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Clap your hands and Boogie Dice will start to roll by themselves like magic!
Clap your hands and Boogie Dice will start to roll by themselves like magic!
3,078 backers pledged $185,035 to help bring this project to life.

NY Toy Fair Update

Posted by Nimrod Back (Creator)

Hi all, 

Short update about the trip to the New York Toy Fair 2018. Shipping date is still this May if all will go smoothly.  

That was the first time we present the final product and the feedback is amazing.  

We also gave a few samples to distributors, hoping to receive orders soon that will help the company grow and work on other products, like the Boogie Dice D20 that we really want to launch this year. 

We were lucky to be visited by Tim Rowett, Tim has the world’s biggest collection of toys (more than 20K) and now he has Boogie Dice as well.    

You can watch Tim’s video HERE

We are really excited about delivering Boogie Dice, we know it’s been a long time but they are coming!  

Best, The Boogie Team  


During my trip, I was also lucky to run into Jon Bobrow, the creator of Blinks, a new gaming system that has many smart games built inside.  

Here you can see both of our products at a pub at Brooklyn:

 Cheak out Jon's campaign HERE

More cool campaigns: 

The Micro Wallet - Doing more with less 


Our friend Elad is back with his 3rd Kickstarter Campaign - A Slim Tyvek wallet that is a work of pocketable art. So small it’s just about the size and thickness of a credit card - and it expands to fit your needs! Check it out HERE


Squasheet is a fitted sheet stitched to a throw pillow case. Instead of trying to fold the fitted sheet, you just squash it inside the case and in less than 30 seconds it becomes a beautiful decorative throw pillow.

 Check it out HERE

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    1. Missing avatar

      matt weiss on

      How can we request a refund?

    2. Michael Mercer on

      Is this still happening, or did we just lose our money?

    3. Wayne Moulton on

      Checking in on this. No updates for a while and a shipping in May as last update. May is gone. Can we please have an update on this product thanks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Xlaits on

      Where are my dice? I've been waiting since the inception of this product to hear hide nor hair of them. I got "May ship in May, if things work out" from one of the updates, but that's IT.

    5. Kira Brandner on

      Is this actually going to come out any time soon? No updates in months, and now apparently other people already have them instead of the people who backed you. What is happening with this project?

    6. Nicholas Korpelainen on

      Wow, some of the most outrageous marketing.... someone else now has Boogie dice. Haha. We can but laugh. March 2016 is still in the distant future.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jes Peters on

      Well, it's June now. Can we please have an update?

    8. Missing avatar

      Aleopheus on

      Hmmm, my cat already died. For her, I backed the dice. That she can play with them when I am at work.
      Any shipping news?

    9. Barry McDonnald on

      My guess is this was all a scam. Maybe a class action law suit is in order.

    10. Ola Löfhaugen Martins on

      No updates since March - my guess it's a new production hiccup. Something they absolutely needed to improve or didn't foresee.
      I backed this 2½ years ago. Is anything worth waiting for that long? No. Not even self-rolling dice.

    11. Iain Ismyfirstname on

      its great that Tim Rowet has his boogie about us? dont you think its a bit rich plugging other things like the blanket and wallet when you've still yet to deliver this project? refund us....

    12. Caitlin Pengilly on

      Delivery updates please :-)

    13. Brittany Gillam

      Have we already done our surveys for this project? I know they won’t be delivered in May and my shipping address will be changing....

    14. Karen Christine Borsholm

      Any news on delivery? :)

    15. Wayne Moulton on

      It’s almost halfway through May. Could we have a progress update please?

    16. Igor Jakubowicz on

      Looking forward to the dice. Didn't buy the add-ons because it's been soooooo long coming so didn't want to risk more funds.

    17. Wayne Moulton on

      Any updates on this? Looking forward to the product!

    18. Missing avatar

      Måns Christensson on

      @Paul I was thinking the same thing! What about Tim? Well now I do not have to worry anymore. Good for Tim. He deserved it. I mean he was there at the fair, and he has alot of toys. So...

    19. Karen Munro on

      Don't you think it's a bit cheeky that your backers have had to wait all this time after investing in you - and now you are giving them away to people who haven't invested? And also - your backers deserve the right to be able to bring out their dice and have their friends go "Wowww!" not "oh yeah - I saw them at the Toy Fair". You are taking the actual pish now. Stop faffing about and get them in the post.

    20. Missing avatar

      paul mckay on

      Well I’m glad you made sure Tim got his, I almost started a gofundme page for old
      mate Tim as he was running out of toys to play with...

    21. Stephen Douglas on

      Why should we believe you after so many failed promises?

      I'm taking the additional step of boycotting any KS advertised on these "updates".

    22. William Karnesky on

      I originally wanted boogie dice in a d20. I'm still interested. But I won't back any such project until I have what I ordered in this project in hand and have had the opportunity to test them repeatedly.

    23. Brian Levinsen

      Estimated delivery: Mar 2016

    24. Wayne Moulton on

      Excited for the product. Hope it stays on track. Best of luck.

    25. Neal Rapoport on

      How’s this Tim guy get it and we’re still waiting?

    26. Missing avatar

      Ollie Brown on

      really don't care anymore, just want my money back...........