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Pressy brings back simplicity to your phone. Perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple, intuitive physical button.
Pressy brings back simplicity to your phone. Perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple, intuitive physical button.
28,818 backers pledged $695,138 to help bring this project to life.

Nearing delivery

Posted by Nimrod Back (Creator)

Hello guys and gals, clarifications and updates ahead:

First and foremost, there have been rumors running around that the Pressy app will not be available in the Play store. We cannot blame anyone but ourselves for spreading those, since it was mistakenly published on our wall by one of our customer support guys. We want to assure you that the whole deal was an internal misunderstanding, and to clarify that as planned - the Pressy app WILL be available in the play store once we start sending the buttons. Again, you will be able to download the Pressy app from the Play Store by the time you get your Pressy.

See?? Google Play!
See?? Google Play!

Got that out of the way, now a quick update and photos:
Production has been renewed after all the quality issues were fixed (Yippee!). We have 35,000+ Pressys ready for you Backers and they are being packed as we speak (well, type...). Around 28,000 are already packed, and once the entire batch is done it will be shipped to our fulfillment center. The guys there have made all the preparations in advance, so processing and sending out all the rewards should take 2-3 days at most. Estimated delivery time will vary depending on your location, and will be published when we ship!

Here are some of the photos from our recent visit to the production line. Seeing all those Pressys being packed and getting ready for shipment was a real joy, we hope you're as excited as we are! This is all thanks to you!

For those of you who have not seen it yet, Pressy has a homepage, where you can find details on how to contact us among other things. Once the app will be live we'll launch a support center, in case you'll need any assistance installing and using your Pressy.

That is all for now, look for more updates as we start shipping!

The Pressy Family.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Aran Isom on

      Love mine, it's great! Review on today...

    2. Puma Rod on

      These are the longest 2-3 days I've seen...

    3. Nimrod Back 2-time creator

      @Jason patton
      We have made it clear in every email that was sent to us regarding address change that we will solve all problems in regarding to delivering your package to your new address, and we will make sure you receive it

    4. JJ on

      @David I think the flag is dynamic based on your location. I get a Singapore flag at work (that's where our proxy is) and an Australian one on my phone or at home.

    5. Missing avatar

      Poz on

      I have to ask, what is wrong with flag? Can you take a screen shot of it and post it some where. I do not see how the flag is oriented wrongly.
      Are you talking about the Canadian flag? It is symmetric so it can't really be backwards...

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric M on

      You need to update your site and fix the orientation of the Flag:

      And have you made any headway in shutting down Klick Quick?

    7. Klezzon on

      What's your expected delivery date for Europe ?

    8. Missing avatar

      Karl Mok

      @Josh If you read the description on the page it says it is out of stock and not available for order.

    9. Missing avatar

      Josh Mueller on

      @Karl I'm curious how you know it's been "out of stock" since it's been on there.

    10. Gary Scherler on

      Thanks for the update! For those complaining... it's only 3 months late at max. The iExpander I also put monies into was supposed to be completed in Dec. 2012. Now that's something to complain about!!!
      Look forward to receiving my Pressy for my Galaxy Note 3 and Nexus 2013! It will be a great addition!!!

    11. Jason Patton on

      I have been here supporting threw the issues, telling people to keep there cool. I tried to make contact over a month ago how to change agrees and just yesterday you post

      Creator Nimrod Back
      1 day ago
      @Everyone, please contact us by email to for address change issues.

      So I contact them yesterday and receive an email stating they can't change my shipping adress?! Man I don't want a refund I want a pressy... I think you have a great idea and product here but you didn't follow threw on the customer/backer service like you should have. Remember if it wasn't for us you wouldn't have made it this far. If this is a sign of how your company is going to run I can almost guarantee you won't make it much further... I don't want to see that happen.

    12. Nimrod Back 2-time creator

      @Nadav at the time when the campaign was up we didn't know that we'll have stock in Israel and we'll be able to offer free shipments from here. We will not ship any of the Kickstarter orders from Israel anyway as the first batch will go to KS only.
      In order to be fair though we can issue you a refund for the shipping cost, please send us an email to and we'll take care of that.

    13. Nadav Hemo on

      So, yeah...
      I was with you through all the production problems and delays without getting angry. but now - going in to your home page I see that you deliver to Israel for free (as you should, being israeli and all), but I had to pay 5 dollars more so you can ship it out of the US. I think it's kind of insensitive that a backer will pay 2 dollars less than a guy who just pre-purchased because I have to pay for shipment to the same adress and he doesn't.

