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Pressy brings back simplicity to your phone. Perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple, intuitive physical button.
Pressy brings back simplicity to your phone. Perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple, intuitive physical button.
Pressy brings back simplicity to your phone. Perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple, intuitive physical button.
28,818 backers pledged $695,138 to help bring this project to life.

$650,000 Stretch Goal: Introducing the "long-press-take-screenshot-draw-share-with-friends-be-happy"


Hello all!

As promised yesterday, we have a new stretch goal for you today. We're still trying to figure out a name for it, if you have any ideas share them in the comments...for now it'll be known as the "long-press-take-screenshot-draw-share-with-friends-be-happy" feature.

What the "long-press-take-...thing" does is take a screen capture of your phone when you press your Pressy, allows you to draw over the screen whatever you want, and share it when you let go of the button. Take a look at the animation in case that didn't make sense: (if you're watching this in your email press the link to see the video)

What is it good for you ask?

  • Highlight a sentence in an email/article/message and send it back
  • Mark a specific item/person in an image
  • Write a note to yourself over a document
  • Drawing mustaches over public figures...obviously
  • Whatever you think of...make sure to share your ideas!

The feature will be optional of course, so you will be able to turn it off if you wish, or assign a different press combination to it...

That's it, we'll release this cool feature with the Pressy app if we reach the $650,000 mark. To be honest we already started working on it, but everybody loves stretch goals :)

We're counting on you guys! Thanks!

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    1. Creator Adam Shore on October 9, 2013

      dig this feature... great thinking.

    2. Creator Jason Wessendorf on October 9, 2013

      It's the PressyBox - capture and edit your "news clippings" to share with family and friends.

    3. Creator Arthur alhuerdi on October 9, 2013


    4. Creator Joshua Talley on October 9, 2013


    5. Creator Jason Bierz on October 9, 2013

      The "pressyfier" feature, you've just been "pressyfied"!!

    6. Creator Nick LeBlanc on October 9, 2013

      Pressydent (Like precedent)
      Pressy Releaser

    7. Creator Tim Ross on October 9, 2013

      You could call it, "Pressy-Pixel", "Pixel-Pressy" or a "Pressy-Doodle".
      Also, "Pressy-Snap", "Pressy- Live", or "Pressy-Sketch", "Pressy-Cap" "Pressy-Grab".

      I think the Pressy name is awesome, But I think anything that comes after Pressy can't end with the same sound. It would make it sound cutesy, when you really need a more neutral feature name. This will make it easier to appeal to both sexes. Pressy is awesome, Cutesy it's not. That's all I got. Hopefully you will find some great ideas in the comments section!!

    8. Creator Tristan Rineer on October 9, 2013

      Oh, and call it the "Press-A-Sketch".

    9. Creator Randy on October 9, 2013

      I'm really loving what you've shown us lately!

      I don't have a better name but rather a slight concern/another thought.

      On some phones the placement of the headphone jack would make keeping Pressy held with the screen oriented correctly while drawing on the screen rather difficult.

      It would be useful if we could configure the workflow to be more like:
      Long-press takes screenshot and enters LPTSDSWFBH's drawing mode.
      The next short-press shares the image and ends the LPTSDSWFBH action.

      I suppose this means we'd need the ability to create context-aware actions.

      I'm sure you've thought of this and are frequently considering how Pressy's placement on any device impacts it's usefulness.

    10. Creator Tristan Rineer on October 9, 2013

      ...aaand you made me update my pledge again. Now I want ones for the tablets I plan on getting for my wife and myself, along with the ones I already wanted for our phones.

      Yes, I know we could just switch them between devices, but it's less wear & tear to just leave them in the device at all times.

    11. Creator JNB on October 9, 2013

      Will this work on pre-Android 4.1 phones? It used to be a root-only feature to do screenshots. My Note 2 already does screenshot-annotate-send, but having a button would certainly be easier than the home-power button combination!

    12. Creator Remy Beldame on October 9, 2013

      got a spontaneous idea!
      use your "Stop-Time" fonction,
      think of it, illustrate it and un-press to go back to reality and share it with your friends.

