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Now is your chance to help GMT bring Twilight Struggle out for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android!
Now is your chance to help GMT bring Twilight Struggle out for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android!
6,566 backers pledged $391,047 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Update to the Update...


Good afternoon Backers,  

Please accept our apologies for the update posted earlier today as this is the one that was intended for our Twilight Struggle Backers.

We are excited to announce that the Android Beta for Twilight Struggle is starting and backers who responded to our request for the beta should expect to receive information at the Google email address you provided.  

Thank you and have a wonderful evening.  




Hey Backers,  

Though it took a little longer than anticipated, we are happy to tell you that we have entered into a strategic agreement with a major company, who will be providing design work for the tactics game, as well as other Unsung branded games in the future. We have begun the collaboration process with them, and will start to see the fruits of those efforts over the next few months. We will coordinate with them and make a formal announcement in the near future, but want you to know that this is in place and will have a positive impact on the gameplay, mechanics and overall delivery timeline for the beta and full release.  

We had hoped to have some design and art progress to show by this month, but we are just now getting the time we need to spend with our partner on the core mechanics and the game  world, and need to do this before providing updates with visual content progress.  Rather than making estimates as to when we think content updates will be ready, we will stick to updating on the design progress more regularly, and then update you when we have a good step forward with some content progress, whether it be concept art or screenshots of in-game progress.  

Again, look to get a formal announcement on our partner as soon as we can all coordinate on public messaging for that. Hopefully, it won’t take longer than a few months, but announced or not, it is happening and is a huge plus for Unsung Story development. 



Android Beta Update


Good afternoon Backers.

We are continuously working to get the Android Beta ready for you.  As this is our first Beta release on Android, it is taking us a few extra days to complete the process.  It looks like it won't be ready till early next week.

In the meantime, if you have not already done so, please submit your Google email address to 

Thank you for your continued support.  Have a wonderful weekend.




Good evening backers.  

We hope you had a wonderful 4 day Labor Day weekend.  

We are excited to announce that with the exception of a handful of accounts that we need to get corrected email addresses for, all of the requested refunds have been processed.  

We are working to get in contact with these few backers in the next day or so. If you believe you are one that we have the wrong e-mail address for, please send a message to with the words... "UPDATED PayPal ADDRESS" in the subject line  

We are also excited to share some good Android news with you!  

  • We will release a beta version on
  • Android next week. It will be tablet only for now. 
  • The beta will connect to the retail game servers, so you will be able to play online games against PC and iOS users. Backers who are owed an Android copy of the game, and wish to participate in the beta need to do the following: 
  • *Contact with Android Beta in the subject line,
  • *Provide your KS email address AND your Google email address that you use on your Android device and will use for the beta. (We need this in order to authorize your participation.) 
  • NOTE: As this is a beta version of the game, some features are still pending, like push notifications and achievements. 

We hope you are as excited as we are about these announcements. Thank you fo your continued support and have a wonderful evening. 


Refund/Rebate Status


Good afternoon Backers and thank you once again for your patience through this process.  We appreciate your support in submitting your PayPal information to us.  

We are very close to completing all refunds.  Please check your PayPal accounts for your refund.  If you have not received yours by Monday, August 29th, please send a follow-up e-mail to to make sure we have the correct PayPal e-mail address for you.  

We are processing checks for those of you who requested.  

Thank you and have a wonderful day!