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Now is your chance to help GMT bring Twilight Struggle out for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android!
Now is your chance to help GMT bring Twilight Struggle out for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android!
6,566 backers pledged $391,047 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Refund/Rebate UPDATE


Good afternoon Backers,

As some of you know, refunds and rebates are actively being processed and a good portion of them will be completed this weekend as PayPal's delay period on our business transfers comes to a close.  We anticipate having all refunds and rebates completed by the end of this week and will post another update upon completion.

Thank you again for all your patience.  



Good afternoon Backers. 

 We have received many e-mails regarding the delivery of ‘expansion content’ mentioned in yesterday’s update. Please understand that the expansion content is not available yet.  We will make an announcement here when the expansion content is ready for release. We apologize for any confusion regarding this matter but want to make sure that everyone knows the additional content for Twilight Struggle has NOT been released to anyone. 

 Thank you and have a wonderful day. 


Twilight Struggle iOS Update RE: Rebates/Refunds


Hey backers...

Here is an update on the most recent iOS release events.  

First of all… Here’s a big THANK YOU for all the support and understanding that has been shown by you backers in this very tough situation. We appreciate those of you who understand that we are doing all we can with a platform that has no developer support for a project of this magnitude.  

We will begin processing all refund/rebate requests this week. In addition, we will add $5 to all add-on rebate requests in order for those backers who did an iOS add-on to be able to purchase a copy of the iOS game at the current retail price.  

Backers at the $15 tier and up will still get the expansion content, even if you are requesting a refund or rebate for your add-on. In order for this to happen, you will need to create a Playdek account, then send us an e-mail to to let us know what your Playdek and KickStarter email is so we can unlock the content for you. And any backer who moves from iOS to Android will also get the expansion content.  

We hope this is good news for those wondering about the content and know that we are doing our best to make this go as smooth as possible for everyone affected by the issues we encountered with Apple concerning customer copies of our game. 

We will post additional updates as needed throughout this process in order to keep a clear chain of communication. Thank you again for your patience and support.  


Twilight Struggle iOS Update


Good afternoon Backers,  

We know how trying the last few weeks has been, as we worked through delivering the iOS version to you guys. We understand any frustration being felt by those of you who are still waiting for an iOS version and we have an update on that process.  

Up to this point, and after working through many hurdles with Apple to get a workable solution that would allow us to deliver the game to Backers, we have been able to get the majority of the copies of the game distributed.  

Unfortunately, there are more roadblocks that have come up via Apple and the distribution process that will not allow us to continue to send any additional copies of the iOS game to Backers.  

First, for a bit of background, Apple does not have a straight forward process that allows and assists developers like us to distribute bulk copies of a game to customers, as opposed to other game platforms. In our research we had anticipated some of the issues that we might encounter and did our best to plan accordingly, including gifting the game, and also looked at enterprise solutions that unfortunately did not apply to us and our distribution needs.  

Through coordination with Apple account support, we were able to work through the initial issues and were able to resume the app rollout to Backers, until once again the process was blocked. We cannot afford to have any conflicts with Apple and their iOS platform and sadly have had to elect to halt the process of distributing iOS copies to our Backers.  

The majority of Backers have received their copy of the app, in particular the US market, but there remains some international Backers who we will not be able to get iOS copies to. We regret that it has come to this but we have exhausted all available options to get iOS copies out to Backers directly.  

We have a plan to address the unfortunate inconvenience and will cover the options below. These options relate to the $15 Tier and all Tiers $30 and up (except for the $25 Digital PC Tier and the $35 Digital Sony Tier): 

Backers at the $15 Tier who have not yet received their iOS copy and have not already switched platforms may choose one of the following options:

  • Select one of these platforms to replace iOS: Android, PC or Mac
  • Request a refund of $15

Backers at the $30 and up Tiers who chose iOS as their platform, have not yet received their iOS copy and have not already switched platforms may choose one of the following options: 

  • Select one of these platforms to replace iOS: Android, PC or Mac 
  • Request a cash rebate of $15 

Backers at the $15 Tier and above who purchased the Mobile Add-on and selected iOS as your add-on platform: 

  • Request a cash rebate of $5 

Again, we want to clarify that the above options are only for those who chose iOS as their platform and have not yet received either an iOS copy or a copy on another platform. We do know that for some of you this is unfortunate news and do hope that the above options help to resolve this issue. In order to take advantage of these options please e-mail with the following information: 

  • Your KickStarter e-mail address 
  • Your KickStarter Tier 
  • If you are switching platforms, the platform of choice 
  • If you are not switching, and are at the $15 Tier, a refund request 
  • If you are not switching, and are at a $30 Tier and up, a $15 rebate request 
  • If you purchased an iOS add-on, a $5 rebate request 

Rebates and Refunds: If requesting a rebate or refund please provide either of the following: 

  • A PayPal account name and e-mail address (preferred for international backers) 
  • A name and mailing address (checks will be made out in US dollars only) 

We will work through these requests as quickly and efficiently as possible so it is important to get your accurate information to us. Please make sure to send this information to as this will be the e-mail that we monitor for requests. 

 In closing, we did all we could to get copies of the iOS version into Backers hands and wish the outcome was different for some of you. Hopefully through this we can find a way for those currently out in the cold to begin to enjoy the game. For those who have already received the game and for those who choose to switch platforms, you will still receive and be able to enjoy the additional digital content to be released, including the Turn Zero expansion, at no additional cost. 

 Thank you again for your support and patience throughout this process. 


UPDATE: Happy Happy Monday!


Happy Happy Monday!  

We continue to appreciate your patience and understand the frustration you may have experienced waiting for your copy of Twilight Struggle. 

We are happy to report that it appears Playdek has worked out the issue with Apple that was holding up the distribution process.  

US Backers should have received, or will be receiving their copy of the game shortly. Unfortunately, there is no straight forward procedure for developers on the App Store to give out copies as there is with other platforms, and after their initial release of Backer copies, Apple delayed the process Playdek was using to get copies to you. With the App Store, there is no method to distribute a copy of the game to Backers such as yourselves without first releasing the game for retail. Fortunately, as stated, this issue has apparently been worked through and Playdek has been able to continue with the distribution process.  

Delivery to our International Backers is going to be a little more difficult. Playdek needs to know which type of device (iPad/iPhone) you are going use to play the game. Please send a message to, identifying which device you want to play the game on (iPad/iPhone) and make sure to include your Kickstarter e-mail address. We apologize for the additional inconvenience this might cause, but they need this information for the international distribution process to continue.  

iPad2 and iPad Mini: As stated in Friday’s update due to platform limitations, Playdek is not officially supporting Second Generation iPads and devices without Retina display. That being said, they have run and tested the game on iPad2s and apart from a few minor stability issues, the game appears to run okay. If you are operating on either of these platforms and receive your code, go ahead and unlock it on your device. Playdek is actively working on these stability issues.  

iPhone Release: Playdek assures us they are actively working to release the iPhone version. Unfortunately, they cannot provide a specific release date, however they do not anticipate it will be too much longer. We should have a more solid update for you in the upcoming weeks.  

Thank you for your continued support. We hope you are or will soon be enjoying Twilight Struggle iOS.