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Riverlilly is a world-spiraling, mind-warping fantasy novel with humor, heart, and a twist like a whirlpool inside an hourglass.
Riverlilly is a world-spiraling, mind-warping fantasy novel with humor, heart, and a twist like a whirlpool inside an hourglass.
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Last update, maybe...

Hello Awesome Supporters of the Greatest Story Every Told,

or something like that.

So, I'm ready to start shipping these babies out. The printing company basically told me there's nothing to be done about the mis-trimmed copies, although they did offer to take the bad ones back, cut off the covers and spines, put on new covers, recut the books a little smaller, etc. Pain in the ass. I thanked them for the offer but declined, and they offered me a discount on my next order, instead. Good enough. Well, it'll have to be. Moving on...

I've contacted everyone about getting addresses for shipping and poster preferences. If you don't get that email, feel free to contact me directly on here or just call me, since most of you know me and see me often enough. 

If anyone doesn't really care about getting a poster or an eBook, please let me know. I certainly don't mind sending them, but if you don't really care and think it might just end up getting recycled, it would save me a little time and effort. Thanks.

The eBooks: now that the manuscript is officially in its final, second-edition form, I have to (reformat the entire thing, again) and resubmit the text file to the online publisher. Clearing that should take about a week to ten days, and then I'll email out the relevant websites and coupon-codes. I will do my best to make sure that these will be compatible with iTunes, iPads, Kindles, whatever, but the coupon-code thing is a bit of unexplored territory for me, so please be patient. We'll get it all sorted in the end. (Although I have my doubts how many of you are into the whole eBook thing yet...)

Last thing, if you want anything special written in the book when I sign them, please let me know. Some of you are getting up to 5 copies; if you're giving them away as gifts or whatnot, I'm happy to write in any special messages or names. But keep it clean, people!

For some of you I will probably just drop off the final package in person. If you're coming back to Glen Ellyn for Thanksgiving, I'd be happy to meet you then, but I certainly don't mind shipping to anywhere before that, if you want to get your hands on the book ASAP. 

So, I'll start shipping these out this week, as soon as I start hearing back from everyone with address and preferences.

Everyone, thanks again! I couldn't have done this without you, and it means the world to me to see this project completed after 6 years (first edition was 2005!) I hope you like how it all turned out. 

I'm 100 pages into writing book 3, so far...



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