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UPDATED: This is it. We're making a Veronica Mars movie! Now the only question is: how big can we make it? We need your help!
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More Dick!

Posted by Rob Thomas (Creator)

We are very pleased to announce that Play It Again, Dick is available for purchase on iTunes in the United States as of today! It will be ad-free, and will include about 10 extra minutes of bloopers and unused footage. The series will also be available on iTunes Canada on December 15. We’ll keep you up to date as the show becomes available on other platforms, and we still hope to have some good news for our international backers on that front before too long. 

The feedback for the web series has been overwhelmingly positive, and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s been received. On behalf of Ryan and the entire cast & crew, thank you so much (again) for your continued support. 

In related news, we’d like to share with you a very cool contest that’s being launched by our good friends at This Bar Saves Lives and CW Seed. Ryan Hansen and Ryan Devlin have shot two new hilarious introduction videos, which you can watch along with a few deleted scenes and outtakes, between Play It Again, Dick episodes at Viewers can enter to win Dick-themed prizes, such as a Skype call with Ryan Hansen, autographed PIAD posters and scripts, Ryan as Dick recording your voicemail message, a 3-month supply of This Bar Saves Lives and other great This Bar swag. It's easy to enter, so start DICKing around here:

That’s all for now – all the best to everyone for a wonderful, safe, and happy holiday season - and don't forget the second Veronica Mars novel - Mr. Kiss and Tell - comes out January 20, 2015! 

Until next time, 


"Play It Again, Dick" Launches!

Posted by Rob Thomas (Creator)

The Day of Dick has arrived! The first episode of Play It Again, Dick, is up and running on CW Seed 

AND… we’re very happy to announce that the show is also streaming in Canada on CTV Extend 

For the rest of our international backers - we are working very hard on options that will enable you to enjoy the series as well. We will update you on that front as soon as we can. 

On another note, I wanted to share with you a great project involving one of our guest stars on Play It Again, Dick, Ryan Devlin. As some of you may remember, Ryan played Mercer in Season 3 of Veronica Mars; in Play It Again, Dick, he takes on a very different role… and I think I’ll leave it at that. Ryan has started a company – with Kristen Bell and some friends – called This Bar Saves Lives. You can find out all about them here: 

The bars are all-natural and gluten-free, made from fair trade ingredients from all over America. And for every bar sold, a packet of life-saving food is given to a child in need around the world. We’re big fans of This Bar Saves Lives, Dick is a big fan of This Bar Saves Lives, and we’re ecstatic to share this wonderful cause with all of you. Ryan has been kind enough to offer 20% off orders at for our Kickstarter backers - just enter the appropriately amusing promo code: DICK

A big thanks to everyone involved in making Play It Again, Dick a reality, and a huge, eternal thanks to all of our backers for continuing to support all things Veronica Mars. It has been so much fun to be back in this world, and we would never have had the opportunity without you. Check back to CW Seed and CTV Extend each of the next seven weeks for a new episode of Play It Again, Dick



Play It Again, Dick - trailer is live!

Posted by Rob Thomas (Creator)

Well Gang, 

I wasn’t kidding – another day, another update. Just a brief one this time, to let you know where you can find the full trailer for Play It Again, Dick. Our friends at have it embedded at:

And you can look for the spot when it airs during The Vampire Diaries tonight, between 8:00 and 9:00pm (7:00-8:00 CST) on The CW!

Please feel free to spread the word, as only Marshmallows can. We’re very excited for the first episode to air on CW Seed on Tuesday, September 16… 

…and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again before then. 

Thanks again, 


Putting the Dick back in Private Dick...

Posted by Rob Thomas (Creator)


I’ve missed you. With iZombie in full swing, another Veronica Mars book in the hopper, AND the start of the college and pro football seasons, I haven’t been able to update you in awhile. You are, however, always close to my heart – and that’s why I’m so happy to share with you our next Veronica Mars-related project: Play It Again, Dick

As you may have already heard, Play It Again, Dick is a digital series that follows Ryan Hansen as he tries to get a Dick Casablancas show off the ground. As Ryan says in his pitch to the CW network: 

“It’s like a Veronica Mars that isn’t afraid of sex. Rob always called me the dessert of the show. Why not a show that’s all dessert? We drop all the who-gives-a-damn high school-is-a-metaphor-for-something-or-other and just give the people what they want: Dick!” 

And while you’ll see several familiar faces from the Veronica Mars universe, the web series isn’t what you’d call “canon.” We know how much you would love to see Veronica and friends back in another movie or a new TV series – believe me, we’d love nothing more ourselves – but in the meantime, we had an opportunity to present a different, skewed, slightly absurd take on these characters, and on the actors who play them. So we ran with it, and had a blast. We think you will too. 

