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A Modular, LED display board system. Simple to use and infinitely hackable. Designed, Made, and Shipped direct from TEXAS!
246 backers pledged $17,032 to help bring this project to life.

First Stretch Goal reached!

Posted by Stephen and Stacy Wylie (Devino) (Creator)

It's heartwarming to see the support we've gotten for LEDgoes during our Kickstarter campaign.  We now have over 200 backers, and at $17,429 in total pledges between Kickstarter & pre-orders on -- this means...

FREE T-SHIRTS for all backers of $39 or greater!
We're excited to get on with production and ship out a whole bunch of awesome T-shirts as well!  Write on your LEDgoes T-shirt with washable markers, then rinse & repeat.  (We're even providing markers!)  There's still plenty of time to hit the next stretch goal (which is even cooler), so point out the new benefits to your friends when you tell them to pledge!  Thank you very much for your support!

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    1. Stephen and Stacy Wylie (Devino) Creator on

      For the "ALL TEH THINGS" backers who already have a T-shirt included in your pledge... You can select something different besides a 2nd shirt (we're still mulling over exactly what to offer), or opt out of the 2nd gift altogether. When we posted the goals, we didn't think this option would be far & away the most popular! Thanks very much for your enthusiasm and interest in acquiring all the things.

      The next stretch goal is within reach; we're about $1,000 away from hitting it, which is what we raised on 9/8. Share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, & etc. during our last 24 hours, and check out Backer Update #2 ( to find the coupon code for 15% off additional panels on Makertronic; pre-orders purchased there count too!

    2. Missing avatar

      Christian Vitroler on

      There are 76 backers who would like to know!

    3. Craig Dunn

      +1 all the things....

    4. Tyler von Oy on

      I too was wondering about this... I am already getting a shirt, I would rather the money go towards hitting the next stretch goal than me getting another t-shirt, though one for me and one for my girlfriend would work, as long as I got a choice of 2 sizes...

    5. Zmocar on

      So if I was already getting a shirt with my "ALL TEH THINGS!" pledge, can I get a discount? do I get another shirt? or maybe another displayboard? I really don't need another shirt.