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Pressy brings back simplicity to your phone. Perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple, intuitive physical button.
Pressy brings back simplicity to your phone. Perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple, intuitive physical button.
28,818 backers pledged $695,138 to help bring this project to life.

It Has Begun!

Posted by Nimrod Back (Creator)

There's no stopping it now...all the Pressys from the first ever produced batch have left the factory! That's 187 Cartons, 35062 Oz (994Kg) and one whole container filled with Pressys, amazing!

Unfortunately we don't have any high quality images of that, so here's a computer generated simulation of what it may look like in real life:

And in real life:

The complex task of sorting and shipping all the orders has begun, our fulfillment house has already processed and shipped about 15000 order since yesterday, and they estimate to get all of them out by Wednesday.

Our current estimate is that the majority of packages will get to you backers in a matter of 5-14 days. Some may take up to 21 days to arrive depending on your location, please be patient :)

The Pressy app is now live in the Play Store, but before you try to download it we remind you that you will need to receive your Pressy in order to start using the app! The package will contain an activation code that will be used to unlock it. We ask you to wait patiently just a few more days until it arrives :). Activating the app would be a one-time procedure that will take a few seconds at most. You will be able to use it on multiple devices, and if you wish to transfer it to another device with a different Google account that could also be accomplished by contacting us.

We will post an instruction video in an update in the next few days explaining exactly how to install and start using the app.

That's it, just a few days until you get your Pressy in the mail. Everyone's been asking us if we're happy that it's finally over, we tell them that we're thrilled it finally begins :)

Have a great day,

The Pressy Bunch.

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    1. Gabriel de Oliveira Ramos on

      Ainda não chegou aqui no Brasil =///

    2. Emanuel Corso on

      Finalmente è arrivato in Italia!!!

    3. Marcel

      Though, for next time. Don't forget to communicate with your backers on the platform where you got their money, and do not focus solely on twitter, instagram and facebook. I look for updates here, not on those other sites.

    4. Marcel

      Ok, mine was in the mail today. Was at work when I wrote that message of mine. It works nice, I have to admit, I was skeptical about the outcome of this project. But it's a very nice product. Turns out to be something good. Thanks Pressy.

    5. Missing avatar

      Marcus Young on

      Hawaii checking in again, nothing received yet still

    6. Missing avatar

      Nick Bowman on

      Received mine a couple weeks ago, but it doesn't work :( it's not recognizing any button pushes. Even in the app where it has to test some of the patterns out. I tried pushing lightly, I tried pushing hard, maybe 1 out of 100 presses it turns on my flashlight (the only action I've set up so far).

    7. Sergio Villa on

      Where is my pressy :-( ?
      Hello. My mailing address is in Miami and I still have not received it. It has been 21 days. Is there a way to track my pressy?

    8. Marcel

      I haven't even been notified that my Pressy is in the mail.

    9. Giovanni Izzo on

      for ITALIAN pressy KS edition is arrived a few minutes ago..And it is awesome and all works perfectly..I live in Benevento.
      hope you'll receive yours soon!

    10. Missing avatar

      Mikhail Polovnev on

      I've got my shipment this morning and...
      Pressy turned out to be awesome!

      Guys, please don't forget to rate the app in Google Play )

    11. Missing avatar

      Marcus Young on

      Still nothing yet.
      I'm in Hawaii, half the distance from you guys.

    12. Jason Patton on

      Well they shipped mine to Pennsylvania.... only about 2280miles off from where I live....

    13. Hertzel Armengol on

      haven't got mine yet ,in , US/FL ... is there anything I can do to track it down?

    14. Martin Nicolas on

      Got my Pressy today - but from what I read: I need a Google (play) account to use it?

      "The Pressy app is now live in the Play Store, but before you try to download it we remind you that you will need to receive your Pressy in order to start using the app! The package will contain an activation code that will be used to unlock it. We ask you to wait patiently just a few more days until it arrives :). Activating the app would be a one-time procedure that will take a few seconds at most. You will be able to use it on multiple devices, and if you wish to transfer it to another device with a different Google account that could also be accomplished by contacting us"

      I don't use Google or its services, it was alos communicated before, that we'd be able to download the apk from a different location than the play store!
      Sure, I can download it via but an official download would be nice.

