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Sanitation Workers - they’re not saints.  But we think they're beautiful.
Sanitation Workers - they’re not saints. But we think they're beautiful.
172 backers pledged $8,170 to help bring this project to life.

I Haven’t Posted an Update, Because I Fainted.

Hey Ya'll - it's me, Lisa.

Liz can’t write because her Internet connection is not working and she’s stealing from the neighbors for now, which … well, you know how unreliable that can be.

Seriously, after those first 20 backers, I fell out. My other two part-time jobs have been calling my cell for two weeks, asking me what was up. All I could muster was, "Sssssanitation ... Backer Love. Sssssstrongest. Fried Chicken ..."

So now that I've got a healthy assortment of smelling salts next to my laptop, I'm updating all you beautiful backers.

We’ve still got a ways to go in the next days but here’s what’s going on in the meantime.
People are reposting around on Facebook and elsewhere.

The Letters:

Robin “Dr. Garbage” Nagle kicked in a c-note. Man, us SanGroupies – we are a funny bunch. She has more books of garbage in her office than you can shake a stick at.

Allison “Dance, SanMan! Dance!” Orr who is featured in the documentary TRASH DANCE – also is raising money in Austin, TX, on Kickstarter – so do a search on them. She donated. Maybe if both of us exceed our goals, we can go in together and get her here to make our SanFolks dance. This sorta makes me squeal - the idea of it.

We’ve got Glamour and Marie Claire magazines and blogs emailing us, and the New York Daily News is setting up a photo shoot with us. We’ll let you know when that happens. Now if only we could get to Hoda and Kathie Lee!

Overnight, I made about 45 Facebook Sanitation friends. Here are some of their comments about

John Hathaway posted on your Wall: "THANKS FOR ALL THE ATTENTION IM GETTIG-LOL"

Jamie C Sarcone posted on your Wall: "you did a great job … maybe now we will get some good p.r. LOL"

Charlie Galea September 14, 2010 at 1:09am Hi. Are you the chasing sanitation woman? If so... Thank you

See - you’re a part of their lives now … when we hit the goal, you will have impacted them as well.

None of us are doing this alone. The SanFolks are reposting and busting each others’ chops about the site, spreading the word. We're emailing, faxing, calling - and still working the other 16,000 jobs that we all juggle. 9 more days of seeing what can happen when you put it out there for the world to see, love and embrace. Yo!

So keep reposting – people get busy, people want to be involved, and people forget, and PEOPLE NEED TO BE ASKED. And some people are asking if they can cut us a check. WOAH! Of course! Some people are saying, "I don't have $1500 but I want the Reward of a Date with New York's Strongest." Take an office pool - call 15 of your girlfriends and ask for $100. We'd be SO STOKED to set up that DATE, are you kidding me? And the SanFolks would be standing in line, I'm sayin'.

So ask the people around your office, your neighborhood, the folks you drink with – tell them about us, Kickstarter. We’re one of a million great ideas, but it’s THIS great idea. And it’s NOW. And who knows what ball can start rolling by each of you taking some action? We knew 50 people could support us, we know 1000s will. But now that they are? UUUUUhhhhhmazing. We thought we were motivated before - sheesh!

50 signs that we're on the right track - Chasing the right truck, so to speak.

So keep on keepin’ on. You gotta be Strong to love. Only the Strongest of us act on it.

Liz and Lisa


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