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Clap your hands and Boogie Dice will start to roll by themselves like magic!
Clap your hands and Boogie Dice will start to roll by themselves like magic!
3,078 backers pledged $185,035 to help bring this project to life.

February 2018

Posted by Nimrod Back (Creator)

Hi all,  

We wanted to update you guys on our progress and answer some of the questions raised in the comments section.  


The current shipping date is May, we will renew the production after the Chinese new year (beginning of March) and if there will be no more surprises, all units will be shipped by May. 

Bots Battleground 

Backers that ordered the game will receive it with their dice on May 


We will lock the survey before we ship, probably in April. Till then you may still update your shipping info. You can use this link to login and make sure your address is up-to-date: 

Why we are on Indiegogo 

We received questions about the campaign on Indiegogo. We are using the Indiegogo platform to accept pre-orders from those who missed the Kickstarter campaign. The sum there (197K) includes the amount that was raised on Kickstarter (185K).     

About the Boogie Dice company  

We are doing everything to make the best delivery we can. That means keeping the budget really tight. We have plans for other products but it will take time till we have time and focus on them.  

New York Toy Fair  

We will present Boogie Dice at the NYTF under Breaking Games, our master distributors. If you are at the show, please give us a visit.  

Thanks again for your patience, we hope that the product will compensate for the long delays.  

The Boogie Team.

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    1. Korey on

      Where are the Dice? I have not received anything lately about an update

    2. Christopher Wakefield on

      I guess there have been more surprises? How about an update? Backers love to hear the trials and tribulations of the developers they back.

    3. Katie Flower-Smith on

      So, you say delivery will be in May. Well May is just about over and still no dice. What's the story? Another delay?

    4. Missing avatar

      AMpos on

      How can I order more than the 5 units I have ordered yet?

    5. Darryl G on

      Anyone else not get an e-mail about this update? I figured this would be one that they would want to have pushed out to the backers. I originally backed this as groomsman gifts. I'll be having my 2 year anniversary before they finally get them. It's been a running joke whenever someone remembers them. "Oh yeah, how about them boogie dice? Anytime now, right?" This is the most positive news I've heard since getting the survey. But I won't hold my breath.

    6. Missing avatar

      DAVE JOO on

      Initial ship out date was May 2016. Are you kidding?

    7. Missing avatar

      Mark Shoulson

      @Angel no, at this point I'm pretty convinced that Nimrod is legit, or at least *trying* to be legit, in some fashion. Any decent scammer by now would have just dropped off the face of Kickstarter, or else be trying to get us to pay "just one more expense". I think he actually thinks he can do this. That doesn't mean everything he says is necessarily true, but I don't think it's coming from a place of scamming.

    8. Barry McDonnald on

      The last updat on product shipping contains a link to change or check your address. The link is not a secure link, please post one that is.

    9. Missing avatar


      @Zachary Lincoln: Go to, Log in and search this project by hand.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ollie Brown on

      TBH i just want a refund....

    11. Missing avatar

      Zachary Lincoln on

      Hey there! The site you linked in the email is deemed "unsafe" by my various security programs. Any way to get that updated before I change my address?

    12. Nimrod Back 2-time creator

      @Kevin, we hope to finish the delivery during May.

      Others, please try to understand that products that involve electronics and mechanical components are extremely hard to manufacture. We have the same interests.

    13. Angel Cova on

      Holy crap, you guys are still alive. I NEVER expected to see or hear anything from Nimrod again. I, along with everyone else, pretty much just accepted this campaign as the loss that it is lol

    14. Iain Ismyfirstname on

      Regardless, would be good if you would offer refunds...

    15. Kevin Cook

      A point of clarification please

      "The current shipping date is May ... all units will be shipped by May"

      So are we going to ship in April and be finished by May ... or ship in May ?