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A Modular, LED display board system. Simple to use and infinitely hackable. Designed, Made, and Shipped direct from TEXAS!
246 backers pledged $17,032 to help bring this project to life.

3D-Printed Cases for $99+ Backers!

Posted by Stephen and Stacy Wylie (Devino) (Creator)

Our "ALL TEH THINGS" backers had inquired about our first Stretch Goal - were they eligible for a second T-shirt if they were already getting one in their pledge?  Well yes, you can get a second T-shirt, but maybe you'd rather have one T-shirt PLUS two 3D-printed cases for your two Displayboards!  The options will be yours to select when we launch our survey soon.  Meanwhile, check out the cases at .  Case offer only good for $99+ backers, but don't forget we've already posted the sketchup on Thingiverse for use with 3D printers!

Also, we've got 12 hours left and need about $700 to hit our next stretch goal (the Zigbee module)! Pre-orders on Makertronic count towards the goal, and to sweeten the deal, we've posted a 15% off discount code at:  You can buy more panels for a longer marquee, or even multiple marquees, and now even the Zigbee module for $35.69 with your discount code, but you have to be a backer to see the discount code!


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      Gray on

      @Terry: I had the same question about the sales tax. I'm also not in TX, but for some reason the Makertronic site adds the sales tax and carries it through for a while. At the very end, though, the tax goes away.

    2. Stephen and Stacy Wylie (Devino) Creator on

      If you already have a home automation system or Zigbee setup in your home, you will not need another Zigbee for it to communicate with.

      Terry, please contact Makertronic ( for any issues with your order.

      Terry, also, we have designed the Zigbee partner board to be a "Universal" wireless board. That means that you can pick and choose which radio you want (as well as what voltage you want your logic to be (5v or 3.3v) ). We are also doing this for the Bluetooth as well. Bluetooth Backers will be able to choose between a BT 2.1 + EDR or BT 4.0 LE radio (which is required for iPhone). BT 4.0 LE is practically limited at 100kbps (in practice) which will allow basic animations and a smooth scroll on 64 boards, but not as suitable for high speed like the BT 2.1 + EDR which works with all PC's and Android.

      The Zigbee partner board has been designed so you can use the BT or USB communicator to plug directly in (or an FTDI) to set the unique addresses you may have in your system using Series 1 or Series 2. We actually have a friend who works at Digi who was in our groups frequently in college (same major too).

      We are going to give you choices.

      By making everything modular, we are ensuring that your system can evolve as networks and wireless communication evolves.

      Yeah, we used the picture we had. Xbee S1 and S2 have the same footprint.

    3. Missing avatar


      Is ZigBee modules and ZigBee Partnerboard (into LEDgoes marquee to control it remotely) are different? Does this mean we have to pay for two ZigBee parts i.e. $35.69 X 2?

    4. T123 on

      The XBee board that is pictured, looks like a XBee Series 1 ("S1") (which are not ZigBee compatible anymore... right?) ... needs to be XBee Series 2; I presume the diagram is just using an old symbol?

    5. T123 on

      I live in California, not TX.

    6. Stephen and Stacy Wylie (Devino) Creator on

      + The Zigbee module uses an XBee radio, no soldering or assembly will be required. You will have to pair your Zigbee radio, just like you would have to pair Bluetooth.
      + Zwave is expensive to licence and many systems which use Z-wave are also Zigbee compatible. Because of Z-wave using a proprietary standard (not an open one like Zigbee) it is a bit further out of scope.
      + No, you cannot trade all of your T-shirts for Cases. This is a special option for $99 backers who do not wish to have two t-shirts.
      + 3D printed cases are available for pre-order on Makertronic.

      Hopefully that's everything. Let us know if we missed any questions.

    7. Stephen and Stacy Wylie (Devino) Creator on

      If you live in TX, it automatically charges sales tax.

    8. T123 on

      Unfortunately, Makertronic charges Sales Tax, which kills over half of the discount. :-(

    9. Stephen and Stacy Wylie (Devino) Creator on

      Our 2nd Stretch Goal has been reached! ZigBee modules to ship in February. Plug a ZigBee Partnerboard into either side of your LEDgoes marquee to control it remotely. Comes fully assembled for just $35.69 on Makertronic with the 15% discount code. If your payment gets declined, try using PayPal or email for assistance.

      I know there are still some unaddressed questions; stay tuned for the answers!

    10. Makertronic on

      If you are having problems with the Makertronic website you can email me directly and I will be happy to assist you.

    11. T123 on

      Ditto on the desire for Z-Wave (hubs/controllers are easier to find...), but I know Z-Wave is tough to license...

    12. Missing avatar


      How to buy these cases, if we have to? I don't see it on Makertronic. Also I have tried 15% off coupon and it said "The coupon code you entered couldn't be applied to your order". Though I have already used same coupon to buy 4 display boards earlier.

    13. Missing avatar

      Christian Vitroler on

      Well, Makertronic refuses my credit card. Your and their loss!

    14. Stephen and Stacy Wylie (Devino) Creator on

      To address some of the easy stuff:

      * You don't need these cases to connect LEDgoes panels together. We didn't have the cases in any of our demo videos. They're simply nice to help the panels stay together better.
      * You can choose to get 4 cases and no shirts, 2 cases + 1 shirt, or 2 shirts, or you could forego one or both gifts. We can't offer extra cases for free due to the significant amount of time it takes to make them and the non-negligible cost of plastic. We *may* put cases up for sale on Makertronic, but would rather wait until we can get our injection mold ready.
      * The Zigbee board can be attached to the left or right side of your Displayboards.

      More details to follow!

    15. Missing avatar


      I see only Zigbee board is available there to buy on makertronic, will it be installed on main board or do I need to have it install it myself. I mean I am not a techy guy who know nothing about soldering or anything, please help me to understand how this Zigbee module will be connected and work together once installed. As far as I know I have to have one related controller (zigbbe or z-wave) installed on my local network, that would talk to this device?
      I have backed similar project here on kickstarter called WigWag which will get me one USB based ZigBee/Z-wave controller to connect with Wigwag's relay.

    16. Missing avatar

      Gray on

      I continue to have no interest in a T-shirt. Would there be some amount that I could pay to switch out a T-shirt for a case?

      I would pledge for "ALL TEH THINGS" except that I have zero interest in Bluetooth. I want to use Zigbee instead, which is why I'm excited that you're going to produce a Zigbee module.

    17. Shabbir Siraj on

      Almost coming to a close for this successful project. :) I wanted to know if backers at $99 will be eligible to get cases at no extra cost for any more panels purchased on the Makertronic website. Or will they just get the cases for the initial two panels? Thanks!

    18. Missing avatar


      Hi, I have few questions, with confusion created by this post:
      1) as I have backed "EARLY BACKER STARTER WIRELESS" option with 4 additional display boards via makertronics thinking that it would be all I need to run a nice marquee, but now it seems I need to by their cases two connect them? If so then where I can to buy/pay for them?
      2) zigBee is the only option? I wanted to have it with my Z-wave controller, is there any possibility to get same for Z-wave? Where to buy it?