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A Modular, LED display board system. Simple to use and infinitely hackable. Designed, Made, and Shipped direct from TEXAS!
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Bluetooth Control For Android, and Zigbee Update!

Posted by Stephen and Stacy Wylie (Devino) (Creator)

We whipped up the first working version of our Android app not too long ago, and wanted to share how easy it is to control LEDgoes from your Android device!  (Don't worry iOS users, yours is coming soon too.)  Watch the video below!

Our Android code, as little as there is to be seen right now, is already available on GitHub under LEDgoes -- -- feel free to check it out, expand on it, roll your own themes, etc.  If you propose code changes, we might even roll them up into the Master branch!  So keep checking back for updates from us.  Once we're satisfied and can provide a complete, hassle-free program with a good set of features, we'll release it on the Android Market.

Also, to address those of you asking for Zigbee regardless of the Stretch Goal status, don't worry; we've got our development modules ready to help us get started, as you'll see in the picture below.

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    1. Stephen and Stacy Wylie (Devino) Creator on

      Tyler, your comments are appreciated! The biggest thing designers have to realize is usually mobile users have a different mindset or desire a different user experience than do desktop users. Stacy is way smarter about this than I am, but I imagine the desktop & mobile apps will have slightly different features that will eventually converge to match each other. For starters, we want to do things on mobile that we know will save the battery, like have stationary letters. Speed control could be copied & pasted from one platform to the other with minimal tweaking. Color control, on the other hand, might evolve first on the PC and then migrate to mobile once I can research & make the most frustration-free user interface to handle multiple fonts & colors, and perhaps even support the Font Designer on mobile as well. Or it's possible you might want to set all that stuff up on a cloud app and then download those settings onto your device. By mixing the right level of keeping all features & options close at hand without cluttering the UI, we could support the same features on all platforms, and what interface you use (WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, ...) won't matter.

    2. Tyler von Oy on

      Looks awesome and simple to use, I can't wait! I am assuming you will also be adding features like color control, stationary letters, scroll speed etc, from the wireless module too right? through either android or ios, or whatever modules will be supported? If not I would like to formally request as much. I know you are still hard at work, and haven't finished, and I am very happy to see what you have already accomplished. I guess what I am really asking, is... will the same functionality as is available through the wired, computer version, be available on mobile devices/wireless connectivity? and thanks for the awesome update!

    3. Stephen and Stacy Wylie (Devino) Creator on

      We are already making the designs and testing with the Zigbee (Xbee) radio modules to be able to make a partner board.

      Zigbee does operate similarly to bluetooth in terms of the user interface."Connect and Go"

      Most systems that support Z-wave, also support Zigbee and Zigbee has the big benefit of being widely available and an open standard.

      "IEEE’s 802.15.4 personal-area network (PAN) radio standard, ZigBee is an open wireless standard from the ZigBee Alliance. The IEEE 802.15.4 standard provides layer 1 (physical layer, or PHY) and layer 2 (media access controller, or MAC) of the network, while the ZigBee stack software provides the network and applications layers."

      We have not yet contacted SigmaDesigns that owns the Z-wave format. There usually is licencing there and proprietary software as it is not an open standard. This is a bit outside of the area right now that we are working on (trying to be 100% open source). If someone knows of a few people with ZM5304 modules lying around...

    4. Missing avatar


      So these boards will support Z-Wave communication right out of the box? Like Bluetooth just connect and control it?

    5. Stephen and Stacy Wylie (Devino) Creator on

      It means we bought the piece we need to prototype with for the Zigbee partner board. Yes, we are working on it!

    6. Missing avatar


      Does this mean ZigBee module will be part of the rewards or it will just support the ZigBee. How about compatible with Z-Wave controllers?