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UPDATED: This is it. We're making a Veronica Mars movie! Now the only question is: how big can we make it? We need your help!
UPDATED: This is it. We're making a Veronica Mars movie! Now the only question is: how big can we make it? We need your help!
91,585 backers pledged $5,702,153 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mark L on

      I got mine a few days after I got the email notification. I suspect yours got lost in the mayhem, try contacting the support email rob gave in an earlier update.

    2. M-D November on

      I hate to be negative, because so far I think Rob & the VMM team have done a pretty good job with communication & the like, but...

      Has anyone actually received their DVD of the film?

      I got an email from back on May 6 saying 'my order had shipped', but the USPS tracking site shows the package never actually entered the USPS system, and I've heard nothing about it since. Anyone else have the same experience?

    3. Mark L on

      @Dark Stitch: That is extremely unfortunate. Given that 2 out of your 3 other comments on Kickstater seem to be of the same vein, I suggest you check your profile settings to ensure that your email address is correct. If it is correct, check your spam folder, The last update/email was on June 30th. If you find it [or any other Kickstarter email] white-list it. to prevent it from happening in the future. -- As you have not seen any email from this campaign, you would have missed the survey, which is what you needed to fill out to receive your physical rewards. Without a survey response, Rob & team would have had no way to send you stuff, And if their emails were ending up in your spam-box or otherwise blocked, they would have had no way to contact you further, either. I don't work with Rob [I'm just a backer like you] So I unfortunately cannot help you any further. I suggest you read back through the updates, there is an email address posted for support. They also gave a deadline, which may have passed already, in which case you will sadly be out of luck.

    4. Dark Stitch on

      You know... I have NOT seen a single email since I backed this project. I have NOT received a single item and am now just REALLY wondering what the heck happened? I hope someone contacts me. Thanks.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kathrina Gafycz on

      Carlos Soto mentioned an early June date, but it's now July and still no personalized videos. When will they be sent out?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Mitchell on

      I loved the movie, loved being a backer, and loved the book The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. I bought it on Kindle and audio book and have now listened to it twice. I must admit, I have yet to actually read my Kindle version because Kristen Bell did such an amazing job reading it that it's like listening to a (long) episode of the show (while I drive to and from work, etc., when I could not actually be reading, so it's convenient too). I will happily buy the next book but I also really hope you can convince her to read it again because I would buy another VM audiobook with her as reader in a heartbeat.

    7. Clare Millar on

      Thank you Rob, Kristen for allowing me the opportunity to be apart of something so awesome as the Verconia Mars movie I am very happy Aussie. If your planning on doing another kickstarter campaign please let me know I am definitely in.

    8. Laurelei Erwin on

      Hey guys! The Reading Rainbow Kickstarter has some awesome Veronica Mars rewards!

      "The VERONICA MARS + RRL Package, available NOW as a $750 REWARD, gets you three tickets to join LeVar, Kristen, Enrico and Jason in person for a few hours next spring (exact date TBD), as well as some exclusive autographed souvenirs and a DVD to keep! (Please note that this event is not scheduled to include a Meet and Greet, and does not include other rewards. If you want all of the items in the $200 reward package as well, please add $200 to your total pledge when claiming this reward!)"

    9. Rachel Hockema Haymes on

      Still hoping for one or two more updates...maybe on the future of Veronica Mars?

    10. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      The movie was really worth it and I'm glad it got made. So don't hate Veronica Mars. Actors and staff did a really good and truthful to the serie job.
      The issue is how the campaign and rewards were handled, this could've been done a lot better and there are not excuses about that.
      Unfortunately this could put in jeopardy a lot of future project because who will now trust movie projects with some major behind them?

    11. Missing avatar

      Carlos Soto on

      I emailed about the video message I'm missing and they said they would all be going out next week. I requested one from Tina, and apparently she was one of the last to record.

    12. Missing avatar

      kla. on

      Apparently I gave all of that money for the honor of having given the money, because I received exactly none of the things I was supposed to receive, and the film never showed anywhere near where I live, so I couldn't even go to see it at the theater. I don't have a ton of money lying about, and giving that much was a sacrifice. For nothing. Missed the bullcrap June 1 deadline because of family illness and work, so apparently I'm just screwed. Eff this project, and eff this disorganized team of jerkwads. Never thought anyone could make me hate Veronica Mars. Congrats, A-holes, you did it. I wish I'd never given to this rip-off campaign.

    13. Missing avatar

      Lorenda on

      Anyone still waiting on their rewards? I have a video message I'm still waiting to hear back on, and it appears they've closed up shop...what's the best way to reach support at this point?

    14. Travis Aaron Deubler on

      I think we all should fund the Reading Rainbow project it's worthy cause.

