anderson impressive.

    20. CanyonVR on

      So, with this pledge, does this make me an official movie "producer"? Can I get business cards?

    21. Missing avatar

      Peter Grew on

      Congrats, I think you started a new trend in the business and it's fun to be part of it! A stretch goal that I think would please a few fans... wait for it... a season four in addition to the movie ;-)

    22. Michelle "Kenobi" Osorio on

      Congrats, Rob. You are an inspiration to me as a Kickstarter. Mine was funded at $2,035 which sure feels like small potatoes compared to your success. Still, I am really sharing in your excitement. Well done.

    23. David Rodriguez on

      Where did the 3D topic even come from? When was the last time you saw a 3D movie that wasn't an action movie or a cartoon? Unless Veronica picks up Mjolnir, I think we're safe.

    24. Meade McCoy on

      I'm going to second, third, or fourth the request for NO 3D, as it does nothing to help a story and gives people headaches.

    25. Randy W on

      A long time ago (near future)
      We used to be friends (Still are)
      I haven't thought of you lately at all (except all the time)

      Congratulations VM MARShmallows! I think if we could get enough money this movie could be a sick cross between VM and Die Hard. lol

      Also Joss Whedon Please take note. this is how your devoted fans can breath new life into awesome memories: Buffy/Angel, Firefly .

    26. Erica Friedman on

      A really great way to thank everyone would be to get that international shipping worked out. If Production IG could do it for their Kick-Heart kickstarter, so can you.

    27. rawspork on

      @Brannon Moore Best stretch goal ever. Doesn't make a ton of sense, since I assume 3-D would cost even more, but I love the sentiment. No 3-D!

    28. Baya Salmon-Hawk on

      Its fab to be part of such a project and also shows that whatever we can dream up...we can do!

    29. Missing avatar

      Peacecamper on

      Non 3D would be awesome, 2D is so much better than this 3D crap.

    30. Missing avatar

      Christine Henkel on

      I love the stretch goal with a promise of no 3-D, I guess we can't like comments here, must be patented.

    31. Brannon Moore on

      Here's a suggestion for a stretch goal: "If we get to five million, we promise NOT to make the movie in crappy 3-D."

    32. Flavie Bayrou on

      I'm in France (near Paris)
      and I contributed 10 dollars yesterday 20 dollars today by choosing the "Pledge $10 or more" option.
      I hope Ships will be open to International soon. Maybe I will give more.

      Congratulations to the team! Can't wait for the movie. :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Darren Hron on

      There is some level to which i agree that spending every cent on the movie would be awesome. However, there is something about stretch goals, to get everyone supporting the kickstarter. Can we keep getting pledges to even be able to fund the whole thing?

    34. tarasis on

      Libby I love your comment, so true. It's like in Arrow the only female character I actually like is Felicity, the only non sexpot in it (though she was glommed up last week).

    35. Peggy Goddard on

      I'm so excited! There is hope for humanity after all. Even though Veronica Mars (and Firefly - I totally agree with Erik S.) are way too intelligent for the general masses, it warms my heart that there are so many people that are so passionate about this movie!

    36. Arlene Herring on

      It's moving so fast it's scaring some people :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Phillip Vorret on

      Love VM! So the chance to see a movie is going to be awesome, and i know that you make it a good one! Can't wait for the movie!

    38. Erik Schubach on

      I'm glad this bastion of snarky dialog and witty sarcasm has re-emerged. Not many shows with this kind of intelligent humor. VM dialog ranks at the top along with Joss Whedon's Firefly.

      I mean how can you not love lines like "You are the last good person here at Neptune High. I believe cartoon birds braided your hair this morning."

    39. Brian Link on

      Excited and honored to be a part of history and a part of continuing a great story!

    40. K. Diane Bell on

      So glad I found out about the VM project in a timely manner...totally passed under my radar. Thanks to the scoop from the paidContent Daily was their lead story/email title. You should be very proud. Go Rob! Go VM! Go Austin! Hope you're surviving SXSW.

    41. ddatch54 on

      I didn't know about this until after the 2mil was already raised but I still had to contribute! Many more like me because you should hit 3mil soon!

    42. Hibiki Ryouga on

      I don't feel the need for there to be any stretch goals for this project.

      I would like to see every cent pledged, pumped into making this film as professional and perfect as can possibly be achieved. An amazing film that is known by more than just the current VM fans would be reward enough.

      That's just how I feel.

    43. Missing avatar

      Tracy Bennett on

      So excited that this is moving along so fast.

    44. Chelsea Doyle on

      Unbelievably excited about this.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mary Felando on

      I'm totally behind making VM a movie! My daughter Amy and I watched every episode together! It teaches girls all the right lessons!

    46. Sarah Beaudry on

      This is incredible!!!
      So exciting!
      I remember when my daughter was just a newborn, she would sleep in her bassinet beside my bed and I would be in my bed with VM playing on my laptop. I think I got through all the seasons within a couple of weeks!!
      Love VM and ll the characters, and I love Kristen Bell!!!!
      Great job everyone!

    47. Missing avatar

      Jamie Jimenez on

      Wow, and I was just glad to be part of the *idea* of a VM movie! Soo happy that the goal was reached!!!! Only proves how many fans are out there and that this was a show sorely missed. Hopefully this record-breaking news gets more outreach about the project and more backers!!

    48. Missing avatar

      Julie malone on

      I'M SO EXCITED!! This is amazing. I, like others, was SO SAD to see VM go! Can't wait to see this and I'm so happy for the opportunity to be a part of it!