    15. Christoph Wagner on

      Arrived today in Germany, it works great :)

    16. crashtestdummy on

      Mine arrived last Friday. All good and working like a charm!

    17. Missing avatar

      Stefano Ratto on

      Still waiting for mine. Someone has already received Pressy in Italy?

    18. Chris Croft on

      I still have not received my Pressy, I ordered 'THE BASIC PRESSY DEAL A PRESSY KEY CHAIN'.
      The backerkit page says order has been shipped but under shipping address it says "Your pledge level does not require a shipping address. Thank you!".

      I am Brisbane, Australia

    19. Brock Logan on

      Haven't received my Pressy and keychain yet in Melbourne, Australia

    20. Reto Scheiben on

      i received mine at Friday and today i wanted to try it out... my pressy fell down the ground an straight into the sewer...
      bad luck.

    21. Matthew Heffelfinger on

      I got mine this past week, but my Keychain was not in the package. I also was not able to get it setup, because it was not available to set as default.

    22. Missing avatar

      Scott Hukriede on

      I ordered 2, only recieved 1. I cannot even see how this works because I always receive the error of pushing the button when inserting. Why is that a problem? I have tried 50 plus times and could swear I've had some attempts where I didn't push the button but no luck. No response from Nimrod about my other presy but not sure if even worth pursuing to obtain worthless plastic.

    23. Missing avatar

      felix on

      Got my Pressy today and I am vastly disappointed. Nothing works but the activation. Clicks are seldomly recognized, double or long clicks are never passed to the app. I did everything the app and some user feedbacks suggested, but no success on my Motorola Razr. And even if the hardware would work, the app offers only little actions to configure. No "lock/unlock screen", no "cancel call", no "take snapshot" (only "start camera app..). "Almighty"? I think not...

    24. Kevin Tham on

      I've had a look in my backerkit and it says my item is shipped but still nothing! What's going on with this campaign?

    25. Missing avatar

      Rick on

      Got mine three days ago, plugged it in to my Note 3 after downloading the App and typing in the code.

      Took a lot to eventually get it inserted without pressing the button and getting that dam error, trick is to push on the edge of Pressy with just your fingernail.

      Setting up the software is incredibly frustrating for long presses. So I skipped it and went ahead with the short presses first. But turning off S Voice and Google search is really no solution whatsoever, I like those apps.

      Setup the flashlight as one short press and record video as two short presses. One press toggled the flashlight on and off no trouble. But when using the two short presses to activate the video camera recording the flashlight would come on after one and then go off again. So there's no way to do any number beyond one short press without activating whatever is programmed on the first press. So if you do three shorts, you turn on the flashlight, turn off the flashlight, turn on the flashlight, so even though three shorts is programmed to do something else it's also going to be toggling the flashlight off and on repeatedly the entire time.

      A major issue I have is that there is no way to use the speakerphone with the Pressy in place, as the Note 3 thinks headphones are plugged in and greys out the speaker phone button.

      So far I'm not displeased with the packaging, it seems like it saved money and it's not too bad looking although it did get crushed. That's more the shipping companies fault than it is Pressy's fault.

      The app is going to need a lot of attention from whoever is writing it. And I hope the plug-in for Automateit Pro is working because I'd much rather use it, it's a truly full-featured application and has a large following too.

      Looks like it's going to be a wait-and-see as to the app and where this thing goes as a product in the future.


      So did anybody get this yet?

    27. Arning, Zarzutzki on

      @Sebastian H. Pledge Level 35+5$ and add-ons for 80$ = 120$ Really many more than the copycat and no answer or product is very disappointing.

    28. Arning, Zarzutzki on

      @Sebastian i have pledge the kickstarter edition and add-ons 4+. I know already backerkit but still no answer from nimrod.Have a look at

    29. Missing avatar

      Sebastian H.

      @Arning, Zarzutzki: Are you sure you selected an appropriate pledge level? It is not enough to give money, you have to select one of the pledge levels that contain one or more pressys ($15 and up).

    30. Brian on

      I threw mine in the junk drawer. I can't even use the speakerphone with it in. The app never works right. I hope they iron out the kinks in the near future because I would use it.

