Boogie Dice - Self rolling, sound activated gaming dice!

by Nimrod Back

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    1. Matthias

      My accounts says "No survey sent yet"

    2. Matthias

      scrap that, i found it :)

    3. Elaine Sahines on

      How do I get mine? I can't find mine

    4. Kim Q B Austin on

      Have you received my survey?

    5. Kira Brandner on

      Any updates on fulfillment?

    6. Missing avatar

      bw de vries on

      when do you ship ?? - an update please

    7. Franz Gruber on

      well.... still waiting for boogie dice ... UPDATE?!??

    8. Wayne Moulton on

      Any updates on when these will be shipping?

    9. Rachel Blackburn on

      2 months since the survey, can we get an update? Like when these may be shipping or at least what the hold up is?

    10. Missing avatar

      Nic Lewis on

      Can we please have an update as to where you are with shipping?

    11. Matt Harris on

      Are they close? Do you think they might arrive before Christmas????

    12. cyphersk8 on

      Updates would be helpful. Thanks!

    13. Bill Stagen on

      Just checking to see if there has been any updates I was wondering when they will be shipped haven’t received anything yet!!!

    14. 12judge on

      3 months of quiet....please tell us if shipments are happening and when we should expect them.

    15. Danielle Ritter on

      Just curious for an update please.

    16. Missing avatar

      Terri on

      Still no product and no contact despite requests. Please have the courtesy to let your investors know what is happening with this project

    17. Leonard Greenfield on

      please post something to prove this isn't a pipe dream of being finished.

    18. David Wayne Rasmussen

      Hey guys hoping now that holidays are over we might start getting some news on product delivery?

    19. Manuel David Martin Marin on

      Still waiting the items :/

    20. Trevor Hyde on

      Really NEED some kind of an update!

    21. Kira Brandner on

      I'm kind of starting to feel like this is never going to happen. There are so few updates, and it's been over 2 years already. Why is this so difficult and why is there next to no communication?

    22. Andy S Malik on

      Feels like a rip-off. What a *great* first item to back on Kickstarter. I'm losing trust in this form of board gaming purchasing...

    23. Bret Watson on

      Hi, I did the survey, but no dice?

    24. Lynn Loomis on

      Any update? Nothing since September ? :(

    25. Ven on

      Unfortunately, Feels like that silence in update is an answer to our queries ...