    14. JJ on

      They've already stated the fulfilment centre is a few hours down the road by truck.

    15. Missing avatar

      Karl Mok

      @Josh I'm curious how you think non-backers can buy a out of stock item from the Amazon store.

    16. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the update!

    17. tienda.technospain on

      Pressy Team..You need put your devices in market now...xiaomi mikey not works fine..if your pressy are better it's time to deliveries

      Dear Arend Hamming sorry but the best team are Spain! Of course! hahaha

    18. Missing avatar

      Thorsten Zielke on

      Again no information. When will the missing 7.000 be ready for shipment? 1 week? 3 weeks? 2 months? How long until they all are at your fulfillment center? 2 weeks? 8 weeks? 4 months? Like i said the last time, this is damned bad communication for almost 700.000$!

    19. Missing avatar

      Paul Brock on

      @Akiba Nimrod is becoming an expert at posting updates which contain minimal information but not what the backers want to hear. The main thing we all want to be kept informed of is WHEN is shipment likely to take place.

      It is not rocket science, he must know how long to psck the remaining 7, 000 then how long to ship to fullfilment centre by whatever method they are using. Sending out 28, 000+ in 2-3 days remembering that there are so many different options to sort, colours, keychains, multiples and t-shirts does also sound somewhat optimistic.

    20. Chris Maser on

      What the hell is soccer? I know there's some big football game coming up...

    21. Arend Hamming on

      Wow you're all supporting the Dutch soccer team. Go Orange! ;-)

    22. Missing avatar

      Akiba on

      "Around 28,000 are already packed, and once the entire batch is done it will be shipped to our fulfillment center."

      Two questions regarding the timeline. Firstly, how long will it take until the entire 35,000 are packed? Secondly, how long is "shipped to our fulfillment centre" expected to take? As in from where to where are they being shipped and by what method, ship, plane? You are basically dealing with logistics now that the units are built so you should know your shipping timeline but haven't let us know. I'm worried that "shipped to our fulfillment centre" could mean 6 weeks on a boat.

    23. Missing avatar

      Wie Pramono on

      This is exciting! Thanks Pressy family. Wait aren't we all Pressy family?

    24. Nick DC on

      @ Tony. re: Mikey. According to the xiaomiworld site: "One more thing this devices only apply in xiaomi phones & hongmi phones."

      I've waited this long, another few days are a mere bagatelle!

    25. Matt Box on

      This has taken so long that I completely forgot that I even ordered one. #disappointed

    26. Tony Oltmann on

      It's been a long time, but I can't wait! You know it's going to be a good product when it hasn't hit the market yet and there is already a Chinese knock-off!

    27. Chris Maser on

      Actually, if Brian doesn't want his unit, I call dibs!

    28. Bob Fraser on

      Hooray! A relief for all of us!

    29. Chris Maser on

      Brian, you poor soul.

    30. Sean Kilbane on

      Thoses that got shirts. Are they being included with this shipment?*

    31. Sean Kilbane on

      Those you got shirts. Are those coming with the Pressy?

    32. Brian Beam on

      So still... No date. Just "soon". Just consider my money a donation. Enjoy!

    33. KC (goatCGC) on

      Good, informative update. Thank you Pressy.

    34. Nimrod Back 2-time creator

      @Everyone, please contact us by email to for address change issues.

    35. Missing avatar

      Julie Brown on

      Hi Guys
      Thanks so much for letting us know that the date is getting nearer ,,personally I CANT WAIT YIPPEEEE

    36. Ben Mehling on

      Ditto on address change question. This was raised in the last update. Will you give us a way to update the address? Thx

    37. Jiexi Luan on

      Will you be sending out updated backerkits? I won't be at my current address starting this next friday

    38. Chris Maser on

      Hell. Frigging. Yes.

    39. Nimrod Back 2-time creator

      @Justin the plan is to ship ALL the backers' rewards at once, so everyone's a part of the initial shipment.

    40. Missing avatar

      Erie on

      Thanks for the much needed update.

    41. Missing avatar

      Justin Macchione on

      Awesome news guys. Is there any way for us to know if we are part of the initial shipments going out?

    42. Missing avatar

      brinox on

      A welcome update. Thanks Pressy team; this was exactly what I wanted (but also needed) to hear from you all.