    15. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      Just got my bluray + dvd. Again, this is the work ks campain I ever backed, from the backer care point of view. Just screwed over and over. First the digital download fiasco. Then the limited post release support (really, 1 june as a limit, when you ship the dvds in may?).
      Dvd and bluray was shipped with an insufficient packaging, something noone in the business should do (a wrapper envelope with not protection). To that we could add that the dvd and bluray cases are the lightest I ever saw, you can actually feel the disc touching the cover. So obviously not suite to be shipped with a pratically not existent protection. My dvd case obviously broke, the bluray managed to stay intact.
      Damage apart, the quality of the disc itself is not that great. The menu is horrible and hard to navigate. It's not a matter of design but usability (you can hardly see what menu item you have selected due to the color choice).
      Dvd and bluray has italian cover. I'm italian but I never asket for a regional cover and I consider this an unwanted behavior. Also, the bluray doesn't have italian language in either text or audio even though the cover is in italian. I don't see the point in that. Dvd instead has both subtitles and audio in italian (we haven't had a theater release of the movie). Is it too difficult to use the same audio tracks for both dvd and bluray?
      I don't plan on watching the movie in italian, but I would like to see a little more coherence in this rewards.
      I'm glad the movie was done, but you did all in your power to do the worst possible job in fulfilling backers' rewards.

    16. CJ Johnson on

      Guys-I think Reading Rainbow is going to beat our records. But it's a very worthy project.

    17. TiMoM "TiKeY Sheriff"

      I got the replacement DVD for the one damaged in the mail. Thank you.

    18. Missing avatar

      Lis on

      I have yet to receive my refund for purchasing Veronica Mars from iTunes after having sent a copy of my receipt pursuant to their instructions over 2 months ago (March 17) nor have I received a reply for any of my emails sent to "customer support" (March 25, May 7). Now I find out they'll no longer process refunds or provide customer support after June 1st...I understand that it takes time to process refunds but it's been OVER 2 months and no reply. It's getting ridiculous.

    19. Kimberly Kaplan on

      I just received my VM T-shirt!! I love it so much~~ thank you guys for being prompt in your responses and delivering on your promises even when the error was not on your end but with the postal system. You guys ROCK.

    20. Lars Hellgren on

      Now it looks like a joke, but they havn't recieved my 4:th e-mail either :-)

      So they gave me another e-mail address to send it to.

      I hope it will work this time. ;-)

    21. Stephanie Hua on

      Hi backers :) My name is Stephanie, I'm a media student at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia and I'm writing a research paper on audience participation and its influence on media content. I have created a survey based on the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign and it would be amazing if anyone could complete it. It takes 3 minutes max and is completely anonymous. Thank you!

    22. Lars Hellgren on

      So i finaly got a answer from support.

      Just sent them a e-mail for the 4:th time, hope they get this one :-)

    23. Geoffrey Ward on

      So I just finished listening to the Audiobook version of the book (narrated by Kristen), and I really have to say I was blown away by how good it was.

    24. Lars Hellgren on

      I'm now getting a bit annoyed.

      I have written 3 times in the past 2 months and no one even bothered to give me a answer. It seems they don't give a shit now when the
      movie is out and all the money is counted.

    25. Missing avatar

      NotZippy on

      Not sure if anyone else mentioned this but netflix is now carrying the first 3 seasons of VM in Canada...

    26. Tsali on

      Still missing my BD copy of the movie. I have emailed but heard nothing. Has anyone else gotten a response if they've had trouble with a missing component from their pledge?

    27. Missing avatar

      Sarah Simpson on

      If anyone is having problems with their dvd's being sent to the wrong address, just e-mail DHL or whoever is delivering your dvd. I'm in the UK and got it redirected way quicker than trying to e-mail customer services.

    28. Chantel Addison-Matthews on

      Not happy - I have just learnt my DVD was sent to the wrong address in Australia (even though my address was changed before the T-shirts were sent out - and they were sent to my correct address).

    29. Missing avatar

      John A on

      Received my BD / DVD today! Thank you, Rob and team.

      Still can't ( legally ) get hold of the eBook / audiobook of the novel in the UK, hope that isn't an indication of the interest of that Rob now has for this project ( Rob's co-author, so he would have been party to the negotiations regarding the various releases ). Oh, well, I can only try so hard to do my part....

    30. Mark L on

      Purchase the movie on whatever service works for you, and email the receipt to

    31. Shaxs on

      Who do we email to get our digital version in a different format? I have an Amazon Fire TV and there is no VUDU/Flixster/Ultra Violet app...

    32. Missing avatar

      Alan Jones on

      Today is a great day.
      Today, the whole collection on VM is realeased in the UK for the first time, and it's arrived today, along with my Kickstarter DVD/Blu-ray, and while I'm writing this, I'm currently watching the documentary.

      Thanks to Rob, Kristen and the rest of the VM team for all their hard work, and thanks to the other 91.584 backers. We couldn't have done it without each other.

      Just one thing we all now just want to know...When do we start the sequel?

    33. Charles S on

      I'm also from Australia. I received my DVD today to finalise my involvement in this exciting venture we've all been on.
      A wonderful outcome from such dedicated fans..
      And a big thanks to Rob, Kristen and all the VMars team, we've had a ball. I know I have :)

    34. Paul MURRAY on

      I'm in the $100 tier (Australia) and received my Blu-ray/DVD 'combo' today (actually individually packaged Blu-ray & DVD, but who cares?).
      To those interested: it's the Australian retail version (has huge standard Australian rating logos), DVD specifies region 4 (bluray doesn't specify).

