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Pressy brings back simplicity to your phone. Perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple, intuitive physical button.
Created by

Nimrod Back

28,818 backers pledged $695,138 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Peter K on April 14

      I have not received my pressy!

    2. Creator matthew simmons on April 13

      I got my pressy and it works great

    3. Creator wingedboar on April 12

      God, I'm so unlucky with Kickstarter. First Haptix, now this piece of crap. Neither are working at all. Crowdfunding - never again.

    4. Creator Kaz Haya on March 24

      Where is my Pressy??? I don't receive it yet!!

    5. Creator James Wright on March 3

      Doesn't work and has never worked for me. Don't support these guys, they don't keep their word.

    6. Creator Chizhov Oleg on March 3

      Where is my Pressy?

    7. Creator Sam Withers on March 3

      After minimal use the button became stuck in the down position (no more pressy!) and you have to unlock the phone to activate it - kind of defeats the purpose of quick access. After a couple of weeks it was removed, uninstalled, and binned.

    8. Creator Carol Luk on March 2

      Can you please make the tutorial optional, it is very annoying to have to do it every time I reinstall the app

    9. Creator Poz on March 2

      If you mention Zrro once more in an update. I will join the project for a buck to point them into the direction of your failed pressy campaign and warn the backs of your reliability. It will only hurt the Zrro campaign.

    10. Creator Faiq Hussain on March 2

      I have yet to get my promised Pressy after 3 months...

    11. Creator Alain Azagury on March 2

      Any chance of getting an answer to my earlier question (posted 2 weeks ago)? My pressy broke (top part switch dropped). Is there any king of warranty on the product? How do I get a replacement?

    12. Creator Steven Swandono on March 2

      Mine never worked since delivery. I was fooled by the video to back this project.

    13. Creator Te on February 21

      Don't use it anymore.
      To slow, have to remove to often. Doesn't always work.

    14. Creator Sungwhan Cha on February 18

      My Pressy literally broke. I reached out to these guys and no answer. I think I might start a campaign to build a website to showcase all the KS projects gone sour. Anybody with me?

    15. Creator vittorio nicosia on February 18

      Rather than start something new, why not fix the Pressy so it is usable as you promised before I bought!! People, do not believe in these folk, they do not keep promises nor will they refund if things go wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Creator Alain Azagury on February 18

      My pressy stopped working (the top part dropped)... Is there any king of warranty on the product? How do I get a replacement?

    17. Creator Kaz Haya on February 17

      Me, too.
      Its February 2015. And I still have not received my Pressy.

    18. Creator nxumdon on February 17

      Thinking of backing ZRRO...think twice. History repeats itself.

    19. Creator Piotr Urbanski on February 16

      Pressy broke in down position.

    20. Creator David Shannon on February 16

      Mine broke after about 2 weeks - the button is stuck in the down position.

    21. Creator Gary Z on February 15

      Welp, mine stopped working. Swapped in a cheapo copy and it works better than Pressy ever did.

    22. Creator Fadhli on February 15

      My Pressy stopped working since the last three months or so. Not sure whether it's a hardware issue or from the app itself. Any help?

    23. Creator Sofyan Sahrom on February 15

      Same Here.
      Its February 2015. And I still have not received my Pressy.

    24. Creator Sofyan Sahrom on February 15

      Same H

    25. Creator amos on February 4

      Its February of 2015 and I still haven't received my pressy...

    26. Creator Allan Chiu on February 1

      Hi there, the tip of my Pressy didn't break but the button is in the down position constantly. It is stuck in the depressed position. Please advise.

    27. Creator Talanda J on January 28

      Well, I lent my dad my keys and when he returned them I had no Pressy attached anymore. =\

    28. Creator Juliano Castilho Soffner on January 28

      "Sungwhan Cha on January 6
      The button tip of my pressy broke... Can I get a replacement?"

      Had exactly the same problem here, how do I proceed to replace the defective product?

      Best Regards,

      Juliano Soffner.

    29. Creator Sungwhan Cha on January 6

      The button tip of my pressy broke... Can I get a replacement?

    30. Creator H20Methodman on January 5

      @Daryl Foong I'll sell you mine. $15 and I'll throw in free US shipping.

    31. Creator Daryl Foong on December 29

      I got my Pressy ages ago and I'm really happy with it. I'm looking to buy a couple more in red, but that seems out of stock?

    32. Creator Aitor Azpeitia on December 27

      Where is my Pressy? I never got it.

