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By Martina Lepovic
€0.00 pledged of €100,000 goal


TESLA BISTROT Whoever benefit: - All the people who want to get closer to the life of the greatest inventor of all times Nikola Tesla and live it from near eating and drinking as the Genius. - Children, adolescents, students and all the people who were passionate about technology, electricity, magnetism, who want to study and play in our Tesla bistrot. - Also a part of the proceeds will be routed to the non-profit associations dealing with new technological inventions, and working on inventions of Nikola Tesla.  

Brief description of the idea: Starting from the assumption that not many people know who is Nikola Tesla, thanks to which we have electricity, internet, electric machine, mobile and many other important inventions such as radio; we have come to the idea of creating a bistro in which people will be able to know the great genius more closely. The idea is to open a Tesla Bistrot in large cities throughout the world.  

For WHAT WILL BE USED THE FUNDS: The funds that we will be used mainly to open the local attrezzarlo, with chairs, tables with coils of Tesla, kitchen, bar, books, board games, store. The idea is to create a relaxing environment, but at the same time "exciting" similar to the "workshop" of Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla has left little legacy, but plenty of books and testimonies that you can find are written in his mother tongue, we intend to translate them and make them available to all our customers that will be in our local.  

Our history… Our names are Martina and Marko, we are two students interested in everything he did Nikola Tesla, struck by his genius and his life often mysterious. For us that we are two university funds are fundamental in order to start this activity and to realize our dreams. We want to transmit the great inventions made by Tesla and create a bistro that can become a moment of sharing among all enthusiasts and who knows, perhaps only drinking a shake "magical" someone can be a flash of genius! We ask your support!! All you will be welcome in Tesla Bistrot once opened!

Risks and challenges

The risks of the project there are no, or very few are, as for example little clientele. Surely it is thought to overcome them in a future making the environment more welcoming and modern, be at the disposal of the guests.

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