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Pressy brings back simplicity to your phone. Perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple, intuitive physical button.
Pressy brings back simplicity to your phone. Perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple, intuitive physical button.
28,818 backers pledged $695,138 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Rohit on

      I apologize the forthrightness but it seems to be getting increasing difficult for you to overcome your setbacks WITHOUT getting some additional support and help.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rohit on

      This is absolutely disappointing. The delayed shipment (due to legitimate setbacks) is understandable. But no communication is inexplicable. It is unreasonable to make a promise for delivery and not update for over a month!
      People select a project because they passionately believe in the project and want it to succeed. If possible they would even help beyond just funding it.
      Can you please help us understand the setbacks you are suffering? Maybe some of your funders might have experience with it and might be able to help you.

      I apologize the forthrightness but it seems to be getting increasing difficult for you to overcome your setbacks with getting some additional support and help.

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Dunn on

      I don't believe I ever received the survey... Any one else have this problem?

    4. Daniel Eaton on

      I thought we were going to get the app to start using with the button on our headphones prior to the hardware arriving. Where is an update on *that*? I can understand hardware delays and the need for good quality, but the software side is not dependent on that and should have been ready for the original ship date.

    5. Remco Smit on

      Holy shit some people here need to stop whining. Your crying and begging for a refund (lol!) isn't gonna do anything. Just wait. Maybe message them on Facebook or so

    6. Missing avatar

      Steve Wang on

      hmm...It's been a month since the last update. Has there been a delay?

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Krieter on

      Hardware is obviously delayed (again)...but hardware is only half the equation here. What about the Pressy app? Is that ready to go for when hardware does ship?

    8. Leader of Dollar Club.

      Come on pressy ! I had such high hopes! Just update us on something....... ANYTHING!

    9. Missing avatar

      Derek Ernewein on

      I would also like an update from Pressy.

    10. Scott C. Kennedy on

      The last update that was e-mailed to me was in March... I had to Google 'Pressy' to find THIS one. I was a bit bummed when the shipping date was pushed back to April, but I dealt with it. I was frustrated when it got pushed back another month, but again, I dealt with it. Now it's mid May and I still don't have my Pressy. I want a refund.

    11. Pasquale Cobuzio on


    12. Lasse Knudsen on

      Where is my Pressy? A long time ago I was excited about having ordered a Pressy, I even told some of my friends about how cool it was. Now, I just feel like a fool.. Please change that by sending an update explaining where the Pressy has gone, as it seems you pressed it so much that you disappeared - not cool!

    13. Missing avatar

      Frank on

      So it's been another month with no communication. What is the problem? At this point the developers have $700, 000. $700,000 is a commitment not a hobby or a side project. It takes about 5 minutes to send an email update. It is the least you can do. Show a little respect to the people who supported you.

    14. Jaime Diaz on

      Lol, I had completely forgotten that I had backed this project up. I guess if I receive it, it will be a bonus. Good luck to everybody who is actually expecting this to ship. :)

    15. TriOptimum on

      All these people want is an explanation for what happened to make you miss the ship date, or what you meant by shipping on the 28th (did you mean to us, or to you from the factory?). As long as it wasn't "we stole your money haha" I'm sure most of the people would be reasonable and accept your explanation and wait. However, not posting anything after seemingly promising a ship date and missing it is poor show at best and bad customer service at worst.

    16. Ryan Kale on

      I guess we shouldn't expect anything... So much for supporting kick starter projects

    17. Ali Gadit on

      I agree with my fellow backers here that we would all like un update.

    18. Missing avatar

      Josh Mueller on

      what the hell people

    19. Michael Hammond on

      Just give an update already - I mean, setbacks happen, machines break down, whatever..... just update us on progress. The last communication was 4/28/2014 for shipping .... now nothing .....

    20. Missing avatar

      shelendra singh on

      are you going to send us the tracking number?
      is this item is shipped or still waiting
      please update


    21. Stephan on

      Yeah, the surveys went out months ago.

    22. Kareem Sultan on

      I never got the survey. Have those already gone out?

    23. Missing avatar

      kani on

      Any public updates? Are they fooling us?

    24. No more Kickstarter on

      They haven't startet shipping. Got a private message from Nimrod Back, May 8, 2014:

      Hi Pascal
      Alive and kicking :)
      We hope to start shipping soon, within the next week or two, but the
      problem is that we depend on so many other parties that setbacks seem
      Once we have a definitive date we will provide it, we just don't want to
      send a faulty product to people who have been so amazing in their support
      of us
      Let us know if you have anymore questions

      Very disappointed that they did not made it a public update...

    25. Henry Swantner

      Hey Pressy, could we get an update?
      The last comment a Pressy person made on this update was April 14. Since then communication FROM you has fallen dark.

      According to this update you should have already received the buttons and should be starting shipping to us. Mid-May starts on the 11th and last only until the 20th.
      Are you going to make that pledge to us?

    26. Daniel on

      When the week is over, and you didn't say that the pressy's are shipped, then i want a refund

    27. Missing avatar

      Rick on

      I decided to back your project because I thought it was a great idea and it deserved to be successful. The $42 I spent on the reward plus the add-on isn't the issue. I've lost a great deal more on my own self inflicted ideas.

      But your lack of communication exhibits either a tremendous stupidity on your part or you really are scammers and have a special spot in Hell reserved just for you.

