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Now is your chance to help GMT bring Twilight Struggle out for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android!
6,566 backers pledged $391,047 to help bring this project to life.

Information about the codes and the Collector's Edition, plus our sincerest thanks!

Posted by GMT Games (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Here at GMT, we’re still sitting slack-jawed looking at “$225,000” in backing for this campaign! You guys are amazing! Thanks so much for your support, ideas, and encouragement.

I’m writing this week’s update primarily for three reasons: to thank you, to update you on how we’re handling the $15 Promo Code, and to give you details about the Collector’s Edition.

First, I want you guys to hear from me personally how much we appreciate your support of GMT and Playdek as we bring Twilight Struggle to digital platforms. From all of us here at GMT, thank you! You’ve really answered our call for help, and you have made all the difference in allowing our dream of playing Twilight Struggle on our computers, tablets, phones, and consoles to become a reality. You guys rock! Thank you!

Second, here’s more info on the $15 Promo Code. First off, you’re not going to have to wait until next March to get the code. Once the KS campaign ends in early July, we’ll send out a survey that will return us the details we need (like your email address) to prepare the codes. These are going to be individual, one-time use codes that get you $15 off on any in-stock item on the GMT website (not P500 items, sorry). These codes will NOT be tied to your e-mail address, though, so if you want to give the code to a friend, that’s fine. It will just only work ONE TIME. So, just depending on how long it takes to get the surveys back and do the database and code generation work on our side, we should be ready to e-mail you your code within a month or so from the time the KS closes. I hope you guys enjoy your discount, and that it’ll help you get some other cool GMT games to enjoy!

The final reason for this note, and the one I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting, is that I want to give you more details about the Collector’s Edition that we are offering to backers at the $150 tier. The background on this is that we have been evolving our vision of what this will include based on listening to your feedback on the features you most want to see in a CE. The good news on that front is you guys are going to get a way cooler product than what we originally envisioned. The bad news, if there is any, is that because this is coming together so quickly, we don’t really have pictures to show you guys, as we wish we could, as it’s just too early in the process. What we do have, though, are some additional details that I think you’re going to like. Special thanks here to Tony Curtis, our production manager, who came back in to work during time he was supposed to be off to deal with a major summer house move in order to work with our suppliers and get us this information.

So, what’s going to be in the Collector’s Edition of Twilight Struggle? Here’s what you’ll get:

Game Box: We’ve listened to your feedback, and have decided to go with a wooden box with a hinged top – really high quality and really easy to access. We’re not altogether certain on the depth yet, but it’s looking like a 4” deep box, the deepest we’ve ever produced for one of our games. We don’t want you to have any worries about being able to fit all the cool components in the box, so we’re going big here.

Cards: The cards will have a new and unique graphic layout, especially for this edition of the game. The CE will also include sleeves for all cards.

Map: We’re going with an even thicker, more durable map than the one that’s in our Deluxe Edition (and our players like that one a LOT!). And like the cards, the map is going to get a completely new graphic treatment for the CE.

Counters: We are upgrading from cardboard counters in the CE to give you guys high-quality, stamped wooden pieces.

Miniatures: The CE will include five metal miniatures to adorn several of your game tracks and add some cold war theme to your game play! We’re keeping the type/identity of these miniatures to ourselves for now. We want to surprise you!

Rules and Player Aids: This is an area where we’re pretty much going with what we already have in the Deluxe Edition – thick paper/cards, full color throughout, with perhaps a bit more thickness and better coating.

Dice: You’ll get two custom molded plastic “thematic” dice. We seriously considered metal dice, but all the ones we’ve ever used tend to flake from impact over time, so we decided to go with some high quality molded dice instead.

A Fabric Bag: To hold the game pieces.

Certificate of Authenticity: Signed by the Designers

I hope you guys find this information helpful, and that you’ll find the Collector’s Edition to be a durable, long-lasting thing of beauty that will further enhance your enjoyment of Twilight Struggle.

Thank you all, once again, for your terrific support for our Twilight Struggle Kickstarter campaign. 

Have a great weekend!  