    33. Creator PsycoCavr on December 23

      Sounded better then it delivered. Droid Razor MAXX HD. Works ... sometimes.. mostly not.
      Cool idea.. just so hard with so many different models of and configs of phone. I hear Iphone users have more success.

    34. Creator Leandro Okabayashi on December 8

      Finally got mine! And it doesn't work on Moto G 2nd Gen... =(

      Tested on Galaxy S3, seems to work, but not on my Moto G...Waited for months...for nothing. =/

    35. Creator Kris Aubuchon on December 8

      Pressy was working sporadically, but now every time I insert it I get a "connection failed!" message.

      You basically just sold us junk.

    36. Creator Boone Simpson on December 7

      Had to stop using my pressy because it interfered with google play music notifications on android wear watch. Likely s5/touchwiz related

    37. Creator Darren Harper on December 4

      Well, without any real usage, the button on my Pressy itself doesn't work anymore. It looks like others have this same issue without an official reply, so I'm going to make my judgement accordingly:

      Don't buy Pressy.

      Even if it works as intended on your phone, the hardware itself will break and you will have nobody to communicate your issues with because customer support is non-existent.

    38. Creator Adriano Vallese on December 3

      I haven't recive my pressy till today!

    39. Creator Rawn S on December 1

      Terrible product, barely works, slow action and one of mine stopped working within weeks. Like Sofyan, I was irked to get emails and FB messages still promoting this product long after I'd stopped using it, and long after I'd given up getting a response from the project team.

      I decided to complain about this on FB with the Black Friday message. Result? Pressy admit reported my comments as spam, so they became invisible. Black Monday message? I'll have a go at that. First response identical, spam marked. When I stated I'd taken screenshots to prove it, my comments were deleted, and I was banned from future comments! Way to treat an actual customer, Pressy.

      Do you want to deal with any company who treats their customers like this? If you do, good luck to you.

    40. Creator Alejandro Gallegos on November 30

      I never got my pressy!!

    41. Creator James Luttenberger on November 29

      Response time for an action to take place is slow. App has little support and I haven't used my pressy for months. Do not recommend!

    42. Creator Sofyan Sahrom on November 28

      I still have not received my Pressy to till day. And to be honest I actually forgot about it until you emailed me a 45%off offer.
      "We've decided to spoil our backers with an extreme Black Friday sale, offering 45% discount on our website!"

      There is no need to spoil me. I would much appreciate if you just send me the original pressy that was promised. Though not looking forward to it much based on all the complains that I am seeing.

      The funny thing that I am usually patient as I understand this is a kickstarter and there will be many hiccups. I usually see it as I "invest" money in you and I get the product as a sign of faith.
      But this takes the cake. Oh well.

      Real Class. gentlemen.

    43. Creator Kevin A Pearson on November 28

      I can't believe you just had the cheek to email me with a 45% off offer "We've decided to spoil our backers with an extreme Black Friday sale, offering 45% discount on our website!" I believe "Spoiling" your backers would have been to develop an app that works without disabling half the features of my Samsung Note 3! I was stupid enough to buy 5 "Crappy's" and after the first hour chucked them into a cupboard. At least I didn't give them to my friends as planned!

    44. Creator Tyler Parrott on November 28

      Disappointed in the execution and maintenance of this app. Lots of potential that fell through. I won't be recommending anyone purchases this product. I pitched mine in the trash.

    45. Creator john smith on November 28

      now use mine as a hole blocker..nothing else.. usless.....

    46. Creator john smith on November 28


    47. Creator AC on October 30, 2014

      When you originally went non responsive on kickstarter, it shook my faith in the idea of the whole operation. You have also assisted driving the final nail in my perception of said operation...

    48. Creator AC on October 30, 2014

      I JUST discovered mine is missing from the keychain. I have no idea for how long as the device has been absolutely unusable since I got it. Deeming my conclusion to say I don't really care... And would NEVER replace it at the price you are asking now, let alone the $17 USD I PAID....

    49. Creator Elton Carolus on October 30, 2014

      The button is totally worn-out as I type.
      My pressy now fires whenever I stroke it. No press needed. I am calling it Stroky now.

      Also having the phones upside down in my pocket results in lots of presses. Assigned presses mind you...

    50. Creator Steven Swandono on October 29, 2014

      Pressy is not working! I guess there are risks involved with products from kickstarter. Hopefully there will soon be a troubleshooting/customer service to help backers.

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