The series will debut on Tuesday, September 16, on the CW Seed:

 A new episode will air each week after that – for a total of eight episodes, each about 7-10 minutes long. And, as a special treat for our Kickstarter family... here’s an advance look at the AWESOME poster:

Told you it was awesome. Here’s a direct link to the Play It Again, Dick teaser: 

And finally, here’s a link to a great behind-the-scenes article on Buzzfeed:

For our international backers, unfortunately, the CW Seed is not available outside the US. Please know that we are doing everything we can to make the series accessible to all of you as well, and we hope to have an update on that front soon. 

Thanks again (and again and again) for all the support. As Dick might say, save room for dessert! Stay tuned for more updates over the next week... 

 Until then, 


The Next Novel, The Teen Choice Awards... Plus, Our Live Event to Help Reading Rainbow!

Posted by Rob Thomas (Creator)


Once again, it’s been a while between updates. I know that it’s been a while because, since the last update, we found out that iZOMBIE was picked up as a midseason show on the CW, we staffed up the show, and we assembled a writers room which started work last week.

So, yes, a lot has been happening.

Believe it or not, we do still have another update or two to share with you after this one, but today, I just wanted to share three quick updates.

Keep reading for details about our nominations in the Teen Choice Awards, a few hints about the next Veronica Mars novel, and a new chance to see Kristen, Jason and Enrico live in Los Angeles, while helping a worthwhile cause.

1. More Voting: The 2014 Teen Choice Awards!

I’ve never been to the Teen Choice Awards, but I’m told that in some circles, they are more important than the Oscars. I suspect those are teenage circles, but as they say, “It’s an honor just to be nominated.”

And this year, we've been nominated for the Teen Choice Awards in three categories:

  • Veronica Mars for Best Movie (Drama)
  • Kristen Bell for Best Actress (Drama)
  • Jason Dohring for Best Actor (Drama)

Just like the Oscars, you can vote once per day until August 10, when the award show will be broadcast on FOX. So if you miss helping us upset the odds and win awards, vote now!

2. Veronica Mars Returns in… Mr. Kiss-And-Tell.

After the first Veronica Mars novel — The Thousand Dollar Tan Line — was released, a lot of you wrote to share your thoughts. And since the book managed to hit #2 on The New York Times Bestseller List for trade paperbacks, there were a lot of thoughts. Most of them were positive and enthusiastic.

However, we also received a number of letters that went something like this:


If you fell into that camp, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can expect a lot more Logan in Mr. Kiss-And-Tell, the follow up novel, which we’re on schedule to release late this year. It will take place a few months after the events of The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. And for those of you wondering about some of the unanswered questions raised in the movie — Who was responsible for *****’s murder? Who planted a gun on ******? — the book will also return to those questions.

You can find the full “official” description of the book on Amazon, where Mr. Kiss-And-Tell is available for preorder, and as we get closer to release, I’ll do my best to get an excerpt for you. Unless you’re tired of Veronica Mars.

In which case, you’re probably not reading these updates anymore.

3. Another chance to hang out with our cast.

Finally, if you’ve been on Kickstarter over the past month — or reading the news — you might be aware of LeVar Burton’s campaign to bring back Reading Rainbow, the long-time PBS program dedicated to helping children develop a love of reading.

Just over a year ago, during our own campaign, we set Kickstarter’s All-Time Record for Most Backers, when 91,585 of you came together to help bring Veronica back. This morning, we’re pleased to pass that title to Reading Rainbow, which has passed our record, and still has two more days to go.

In fact, we believe their mission — to bring Reading Rainbow to underfunded classrooms — is so important that we’re going to do more than just congratulate them. In their final 48 hours, we’d like to help them go farther.

That’s why we’ve decided to contribute a new reward to their Kickstarter campaign: next spring, Kristen, Enrico and Jason will join LeVar Burton for a live benefit event in Los Angeles called Reading Rainbow Live. 

(Their graphic, not ours.)
(Their graphic, not ours.)

I don’t know all of the specifics, but I do know that Kristen, Enrico and Jason will be reading children’s books to a small crowd of children and their parents. I also know that all three of them are great narrators. (In fact, you’d never know it, but Kristen does great voices. One of these days, she’ll end up as a Disney princess and we’ll never be able to afford her again.)

If you’d like to attend this one-time-only event with Kristen, Enrico, Jason and LeVar, you can get tickets now.

Even if you can’t afford the tickets, I’d still encourage you to check out their campaign, and to pledge if you can. Besides: even if you just give $1, you’ll still be able to say that you’re a backer of the two most-backed projects on Kickstarter.

Plus, the Reading Rainbow team will be GIVING AWAY 5 SETS OF TICKETS to the live event, and any Veronica Mars backer who also pledges to support Reading Rainbow — even for $1 — will be included for a chance to win.

You’ve only got until this Wednesday, July 2, at 12PM PDT.

That's all for today, but remember: we’re not done just yet.

Look for another update or two in July, gang.