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The Hero Code presents Issue one in an ongoing, 22 page, full color, classic-style, super hero adventure.

What is The Hero Code?

I am looking to finish production and begin publication of the first issue of a super-hero comic book, titled The Hero Code.

The Hero Code is an "ongoing" comic book series in the classic tradition of the form. The first story arc will be told across 5 issues, full color, and each 22 pages. The first five issues are completely scripted, and more than half of the first issue artwork is completed.

The premise behind the series is that every human on the planet holds within them a genetic coding which grants the carrier great powers. The catch - this code only activates when we are faced with near-extinction level threats. The series explores ideas about time, reality, and what it means to be a hero.

The series features art by Jonathan Rector, colors by Heather Breckel, and covers by Drew Johnson.

How will this work?

The series is broken down into self-contained arcs or  "seasons". Each arc plays a part in a bigger story.

The plan is to kickstart the project by getting together the funds to help publish and promote the first issue and the series.

Where will the money go?

Purely into the book.

I have been working on the project for more than a year now, and have put together a story plan for roughly 30 issues. 9 complete issues are scripted and more than half of the book's first issue has completed art-work.

All monies raised through Kick-starter will go into production and publication/print/promotion costs.

Any funding over the initial amount raised will go into further promotion and also into the production of future issues and website costs.

'Ongoing' sounds ambitious...

The Hero Code is a long-form graphic story. I have a very definite beginning, middle and end plotted out. The scale of the story is ambitious, but it can be done, starting with your help.

The self-contained nature of each arc will also help give the series a more accessible feel.

Will the book be accessible to all readers?

There is a no-graphic violence, no nudity and no swearing policy on the series. I hope it will be of interest to all readers, regardless of age or gender.


  • The main cover for issue one will feature art by Drew Johnson and can be seen above (pencils). This will be the cover used for the main print run.

    A 2nd cover will feature art work by the series artist, Jonathan Rector. The plan is to produce books with this cover in a lower run (something like 25% of the main print run) and use these as incentive covers. There will also be a space inside these books for a sketch.

    The 3rd cover is a wrap around cover (a single image which goes across the front and back of the cover) with art by Karl Altstaetter. This will be a special cover, so a much lower print run (probably 10%).

    These variant covers will be offered to stores ordering or carrying certain numbers of the book, and will be available at conventions.

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  • The Collector Card sets will be a series of 'baseball card' sized character sketches, featuring designs by a variety of artists, including Andrew Ross MacLean, Dan Smith, Matthew Warlick, Marco Roblin and Jesse Mesa Toves.

    Each card will feature one of the characters from the first series, and one card will feature a team shot - so there will be six cards in total.

    Collector Card sets for subsequent story lines have already been created, and can be seen in the 'Characters' section of the Hero Code website -

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  • That is correct. The book will have 22 story pages. The finished book's total page count will be between 28 and 32 pages.

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  • Yes. All pledges are managed through Amazon, and you can pledge from pretty much anywhere in the world.

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  • Yes, it does.

    If you are pledging from outside the US, we request that you add $5 on top of your pledge to help with shipping charges.

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  • Almost all of that figure will go into producing a fair sized print run of the book. These will go to backers, to stores and be sold online and at conventions.

    The book has 17 completed pages, plus the cover. These have so far been self funded. However my employment situation has changed. A percentage of the backing will go into completing the last 5 pages of the book.

    A small percentage of the funding will go into producing the other incentive rewards for the campaign - including artwork - and to pay for the upkeep of the Hero Code website.

    The remaining amount will help with postage costs and the Kickstarter/Amazon percentage.

    Any amount raised above the goal will go into the production of following issues, an advertisement for the series and site and a banner for convention appearances.

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  • Yes. Each issue will be made available through Graphicly ( and Drive Thru Comics (

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