      If you have failed at this endeavor, own up to your backers and say so. Otherwise let us know what's going on or take the consequences.
      If I don't see some kind of communication real soon, even if it's to say things are totally screwed up. I'll just turn it over to the fraud department of Visa and let them deal with you.


    28. B Alan Eisen on

      A refund is looking better and better. One more week and if I don't have it, I will expect a refund. Sorry. You splattered your idea all across the internet, not us. Copycats are like fleas.

    29. Missing avatar

      Andrea Pepoli on message on the website....

    30. Marcus Ong on

      Pressy...not cool. You should punish the copycats and not your supporters. 2 weeks have passed since the latest promised delivery dates, and we don't even get a response. You are going to lose lots of faith, Pressy.

    31. Musouka on

      Hmm, why aren't these updates delivered by email? I still get email updates from my other backed projects. I have backed 6 projects and this is the only one that's not going according to plan. The last update I got by email was at the beginning of the year.

      Moreover, when I selected the t-shirt size, I asked the organizers to please provide a t-shirt size chart so I can be sure the size I've selected was the right one for me. They said they will make a chart later on and that I'll be given the chance to change the size before the survey is locked down. Nothing was done in that regard.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      @Peter A.

      So far the difference between Pressy and the Limbal is that I got my Limbal :)

      I am very confident that the Pressy will make it out to backers. However like you I would like more info on shipping considering that we were told that shipping was expected to start last week. However it isn't quite time to break out the pitchfork and torches.

      As for "some idiots pay for nothing" you are almost exactly right. Kickstarter is not a store. You didn't buy a product, you funded someone's opportunity to try and create a product. Whether they are successful or not, you got the only "reward" that Kickstarter guarantees.

    33. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      Any update on Pressy deliveries?

      I only ask because I just ordered one of these for less than $5

      I know you guys are doing your best to get this product out to backers, but already copycats & clones are springing up everywhere. Deal Extreme has 3 Pressy clones, and most of us have heard of the Xiaomi MiKey that made headlines a few months ago. Even with your patent it will be nearly impossible to squash all of the Chinese-made knockoffs.

      Please let us know that our Pressy Buttons will be shipping soon.

    35. Hugo Moors on

      one of the reasons for going with a Pressy is the "only 0.7mm", the picture promoting this is still prominent on the KS product page, the Pressy buttons in this update look a lot bigger, the keychain is completely different, I'm already disappointed by all the delays and lack of communication but getting a different and even inferior product will be a real downer. You almost got $700k a regular (weekly) update should not be too hard. If this continues I think Pressy could be the next project in the news with a class action suit against them, you can't just rip off 28818 people and hope to get away with it.

    36. Sujay Vilash on

      I have a dilemma. I can get a copycat from Deals Extreme for much less than what I pledged. Do I get the copycat? Or do I keep waiting and support the innovation that is Pressy? With little to no communication from the Pressy team, it is getting harder to stay loyal. I will give it one more month and than I will have to request a refund. Hope it doesn't come to that, though. As for the holder, not fussed. It will stay in my pocket most of the time so the looks are not important. And the DRM? Again, not too fussed. Everyone has to protect their IP. I just hope Pressy allow multiple devices as most people I know have a phone and a tablet. Let's hope multiple devices is allowed.

    37. Kevin Lang on

      I've emailed before and never got a response from them about delivery. From the looks of this posting thread I'm thinking they are not getting back to anyone else. Anyone know of any other avenues we can take to get an answer out of them?

    38. Missing avatar

      Justin Sund on

      When will we be able to download the app and what is the status of shipping?

    39. Missing avatar

      kani on

      Any shipping progress?

    40. Missing avatar

      Poz on

      @Pierre, good luck getting an answer out of them. They have no respect for their backers, their lack of answering any other questions via updates shows that. I would recommend paying for a mail redirect service.

    41. Pierre-Alexandre Sicart on

      So, can you confirm shipping has started? Because I move out on May 28th. Should the Pressy button not arrive before then, then I need to change the address.

    42. No more Kickstarter on

      It would be really nice to know if you really started shipping. Are they shipped from China? The packaging looks like what?

    43. David on

      Marcel - We'll see if it is a hoax, but dimple requires NFC. Which mean you have to keep it running to work (maybe you can set your Pressy up to turn it on, so you can use the dimple). NFC drains battery pretty fast...

    44. Marcel Kos on

      This whole Pressy starts to looks like an almighty hoax ........ maybe I should switch to

    45. Missing avatar

      Lee Sahagun on

      @Ryan... Did your manifesto-rant make you feel better? Lots of ways to communicate, but we here in the choir have heard that sermon before.

    46. Arning, Zarzutzki on

      @Claes Olesen Christensen COPYCAT -SOLD OUT- NEW VERSION FOR LOWER PRICE US$ 4,80

    47. Missing avatar

      Michael Swift on

      Think it is less because they are in Israel (which all you US backers seem to have an issue with) and more to do with co-ordinating the sending out of nearly 29k items

    48. Missing avatar

      william tanaya on

      @nathan. I think it's because they are "now" based in israel. that's why it take so long... and also. "less than a month" is not including if it got stuck in custom... so.. yeah...

    49. Nathan Hartsell on

      "we are starting the delivery next week, everyone should receive theirs in lees than a month."

      Holy crap! What are they using, a horse and carriage?

    50. Paul Jones on

      From their Facebook Page in response to another person running out of patience:

      Pressy Hi (Name Removed), we are starting the delivery next week, everyone should receive theirs in lees than a month. Thanks!
      Like · Reply · April 26 at 10:13am