    31. Jason Patton on

      I emailed them and they said their company doing the shipping doesn't have tracking numbers and I have emailed them now three times trying to confirm that they shipped it to the right address and not my old address being that they stated the couldn't change my shipping address the day after they posted the way to do an address change. I can almost guarantee some one got my pressy in Pennsylvania even though I live in Arizona now... If I don't get some sort of constructive response soon I'm going to look into filing a complaint to get my pledge back. I have been very supportive threw all the rough sea's and now feels like they have threw me under the bus... Also it's a shame seeing so many people stating there's is damaged, doesn't work and just wasn't even in the box...

    32. Arning, Zarzutzki on

      I can't believe that my pledge is shipped and i should get an tracking number? LIKE other I get only on backerkit "Your pledge level does not require a shipping address. Thank you!" So please clear it up?

    33. Arning, Zarzutzki on

      @Nimrod Presse still nothing yet received, 1 backed Pressy and 5 additionally. PLEASE give some tracking number or other information?

    34. Ignacio R. Aguado on

      Still waiting for my pressy, Where could i get a tracking number or something?

    35. Hugo Moors on

      utterly disappointed. I'm supposedly backer 10200 but have not received anything, not even a notice of shipment. The backerkit says my order is shipped but under my shipping info it says "your level does not require a shipping address" huh? I even added an extra Pressy. I also decided to install the app in anticipation but it caused the sound of phone calls to be unworkable, the other party could not hear me at all. This is the least satisfying Kickstarter campaign I've backed and I'll be a lot more on my toes for next campaigns if I even go that route again, it's probably better to wait for a knock-off or that the product is in a real shop.

    36. Missing avatar

      Sebastian H.

      I received the Pressy. Installed and activated the app. Trying to insert Pressy withoutpressing the button is night impossible. Did nobody test this, or is there some trick you failed to share with us?
      When I finally managed to insert the Pressy it does... nothing. The app doesn't react to me pressing the button. Tried it on my smartphone as well as on my tablet. Works on neither.
      I'm pretty disappointed.

    37. Giovanni Izzo on

      @ Piergiorgio, purtroppo non ancora

    38. Jason Patton on

      Still haven't got mine in AZ :( can't wait... any one in AZ, USA get there's yet?

    39. Missing avatar

      Daniel Werner on

      Received in perfect shape,and thanks for the tee.Now do I have to install a QR reader app to activate on my Galaxy Note 3 because the app opens and the "activation" step has the check in it but I'm not sure where to go with the activation code you guys sent(it does follow a few simple commands so far)is it needed or not so much?

    40. Rahimi Rusli on

      i can't activate my pressy with the app. how do i go about this problem?

    41. Missing avatar

      yao on

      received my pressy today, i could be the first china man using pressy in china. awesome!

    42. Michel Dagher on

      Got mine both of mine the first one broke when I was inserting it for the first time after activating lucky I got a 2nd one aswell. The 2nd one is working really good and love it

    43. Missing avatar

      Tanner Valentine on

      Got my package today. No Pressy or Keychain. Someone in qc screwed up... :-\

    44. Danny Soshnik on

      Mine came, only included the pressy. No key chain or ability to use with headphones. How do I go about getting?

    45. DK on

      Still haven't received word on my two. Don't even have android anymore. Yay :(

    46. Piergiorgio Dellimauri on

      Anybody received it in Italy?

    47. Abraham Jurado on

      whoops! i figured i should've said something when i got mine since everyone else has! i got mine two days ago in los angeles! so, if any angelenos were waiting for theirs... i got mine june 27th!

      also, it's awesome and although it takes some getting used to, it's still awesome! especially that little dashboard feature.

    48. Abegael Jackson on

      I got mine and the package was fine. In fact I really appreciate the minimal packaging. Using the packaging as the envelope also was a great idea. I understand that some people's packaging got mangled in transport and so they don't look as pretty, which sucks if you are giving them as gifts, but for my purposes I'm really happy to see not too much waste. Thanks!

    49. Gregory Cohen on

      I got mine. Works great on my nexus 4. Everything was easy to use and to get working.

    50. Missing avatar

      John on

      Received the package, but it did not contain a pressy, just an empty key chain. Hope I can get one to replace this one!