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Clap your hands and Boogie Dice will start to roll by themselves like magic!
Clap your hands and Boogie Dice will start to roll by themselves like magic!
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New Feature Reveal (and survey reminder)

Posted by Nimrod Back (Creator)

Dear supporters,  

Some of you (we don’t want to name names) didn’t fill out our survey. Please do in order for us to summarize all the orders. If you didn’t get a link in your email, please check your spam folder.  

A Few Clarifications

  • At this point, we can’t offer a set of 1 black die, 1 white die and also a green charger. 
  • We can’t offer single dice or charger as add-on’s.

We wish we could offer these options, yet they are simply impossible with our current logistics.

Double Clap

At the last second, we managed to squeeze in a new feature. We worked really hard (more than a year) to filter the exact sound of a clap and have the algorithm work only by a sound of a clap. We even added a vibration sensor to make sure the dice won’t work when you place them on the table. But still sometimes when someone put their glass on the table, or someone slammed a door, we would get false activations.

For that reason we added a feature of “Double Clap”, meaning that the dice will only activate when someone claps twice.

This feature is optional and makes usability more reliable, but you can switch between modes using the Boogie App.  

Thank you, the Boogie Team.

Sweet Project!

Tamtik is a premium handmade chocolate structure, molded into a map of your favorite city. 

To view their project click HERE.


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    1. Nimrod Back 2-time creator

      Hi Gerald, I have just emailed you. thanks.

    2. Gerald J. Quinn on

      I've been trying to get an answer through BackerKit, but haven't yet gotten a response. As a backer of your first project, the Pressy button, I was promised an extra Boogie Dice free. I see no way to confirm that it will be delivered, or to choose what color I will receive. I was originally considering adding another on to bring my total up to 4, and get all 4 colors and perhaps 2 chargers, but at this point, with no response to multiple emails and the BackerKit team unable to reach you, I am getting worried.

    3. Robin McKinley on

      @ Patrick -

      If you filled out the survey, it will be listed in your account on BackerKit.

    4. Patrick Manoukian on

      I really can't remember if I filled this survey. Is there a way to retrieve this information ?

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Hey sorry i am away in Greee and the link to submit survey just isnt working for me. Can i email you direct instead? Thanks - Matt