      Oddly, the DVD states 103min where the blu-ray states 107min; both have the kickstarter feature on (DVD says its an hour long, blu-ray doesn't specify; but it may have an additional featurette as wording is different).

      So that's me done, thanks for playing fellow kickstarter marshmallows! :-)

    35. Rebecca-Lorraine Egan on

      I received my DVD/Blu-Ray combo today and was just wondering why the bonus features from the Blu-Ray aren't included on the DVD (are they hidden?). I don't have any other issues with it, I just would have liked to have known that most of the bonus features only seem to be available on the Blu-Ray, as I don't (currently) have a Blu-Ray player. Overall I was quite pleased with the VM kickstarter (even with the problems with downloading).

    36. Aleesha on

      Hey Marshmallows! I just found a KS today for another TV show that was cancelled too soon. It ends in just 3 days and they have hit their mark for 1.5 Million already. Just thought I would put it out there

    37. Richard Strong on

      I still haven't received a pdf copy of the script despite emailing the customer service team. How difficult is it to email that bloody thing?

    38. Missing avatar

      Klaus Hoefling on

      Okay thanks, I must have missed that.

    39. Blair Mueller

      @Klaus Hoefling in update #96 is mention for Germany/Austria Customer Support will help up till Augusts 15, 2014 for DVD/Blu Ray

    40. Missing avatar

      Klaus Hoefling on

      So, if you are a backer from Germany/Austria you have to wait for July to get the DVD/Blu Ray, and if it gets lost in the mail, you are screwed because "After June 1, we won’t be able to help with unclaimed rewards, offer replacements, or issue any additional refunds" ? That does not sound good.

    41. Lars Hellgren on

      Got my Bluray/DVD combo yesterday, the only problem now is when i got my Poster most of one side was ripped. When they put the poster in the tube it was not pushed in enough so when the plastic cap was mounted it ruined the poster.

      I have e-maild customer support twice without any answer.

      So now i have a poster that i was going to frame but bacause it's ruined i will not spend the money on framing it would look terrible.

    42. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth on

      I moved during the last year and the DVD was sent to my old address. So far no luck on reaching new tenant at my old place, so I emailed customer service, but they said that couldn't find my pledge with my email. I haven't changed it since I pledged last year...anyone else having similar issue? i'm excited to get the DVD!

    43. Missing avatar

      Amy McCoy on

      Anyone know what the digital sales have amounted to yet? Just curious to know.

    44. Missing avatar

      Tim Rhone on

      Anyone in the Blu-Ray reward tier accidentally receive just the standard DVD instead?

    45. Missing avatar

      Peter Galindo

      Rob, I just received the DVD and have already gotten the rest of my pledge items, have seen the movie on the big screen and loved all of it. But I just wanted to say for someone doing their first Kickstarter project you knocked it out of the park. I have backed over 100 projects with varied results but the items aside you could give classes in cloud funding. I know a lot of people get upset with time delays but I have done enough of these to realize you just have to be patient, but what most people that create projects don't realize is that people would complain less if they just did a better job of keeping the backers in the loop. To that end NO one can complain about your communication, at just under 100 Updates (and detailed updates to boot) you have been so above board that it is amazing and unheard of. So many project creators complain about how they don't have the time to comment but I can't imagine anyone being more busy than you have been with writing a movie, directing a movie, editing a movie, writing a book (which I also bought on the kindle and audible) doing a pilot for another show. I don't know when you sleep but you still managed to run the best Kickstarter I have ever been a part of. Thank you for that and best of luck with everything else you choose to do from here on out. Do they have a Kickstarter Hall of Fame, hmm I should check into that...

    46. Leila Pichoir on

      I wanted to thank the whole team for their amazing work on this project. I received my signed poster, and couldn't be happier about it. I put it in a big frame and displayed it in the center of my living room so that my many friends can admire it and also that it makes a little more publicity for the movie. :-)
      Thanks so so much to all of you who spend many hours signing the posters for us. You made a very nice gift to us.

    47. Missing avatar

      Helena Bex on

      I received the dvd yesterday (Belgium), experienced no problems whatsoever. I too would like to add my thanks for a very well run kickstarter campaign. I am so glad I took the plunge to back it. The experience was great and the end result, the movie itself, was glorious as well. You have turned me into an even bigger Veronica Mars fan.

    48. Miriam Breslauer on

      I have received all my rewards.

    49. Missing avatar

      Mary Lou Hrvatin on

      I do not have any problems. I just want to say that I very much enjoyed this whole process. The hour long special that came with the movie DVD was very interesting and enjoyable. The movie itself was wonderful and of course made in a way that will allow more and more sequels, or a TV series, or whatever can be created. I hope to see much more of the cast of this movie picking up where the movie ended. thank you for all of your very hard work.

    50. Missing avatar

      Dimity Reeve on

      I'm in Australia and I got my shipping notice yesterday.

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