    13. Creator Jonathan Gibbs on October 9, 2013

      The Doodaler The Snap DO think its an awesome addition, not so sure its actually a "stretch goal" because I'm sure you will implement it either way :P very excited either way lol

    14. Creator Tim Beringen on October 9, 2013

      Call it Snippy or CapIt.

    15. Creator Chris Broughton on October 9, 2013

      Share-sy or Share-ssy. Could be done without the hyphen.

    16. Creator Jimmy Docs on October 9, 2013

      The Pressy Sketchy !!!

    17. Creator Sean Stone on October 9, 2013

      Sorry, posted on the general comments area. I'm thinking this new feature should be called "Telestrator" Reminds me of the commentators marking up a football play on TV.

    18. Creator Alla on October 9, 2013

      Snap-a-Doodle. DoodleShare

    19. Creator Akiyo N. on October 9, 2013

      Shoot 'n Share

    20. Creator Greg Kaminski on October 9, 2013


    21. Creator Christoph Wagner on October 9, 2013

      Pressreleasey? :D

    22. Creator Chelsea on October 9, 2013

      I was also thinking "Snap-n-Share."

      Sounds cool no matter what you call it!

    23. Creator S Dhillon on October 9, 2013

      Doodle Snap or Pressy's-ultimate-awesome-fun-time-capture-snapture-doodleture! and show a picture of pressy bear with his fist up like the "all the things!" picture/meme

    24. Creator FishBone on October 9, 2013

      This is such a nice feature, Might have to order one more now.
      Is it possible to just add $20 more to get one more pressy?
      (And will it be $5 extra for shipping for that aswell?)

    25. Creator Celia Poehls on October 9, 2013


      Long Press Capture

    26. Creator Ryan Cutshall on October 9, 2013

      Pressy-gram is good!

      Doodlecaps (Capture + Doodle), Snap 'n Share, Cap'n Sketcher, Screen Sketcher, Screen Selfie

    27. Creator Ross on October 9, 2013

      Ain't it obvious. Snappy!

    28. Creator Miles Winsor on October 9, 2013

      doodle snap

    29. Creator Miles Winsor on October 9, 2013


    30. Creator Kyle O'Neal on October 9, 2013

      Doodle Share
      Note Share

    31. Creator bagheadinc on October 9, 2013

      So it's sorta like Jing for your phone

    32. Creator Jim Waterhouse on October 9, 2013

      Instascram! scra= screenshot art, m= mustache? mobile? message?

    33. Creator AySz88 on October 9, 2013

      Grabby? Pressy Grabby? Pressy Screenie?

      The bear totally should have drawn bear-ears/nose on Obama instead of a mustache.... :p

    34. Creator Paulo Diovani Goncalves on October 9, 2013

      I think the name os good enough. :)

    35. Creator Ryan Cutshall on October 9, 2013

      Snap Scribble Share

    36. Creator Chris B on October 9, 2013

      I like the feature, but you're right the name is awful. Really, it should be: "press-hold-take-screenshot-draw-release-share-with-friends-be-happy." A much better, more accurate name in my humble opinion.

      If that's too long winded for some, why not "Pressy Screen Share"?

      Or, melding Dak's suggestion with mine: "Pressy Scribble Screen Share"?

      Either one could be abbreviated as P.S.S.(S.). And if people really love it, they might form a British band and end up writing a song about it:…

    37. Creator ABDALAZIZ HASHROOF on October 9, 2013

      Pressy is good idea
      Can you support to IOS ?

      I wait reply

    38. Creator Louis Lenders on October 9, 2013

      how about Screenshot-Doodle or Screen-Doodle?

    39. Creator Louis Lenders on October 9, 2013

      how about Screenshot-Doodle or Screen-Doodle?

    40. Creator Dayne Putnam on October 9, 2013

      "Hold to annotate"

    41. Creator Gibson Green on October 9, 2013

      I know it's a longshot... But you could call it "Longshot"
      I'm dumb

    42. Creator Ahmad Karim on October 9, 2013


    43. Creator Cardiff on October 9, 2013

      Obama's Mustache

    44. Creator Dak Mannella on October 9, 2013

      Call it the Pressy Scribble Screeny!