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A Modular, LED display board system. Simple to use and infinitely hackable. Designed, Made, and Shipped direct from TEXAS!
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How To Run Animations On LEDgoes

Posted by Stephen and Stacy Wylie (Devino) (Creator)

This video shows you how to display animations on your LEDgoes matrix.  I'll also describe it to you here in text.  First, create an animation equivalent to the size of your board's arrangement.  In my case here, that's 14 x 20 pixels.  Use red, green, and yellow objects, and use black for your background. The red & green components must be at least 50% intensity (#800000 or #008000) in order to turn On that LED.  (Yellow should, by default, have intense red & green components.)  Export each frame of your animation to a .BMP file, and save all of them into a folder with no other contents.  Then, connect the LEDgoes PC Interface to your board.  Go to the Animation tab and enter the folder where your BMP files were saved.  Finally, hit Send, and your animation will appear on your LEDgoes instantly!

We're looking forward to seeing the creative animations you run on your LEDgoes matrix!  In the future, we also plan to support displaying animated GIFs and AVI files, and scaling media to your board's size, in order to make it easy to show many types of animations or videos on your LEDgoes.

Also, don't forget that LEDgoes Displayboards are made available at below retail price on Kickstarter, and backers get continued discounts in the future!

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