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Clap your hands and Boogie Dice will start to roll by themselves like magic!
Clap your hands and Boogie Dice will start to roll by themselves like magic!
3,078 backers pledged $185,035 to help bring this project to life.

Starting Mass Production!

Posted by Nimrod Back (Creator)

Dear backers,  

We are excited to let you know that I (Nimrod) will be flying at the end of July to supervise the mass production of Boogie Dice.  

We will share photos and videos from the production, and hopefully, Boogie Dice will be delivered soon.  

We know that this campaign didn't turn out the way it should have, but we are still optimistic and we’re sure you will appreciate the hard work and tears that we have put into this campaign.  

Thanks again for your patience, The Boogie team

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    1. Kevin Van keer on

      Nimrod responded in the comment section earlier today :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Shane on

      Any update on this? Your backers deserve some sort of update. Refund or otherwise. Did we all get taken for a ride or are there actual units being produced?

    3. Gossher Gosseriano on

      Thats a good idea Leonardo! Nimrod Back will see us in the next event they participate... Give us our money! Scammers!!

    4. Gossher Gosseriano on

      Thats a good idea Leonardo! Nimrod Back will see us in the next event they participate... Give us our money! Scammers!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Leonardo S on

      Does any backer go to their booth in events they participate in? That's the right venue to demand your reward. I'm sure they have brought their products and sample there.

      So, search the web on which event they are in and show your presence there! That's how you collect your reward.

    6. Will Phelps on


    7. Wayne Moulton on

      Hello. We would like an update on this product. It’s been a long time since March 2016... please post an update.

    8. Krista

      Do you have pictures yet? Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      bw de vries on

      WARNING : To all possible investors ....Creator cant be trusted.... He makes promises more than one ... but doesnt upheld them.....

    10. Missing avatar

      Dominick Bucciarelli on

      2 months since last status... how's production going? Is the initial run done yet?

    11. Kevin Van keer on

      @Ashley, the backerkit survey is still open and Nimrod hasn't collected the information yet, so I believe you can still modify it there. :-)

    12. Missing avatar

      Ashley Lawson on

      Can we please get an update. Also since this project has taken 3 years now and we were promised these last year i have since moved and need to know where to send my new address so whenever these get sent to me hopefully in my lifetime i will get them. Sad thing is this was a Christmas gift for my brother 3 years ago and he is still waiting. Never will i back a project again.

    13. Olaf van der Harst on

      Any timeframe the mass production takes ? Roughly 30 days of production are done. Estimating 100 dice per day, so it must be finished by now ?

    14. Kevin Van keer on

      @Nimrod: Please just give us truthful information! How many times do we have to beg for you to put a simple update/comment here...

    15. Tobi on

      Where are the Videos and Photos from production? When will be the shipping?

    16. Missing avatar

      William DORET on

      I do not know what to think of this news. I do not even know if to believe. I wait, I wait, I wait ... all this for more than 3 years!

    17. Rachel Blackburn on

      This makes me sad. So many conflicting stories of the dice being done or almost done or shipping or whatever.

      It's super hard to have faith that we'll see the dice. And it's really hard to trust any other projects you suggest.

    18. Chris Marchegiani on


    19. Missing avatar

      bw de vries on

      yeah yet another bad example of a KS scam, its been almost 2 years since we started,

    20. Wayne Moulton on

      Any updates on these?

    21. PzrGren

      I now visit this long lost place to read the comments of dashed dreams and hopeful plea's!

    22. Eric Dankaart

      So glad that my grandson will probably be able to tell his grandson that one day, yeah one day he will definitely, I mean hopefully get something called boogie dice, which is by then already an artefact from an ancient culture!

    23. Jaycee Dempsey on

      I asked for a refund years ago and then again last year. Both times he replied and said no. Don't hold your breath.

    24. Brittany Gillam

      How can we change our shipping information? I’ve moved twice since the survey came out...maybe you should have waited to send one until there was a product to be shipped..?

    25. Robert Currie on

      Really? Tell me more... oh wait I was just having a fit of deja vu. Not only do I feel ripped off due to not having anything tangible to show for 3 years of waiting but looking back it also looks like he double dipped the shipping cost. Thanks to the multiple re-starts I lost track of what I originally pledged ($27 + $10 shipping) and realize that when the survey came out I actually paid $37 +$10 shipping... and that only gets me 1 die and a charger. Should have just waited. Would love a refund so that I don't continue to feel angry about funding someone's life.

    26. Missing avatar

      Zachary on

      Yeah you claimed it was already manufactured. And the fact that you are already way past your due date. A refund is what a lot of people want. Not another trip to china. You said you where going last month. Not this month. Stop the bull shit.

    27. Nick Gardner

      Yeah, I'll take a refund. I have no faith that you will actually deliver anything. Of course I have no faith that you'll refund anything.

    28. Tiffany Fordyce

      What happened to the dice being finished? I'm confused. When will delivery happen?

    29. Missing avatar

      Maximilian on

      I have found a picture form Nimrod and the Mass Production in China:
      Ohhh sorry wait ... no, it´s from the Mass Production Update Nr. 8 in January 2016.

      Nimrod give me the refound and no more lies.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mark Shoulson

      Could you please reconcile this with your earlier statement that the dice were already manufactured? Why are you just "starting" now? Will you have to "start" again and again? (I'd rather be told "I lied to you before," if that's what happened, than hear more lies now.)

    31. Missing avatar

      Dominick Bucciarelli on

      I'll believe it when (if) I see it. Good luck with that.

    32. Swimgrl004

      Sent a message with no response. Just give me a refund

    33. Ben Gunderson

      This is just a lie. Please refund $. You've "done this before"...

    34. Missing avatar

      Yuriy on

      Keep going, the end is in sight now! Excited for the eventual delivery.

    35. Enoch Chan on

      oh lol, I didn't notice you guys are still alive, so when will the delivery start?

    36. Neil Morgan

      Yeh right. Another useless trip on our money. Give us all a refund.

    37. Jędrzej Flak on

      W8... didnt you say earlier dices were already finished and you just had to recharge batteries ?

    38. Missing avatar

      Ollie Brown on

      Cool, I’d still rather have my money back tbh