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Middlewest: A new food magazine from Chicago's video poster

Middlewest is a food magazine in the form of modern recipe cards. Read more

Chicago, IL Food
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This project was successfully funded on January 10, 2013.

Middlewest is a food magazine in the form of modern recipe cards.

Chicago, IL Food
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Thank you! Here's what happens next.

Thank you.
Last week our Kickstarter campaign ended, and even though we saw our numbers grow every day of the campaign, we still couldn't believe where we ended up. We raised roughly 300% of our $9000 goal. But more important, we attracted almost 700 backers. That's a lot of people for a magazine that was initially going to have a print run of 100. (Note to anybody thinking about starting a magazine: No printer will do a run of only 100. Unless that printer is Kinko's.) We are so grateful to all of our backers, and we're excited to get Middlewest into your hands.

What's next.
We are in the final week of cooking, writing and photographing. Next week we go to design, and then it's off to our printers in Hong Kong. The Chinese New Year has created a small glitch for us and pushed us back a couple weeks, which means the first issue won't go out until March. But we've retooled all the content so that every recipe is a spring (not winter) recipe.  

In a week or so you'll get a survey from us. That's when we'll ask what address you want your issues, tote bags, etc, sent to. It will be a quick and easy survey, and we hope you fill it out right away, because we can't send you anything unless we have your address, and we really want to send you stuff.

If you have any questions for us in the meantime, send us a note via Kickstarter, or email us at (A message via Kickstarter will get to us faster.)

Thank you again, and here's a photo of a bundle of thyme.



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    1. Creator hanna on February 21, 2013

      Hi! I hope printing went well... do you have an estimated shipment date?

    2. Creator David Zinke on January 15, 2013

      I am distressed that you find it proper to hire a printing firm in Hong Kong. Surely there is a competent printer in the USA?