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    1. Angus Lee

      Has the "$15 off coupon for current in stock GMT Merchandise" been sent yet? Anyone has received it?

    2. David Wessman on

      Is it too late to upgrade my pledge level from the $75 level to the $150 CE level? Also, is it possible to apply the $15 Promo Code to purchase an add-on (additional card deck, or additional digital version)?

    3. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Martel on

      Wow, now over 650 CE backers! More than 400 new pledges on that level since the announcement of what the CE will include. I must admit, for once, this is a a true Collector's Edition. Big thanks GMT!

    4. Kyle R. Woods

      A couple things I would add to the wishlist for the collector's edition:

      (1) It would be great if the cards were a little higher quality than the current version. The current ones easily become marked and don't hold up very well after repeated play. Looks like this has been mentioned already.

      (2) some sort of storage system would be great! You mentioned a fabric bag, but I hope a storage tray that has slots to hold the cards (sorted by early, medium, late) and a removable tray to sort and hold the counters would be fantastic. I know GMT sells plastic trays, and that would also be ok, as long as everything fits back in the box (not the current situation).

      (3) perhaps consider a redesigned player aid. The current ones are ok, but they have a bit too much information on them. In addition to what's already there, a small card that shows the action choices would be helpful, especially for newer players.

      (4) Perhaps consider marks on the board that will help in setting up the late war scenario in addition to the full game.

    5. Adam Blinkinsop

      Sweet! Should I be at all worried about how you'll be sourcing these awesome components?

    6. Simon on

      I second Jeff's request for high quality heavy cards (maybe even a linen finish?). This collector's edition went from "fancy" to "enviable". Let's get this thing to "heirloom" quality! Also, hopefully the CE box hold the expansion material. I'm a box combiner and would love to have everything in one place.

    7. jedijawa

      Pledge level changed.

    8. Keithustus on

      A post so good I just upgraded my pledge from $30 to $150. Normally special editions are pretty lackluster but this sounds fantastic. Good work, guys.

    9. Kim ChangJun on

      tnks for Gmt Game.

      I Love this Word Wooooooooooden

    10. jeff shoemaker on

      Hey GMT, what an amazing campaign! I'm incredibly stoked for everything going on here! Just wondering how to talk you folks into upgrading the cards in the CE to the highest quality 320gsm black core? That could probably eliminate the necessity to include sleeves, and make the overall quality just that much more phenomenal! U guys rock!

    11. Mark J on

      Stamped wooden pieces? Very cool. I would like to see the addition of Dominance/Control tokens to quickly make that count for when it's necessary. Any chance we can choose to have a physical GMT coupon so we can support our local gaming stores?

    12. Brother Jim on

      Wow, that sounds amazing! Hey, do you think you'll be able to include player mats for the player cards? There's been interest in that.

      Thanks for the update!

    13. Sean K King on

      Ok I was in early bird CE. Staying now......I only just purchased the Deluxe so was contemplating dropping it....not now. ;-)

    14. Missing avatar


      @KevinR and @GMT
      Please consider allowing the code to work with other special sales, at least for internationals. These sales are mainly the only time we can make a good deal out of a purchase from the USA, due to shipping costs.

    15. GMT Games Creator on

      Thank you all for the kind words! You all had some amazing ideas so why wouldn’t we look into incorporating as many of them as we could!
      Kevin that is a really good point. I will be sure to bring this up for clarification. Thank you for pointing this out!

    16. KevinR

      GMT -- have you thought about how the $15 Promo Code from here will interact with special sales (like the end-of-year P500-based sale)? It would probably be good to clarify (especially if they likely won't work together).

    17. Ohad Pinchevsky on

      WOW... You guys are great listeners!
      I especially like the fact you will make the map more thicker and more durable.

      Many thanks!

    18. patrick obrien

      Now we're talking:) Sounds great guys, could i encourage you to include enough wooden tokens to allow for stacking of 1s, to give a 3d effect to influence? Would be a nice touch.

    19. Pete Hooper on

      I sent a PM to you about custom dice. Don't know if it actually influenced your decision, but I like to think it did. :)

    20. Humbleroots on

      Sounds Great! Congratulations on your continued success.